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MC Mong & Seunggi performances [Videos]

Per earlier post about Mong’s military service investigation, I didn’t feel good about it from the start, only because these types of speculations almost always end up being true.  And unfortunately, things aren’t looking so good for Mong right now.  No matter how big of a K-celeb you are, there’s usually no out (meaning no excuses typically allowed for not doing military service). However, as expected, guys with strong business corporation and political family ties typically have it easier.

Let’s see what happens now.  Knowing how sensitive Mong is and his deep Christian roots, I can only imagine the personal hell he’s been going through over the past few years. And more so, how badly he probably feels towards his family, friends, and all the people he works with for disappointing them.  It’s all really sad.

And for fans who so love Seunggi-Mong together (put me at the top of that list), some duet performances. Still hoping to see them put out a track together… Someday…

MC Mong & Lee Seung Gi~ I love you oh thank you (Summer 2008)

(video: kurowasabi9; bedifferent2)

MC Mong & Lee Seung Gi~ I love you oh thank you +
Let’s Go on Vacation, feat. 1n2d’s Eun Ji Won and Lee Soo Geun (Dec 2009)

(video: coffee166)

Lee Seung Gi, feat. MC Mong~ Will You Marry Me (Dec 2009)

(video: coffee166)

(cr: from previous posts)

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5 Responses

  1. wahhhh. i luv seunggi and mong together so much. and the i love you oh thank you from 2008… is LOVE! esp when seunggi yells for mongie hyung. and mong yell seunggi-yah. im so sad about all this. :(

  2. hi there! by any chance, is there a place that i can download the first video(mong and seunggi’s perf) somewhere? thanks!

    • you can just rip the video directly from the YT link. also, I think 1n2dfansubs blog has uploaded a lot of music for sharing, so you can check there if you haven’t already.

      i love this mong-seunggi perf so much; better than original mong-kim tae woo version. i’m still waiting for mong-seunggi to put out a track together someday…

      • yeah, i did that. but i was hoping for a better quality one because i agree that this is definitely nicer than the original version! ^^ will check that out, thanks! ^_^

  3. will always love mong n seung gi….no matter what…mongie fighting!!

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