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Singapore 2013 – Lee Seunggi sings live, tosses guitar pick

(video: Sashimi Dou)

September 2013.  Singapore “The Brilliant Show” live + fan meeting.  Tosses guitar pick into the crowd after singing ‘Tonight,’ just as ‘Love Taught Me to Drink’ starts~~  More of THIS Lee Seunggi please!!  This fan meeting had best outfits + hair.  LOLs.

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SeungGi’s 2010 Golden Disk Award speech + interview

*** UPDATED with English-subbed videos ***

Belated congrats to Seunggi for winning a 2010 Golden Disk Award for Love Taught me to Drink! AND for winning a Golden Disk for the second straight year after winning in 2009 for Will You Marry Me. AND for winning in both years despite not having time to officially promote his songs due to a crazy busy schedule! AND winning despite a sea of gazillion idol groups! AND kudos to Korean Airen fans for voting “day and night!”

Digital Song Bonsang Award presentation and Seunggi’s speech
(YT video embeds are blurry lately; click on YT icon at bottom to see clear picture)

(credit: ENGrapport/rapport2010)

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25th Annual 2010 Golden Disk Award nominees

*** UPDATE ~ Online vote final results: Yesung (44.4%); Seunggi (43.9%) ***
Hope Seunggi is one of the winners this Thursday!  Kudos to Korean Airens!

See real-time votes at ~ Golden Disk Awards Popularity Vote current standings

(original post, Nov. 18)

Nominees for Korea’s prestigious 25th annual Golden Disk Awards were recently announced.  It will be held on December 9 at Koryo University.  And Seunggi’s song “Love Taught Me to Drink,” is up for BOTH the Digital Bonsang Award and the Popularity Award, despite Hook NOT letting Seunggi promote the song at all…

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Love Taught Me to Drink performances [videos]

Seunggi performed at the KeG Event for Esports on Oct 22nd at 9pm.  He sang four songs: Love Taught me to Drink, Because You’re My Woman, Will you Marry Me, Let’s go on Vacation.  I really hope Hook mixes up his song lineup more.  Personally, I’m not into Let’s Go On Vacation at all unless it’s for a special related event, and wish Hook would take the song out of the regular lineup…  not necessarily the most hip song for an event like Esports.  Please Hook, replace the song with “Losing My Mind” in the future and let Seunggi sing this along with his other pop songs and ballads!

All video credits unless otherwise noted:

Oct. 22, 2010 ~ KeG Event for Esports (better version)
Cody seems to love extremes of putting Seunggi in too-big-oversized suits or skin tight suits.  No complaints this time! Ha ha ha. Like the boots too.


Fanmade MVs, SeungGi drama and variety cuts

Last year, I loved how they mentioned Brilliant Legacy on 1n2d and Seunggi freaked out when he had to do that mission in a wig, insisting that was the week of a mellow scene on BL!  And when Mong put the wig on Seunggi, he said think of this as the Brilliant Wig!  And since My Girlfriend is a Gumiho may be more light-hearted than BL, looking forward to some fun related moments on 1n2d! 

We’ve just hit July, so one more month before My Girlfriend is a Gumiho and the much anticipated OST track songs.  For those missing Lee Seung Gi the singer, here are some fanmade MVs set to his songs, including his most recent official MV…

Let’s Break Up, official MV

(cr: TwirlyBox)