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BTS photos (Mong’s military service investigation), 7.2.10

(photo credits: DClsg)

BTS photos from this weekend’s 1n2d filming.  Supposedly the guys had stopped by a school dressed up in these animal outfits! I thought Seunggi is usually in the tiger outfit for 1n2d events but looks like he’s something else this time… omg, hope they didn’t make the guys do anything too crazy…

And there’s Mong in his usual monkey suit.  He must be feeling so sad right now with his military status situation all over the news. I wonder if the guys talked about it b/c it seems like the guys have a tendency not to talk about certain things that are too personal.  And even more so, he’s probably feeling more bad about having this be a burden to the other guys and the show… :(

Mong’s military status and teeth count thing is like one of the top news topics in Korea right now especially with 1n2d being such a high profle, popular show.  Also there’s been additional talk about JiWon’s military status too with the whole thing with Mong being in the news.  Hope that both Mong and JiWon won’t feel too down and that this situation gets resolved soon.  Also, with news about the KBS workers union strike… all this together just kind of sucks.  And it’s up in the air whether we’ll see a new 1n2d this Sunday or not!  Ughhhhh.

Unfortunately, because this is the first time that Mong’s reason for military exemption has been made public (insufficent teeth count), the investigation of whether he purposely pulled his teeth to avoid military service is coupled with first-time news that he was exempt b/c of his teeth… which is a completely legit reason according to the books but for the regular Korean citizen, seems more like an unreasonable excuse.  there are def other celebs who did not serve for some given reason but they still regularly have to deal with news about how they did not do their military service (like Kim Jong Kook).  2 yrs is a long time to be out of the limelight and not being paid.

No matter how big of a celeb you are, military service is expected of all guys in Korea and maybe even more so of celebs.  Singer/Actor Rain recently talked about how he will probably be heading to military at the end of this year or next year; Actor Lee Jun Ki had to forego his movie commitments to when he could no longer defer his service; and it looks like Actor Kim Nam Gil is going to have to head to service earlier than expected, even while his drama Bad Guy still goes on. And other actors such as Song Seung Hyun and Jang Hyuk, when they were found trying to avoid service, they were sent packing for the military immediately afterwards. And I’m still missing Boom on Strong Heart; was sad to see him served with papers just as he was becoming well-known on the variety circuit.

Mong~ Fighting!  Hope you can feel like you can just be open about everything… because if so, your fans will still support you even more!

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