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Seunggi meets another grandma, 9/5 1n2d cuts Pt2

LSG video cuts from 9/5 1n2d episode:
(video credits: leeseunggiworld; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video~ Passer-by Seunggi walks a country grandma home

LSG: Hello.
G: Who are you?
LSG: I’m a student passing by.
G: Have you found a place to stay?
LSG: Yes, at the village director’s home. Are you coming from somewhere?
G: No, my granddaughter is leaving.
LSG: So you’re on your way out. This is the way out?
G: Student, where did you come from?
LSG: Seoul.
G: It’s really breezy here; good thing you came. The air is great.
LSG: This area stays open all the time?
G: Sure. During the daytime, they sing there. [sends off granddaughter]
LSG: So you weren’t leaving with her? [laughter. LSG and Grandma chat.]
LSG: Grandmother, since it’s late, dark and we have this light, we’ll walk you home.
G: What’s your name?
LSG: Lee Seung Gi.
G: What kind of Lee?
LSG: Jun Joo Lee-shi.
G: Aigoo! Me too!
[LSG and Grandma chat and share excitement over this! LOL.]
G: Lee Sung Kye over there…
LSG: Everyone keeps mentioning a Lee Sung Kye so I get confused, thinking they’re saying Lee Seung Gi.
G: This is my home.
LSG: Oh this is your home? Please go in. Good night.
G: Aigoo, someone did a good job in birthing/raising that boy! (omg too funny!)
LSG: The type of compliment that’s great to hear!

Video~ Seunggi marvels at white sky

LSG: Why don’t you lay down and look at the sky? You can’t sense anything, it feels like the sky is right in front of you. It’s like my hands are atop a piece of drawing paper. There’s nothing. It’s all white. Wow. All of this surrounds the Jiri Mountain right? Wow. It really is high.

Video~ Seunggi tries to avoid any mishap in the shower

Ha, no translation necessary!!! Can the guy ever shower in peace on 1n2d?!

Video~ Seunggi sends SooGuen a photo text msg

Ha, no translation necessary again. Seunggi tempts SooGeun with his photo text msg! Dang, Seunggi must have been really hungry after all that hiking in the sun…
he eats and eats and eats! Glad he finally got a good hearty meal on the show!

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