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2010 KAA Awards, Seunggi & Minah speeches [EngSubs]

SSTV clip, Presentation of award and speech [Eng subs]
I just loved what seunggi said and how he said it when he accepted his award. So sincere. Perfect example of why people can’t help but to like Seunggi…

(cr: ENGrapport; tryp96.tumblr) Thx guys!

TV Daily clip, Presentation of award and speech [Eng subs]
Love seeing Seunggi being so embarrassed while watching his own CFs… And I thought Seeunggi’s cody made me crazy, but if I were a Minah fan, I’d be so pissed off at her cody!  Minah deserves better.

(cr: ENGrapport; tryp96.tumblr) Thx guys!

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9 Responses

  1. why did they sepated sitting?????
    Shin min ah face looks very bored when shes not around with seung gi.. also seung gi’s face got bored and lonely sitting..
    why did they sepated sitting!!!! ugh!!

  2. congrats to the hoi hoi couple!

    btw Ann, is it fine to share info found here about the hoi hoi couple in one vietnamese forum (im not vietnamese though, but ive known some fans of MGIG in KST).. i promise to gove proper credit. :) TIA!

    • *give proper credit. TIA!

    • of course. i have no prob with ppl posting any info from here in other places with proper credit for translation. it’s just that I heard about postings in other places where it doesn’t indicate LSGfan translation credits.

      just don’t want ppl using LSGfan translations for subbing their own videos without asking me first. thanks for asking.

      and yes congrats to lsg and sma.

      unfortunately, i don’t think sma’s demeanor for the event did much to stave off some ppl’s impressions about her having a cold personality. esp in comparison to the bright and energetic seunggi. PR wise, these videos aren’t so great for her. plus, her top emblazoned with “status symbol” seems really inappropriate, could be taken as being very self-absorbed? but i don’t blame sma… i’m assuming her cody drives her fans crazy like seunggi’s cody does to me!

      • Minah was sick that day so she only smile when camera was on her.. I’ve read she just had been hospitalized the day before.

        Yup, we’re pissed off too w/ her stylist and would want to kick his/her butt for incompetence. Minah had just been awarded recently of fashion icon award and he/she is being complacent and all that.

  3. sorry, this is not related but:
    quick info, revolu@soompi is gonna build airen international forum. he needs co-admin and wanna gather LSG subbing team. you can read more in soompi ^^

  4. oh.he is really humble.these days he is the winner of every voting.he is sooooo popular,perfect and nice but still this down to earth.no wonder his the king of everyone ‘s heart.you are the knig of my hear too,angel

  5. Thanx for posting this!!
    Oh, they are soo cute, and didnt they communicate with each other at the event? It would be great to see their joint pics or video)))
    I think despite their status both of them are really clear and shy persons. It was very fun to watch LSG’s reaction on his Zipel СА ^^ And I’m very proud of him coz he is really good speaker!
    I dont think SMA is cold and self-affected person. Maybe her t-shirt supposed to be funny or ironic. Dont know. I watched a lot of her video interviews, and I saw how uncomfortable she was, so I think real SMA, not her image, is not public person. She is timid I think. And about her outfit, maybe she didnt understand the status of the event, coz her dress and hair werent formal. But in spite of anything she was looking pretty as always.

  6. i just loved what seunggi said and how he said it when he accepted his award. so sincere. perfect example of why ppl can’t help but to like seunggi.

    as for SMA – yeah i don’t think she is a cold person; she’s prob more insecure than ppl think. she’s said that before. but ppl can mistake that to be cold and stuck-up. she really shines when she’s around seunggi! it’s good to be around ppl that make us brighter! ^___^

    seunggi’s cody drives me crazy! and if i were a minah fan, i would be totally pissed at her cody’s decision for the awards show. she’s getting an award (and for CFs and image at that) and she just wrapped her first drama in which ppl of all ages really fell in love with her for the first time, and her cody puts her in a shirt that says “status symbol”???!!!! her team should know better. plus when son dambi won last year, she looked super elegant. minah deserves better!!!!

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