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Thai fans successfully stalk and meet Seunggi in Bangkok

UPDATE 2 ~ Read Natt’s awesome fan account at her leeseunggiworld post!

UPDATE 1 ~ Watch Natt’s Airport FanCams of Seunggi en route to Seoul at…

~ YT video 1 ~ YT video 2 ~ YT video 3 ~ YT video 4 ~ YT video 5 ~ YT video 6 ~

(credit: As labeled; leeseunggiworld)

One of LSGfan’s favorite persons has successfully stalked Seunggi during his trip right now in Bangkok (Oct 17-20)!  After getting the scoop that Seunggi was leaving Seoul, Natt and a few of her fellow Thai Airens tirelessly stalked the airport and Seunggi’s hotel and… eventually got to meet Seunggi and spend a few minutes with him!  See his message for Natt’s blog and Airen Thailand at leeseunggiworld post.

Because LSGfan is your typical too-cool-for-school New Yorker who abides by the unstated, accepted nyc rule that we can never act like fans around the celebs walking the city streets, I admire and love Natt even more for her awesome enthusiasm…

Natt is so sweet and diligent (just like Seunggi!) so I’m so super thrilled that she got to meet him in person in this special way!  As everyone knows, Natt updates her blog tirelessly, feeding international fans with all the LSG scoop she gets as a member of Seunggi’s official Airen fan cafe.  She was also the person responsible the final mailing and collection of the Soompi LSG International Fan Gift.

Natt, we’re all so happy for you!  Can’t think of a more deserving person at the moment!  Your trip to Seoul for his concert will be even more special!  ^___^

(credit: As labeled; leeseunggiworld; Kang Ji Hwan forum@pantip.com)

On a side note, I adore Seunggi, but for some reason, I’m not interested in meeting or talking to him face to face in person…  Is that weird?  Am I bad fan?  Maybe I just don’t want anything to ruin the Seunggi mystique for me!  Ha!  I think I’d love to meet and talk to him not as a fan but maybe like by running into him unexpectedly at a bookstore or something.  Ok, maybe that’s too kdrama storyline-ish…

12 Responses

  1. It’s not weird at all. I think it’s more like you’d want to meet him as a potential friend, rather than a fan… or maybe i’m just projecting how I feel about it. :)

  2. wow I’m super impressed with Natt. That’s awesome that she got to meet him..maybe I need more tips on stalking.
    LOL. the not stalking part isn’t weird at all..I didn’t even recognize beckham when I came across him..it was sad..since I’m supposed to be a big fan :(.

  3. ha ha ha ha. “too cool for school” new yorkers. true about that thing with celbrities! but if seunggi ever came to new york i might have to break the rule and go all fangirl!

  4. why would you be weird in not wanting to meet him as a fan ?
    lol, there’re many of us who’re content to just see him on tv or from far I suppose :D

    eei, seung gi’s japanese and korean handwriting is very nice, but he needs to brush up on his english handwriting though :p

  5. wow…it would be great if i can accidentally meet lsg at a bookstore….congrats natt…..

  6. wowee.. natt is a lucky girl!! but thats so great how he tried to sign it off in korean and english..

  7. talking of not wanting too met Seung Gi as a fan is not weird at all, unnie.
    me do thinks the same thing

    In my most day dreaming, I always imagine that if I ever meet Seung Gi oppa, I would like to meet him unintentionally, as you say, like in a k-drama :D

  8. you’re not alone lsgfan, I also think the same way with you about how I would like to do if a miracle allow me to meet LSG.

    As mush as I love LSG, I don’t want to meet him in a ridiculous way. It’s more cool if we meet unintentionally in a bookstore, or other public areas and pretending I don’t know him at all, like you say, like in a k-drama hahah. :)

  9. i dont want to meet him as his fan too. want to meet him in the library..he help me to find the book that i need. and after that i treat him to eat ice cream..bwahahaha..i’m sorry too much imagine :p

  10. Ann, you’re not alone too. I used to work in a TV station many, many years ago, so I actually had the opportunity to meet some Asian famous stars. And I’ll always tell myself to act as per normal when I see them ;). And I’ve hold on this “principle” till now. But anyway, I’m not sure I’ll be able to hold on to my “principle” when I see LSG. ;) after reading fan account about meeting him in person.

  11. I don’t think it’s weird. Some ppl are content just to watch him from afar. Personally, I’d like to know him as a friend and not as a fangirl. I just find his whole attitude and work ethic so amazing. I think he’s the type of person one has to meet at least once in their lifetime.

  12. Aww, this topic is interesting ! Will you act like a insane fangirl or a normal person when you meet your SG?

    For me, I’d like to act normally, but who knows if I can hold my excitement or not LOL

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