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Lee Seung Gi vs. Kim Hyun Joong (Videos + EngSubs)

Seunggi vs. Hyunjoong (LSG cuts only) ~ ENG
(Video credit: rapport2010; leeseunggiworld; Eng translation: LSGfan)

Part 1 ~ Kang HoDong’s guy vs. Bae Yong Joon’s guy.
Uhm-chin-ah vs. Problem Child. Hudang vs. 4-Dimensional.

Part 2 ~ Who was searched more? Whose drama do you want to see?
What are the surgical costs of looking like these guys? Martial compatibility?

Part 3 ~ Who earned more from CFs? Who filmed more CFs?
Who had more song downloads and earned more profits?

Usually I hate how K-entertainment compares celebs but this segment is filled with so many Seunggi goodies! The super hyper MCs were all over the place, but their love/admiration for Seunggi is just too cute. The show was meant to be fun, per some of the hilarious categories. So I suggest no one take this too seriously.

Seunggi vs. Hyunjoong. Both debuted as singers around the same time, appeared on variety shows, transitioned into acting, and have noona appeal (probably more tween fans for KHJ than LSG). The two were even the first big K-celebs to get swine flu last year! KHJ being the first one. So it’s not the first time LSG and KHJ have been compared; they’re probably used to it now. And based on KHJ’s appearance on Strong Heart, you can tell both guys have a lot of respect for each other. So let’s hope all the fans follow their example! :)

And I’m only adding this last piece because you guys commented on the CF income part.  This came at the end  but wasn’t included in the LSG cuts. I believe it’s the AVERAGE rate for their CFs. Per the MCs, basically take the amount and multiply it by the number of CFs they’ve done.

LSG vs. KHJ. Who has the higher average CF payment rate?

See entire TVN segment (in Korean) at tudou link.

Again, the show is meant to be fun.  And I wouldn’t even take the stats they present too seriously. There’s not even a real winner at the end!  There’s definitely a different feel to the 2 guys. Hyunjoong is good looking but personally, he does nothing for me, especially when he talks. He seems to mumble a lot and there doesn’t seem to be much depth to his answers or statements. I read he’s been working on trying to articulate his words more clearly.

Looks are important but in addition to that, a guy’s ability to articulate himself clearly, be smart and thoughtful, genuine and sincere, and confident and successful in all that he does is definitely super hot, especially in the long-run (ie, husband material vs. boyfriend material)!  And Seunggi is definitely the whole package type of guy!  I’m sure Hyunjoong is too, in his own way and among his fans.  :)

LSG and KHJ ~ both guys are doing great for themselves!

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28 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for sharing :)

  2. WOW…so many translation, its like a bulk release…thank you…

  3. I’m thrilled about the yoona part, just thinking of them having a date makes me smile.

  4. Recaps, video clips (1n2d and Strong Heart), news articles, cfs…it’s not easy especially since the translations you are doing seem to be getting longer and longer! (1 hr to watch MGIG, plus to make a recap will take time too!)…can’t say thank you enough, we are just so grateful…Ann fighting!

  5. “He seems to mumble a lot and there doesn’t seem to be much depth to his answers or statements”

    you’re totally wrong
    Hyun Joons is famous for his witty answer and he has smart image
    media always quote his statements
    watch “We Got Married” he is unique that why his nick name is 4Dimension or sometime ET

    ps.I’m Hyun Joong’s fan and I just passing by but I’m a bit upset when I read something that isn’t right….can’t help to reply

    no offend

    • Didn’t mean to upset anyone. and i can’t stand annoying Antis, so hopefully you don’t take this that way. but the quote is purely my own personal opinion based on what i’ve seen of KHJ and how i feel about it. I don’t dislike him, but I’m just not that into him. i’m sure in the same way, ppl prefer some celebs over others.

      some ppl may not agree with it but it’s not necessarily not right. not everyone likes the same things about ppl but as long as ppl aren’t saying it in a rude and nasty way, then i think it’s ok, no?

      but i feel you. i wouldn’t be too happy if i saw a comment about seunggi that i thought was not right, but if it’s just someone’s opinion then i can’t really do anything about it. that is, unless they’re being a nasty, rude, jerk about it.

      thx for leaving your comment. honestly, i really do hope things start looking better for KHJ and his drama.

      • it’s ok
        don’t worry..I’m not going to become LSG’s anti because of this. that’s too childish
        and I think I don’t know LSG well enough to say anything about him because if I do…It maybe wrong

        now most to HJ’s fans are all sensitive then usual
        usually I don’t care but honestly I’m in depressed now so…yeah

        world peace !

  6. Love both guys. They each has their unit charm. I think SeungGi is very charming and cute, but not handsome. Hyun Joong is dropdead gorgeous, but a bit too beautiful for a man. lol

    SeungGi is a better actor than HyunJoong, that’s for sure. Hyun Joond did a fairly good job in this new drama though.

    The CF part is actually not accurate. Eventhough SeungGi has more CF deals in term of quantity, but Hyun Joong actually gets more money, or higher paid in term of revenue with less number of CF. I read somewhere that He’s ranked fifth in the most profitable artists, including idol groups, in 2009; second behind RAIN as individual.

    • HOOK never revealed how much SeungGi getting for a CF so you are making an assumption. Also SeungGi is the current cf king along with cf queen Yuna since last year.

      And SeungGi has CF in term of quantity as well as quality. Samsung and KB finances, esp. becoming finance model, KB thoroughly checked Seunggi’s backgrounds because finance model is the one who represents their bank.

    • I find LSG and KHJ very handsome in their own ways. But if LSG is not handsome, then I don’t know what handsome really is.

  7. I can’t understand why they compare the downloads and profit of LSG’s Will You Marry with SS501′ s Love Like This (not KHJ’s alone as they are 5 members in the band or group) and make a conclusion out of it. Correct me if I’m wrong but the song is not a solo by KHJ. If the 26 million downloads and US$10.8 million are both credited to KHJ, how about the other 4 members? It’s not like all achievements of the boy band SS501 will all the credited to the leader KHJ. If they have to divide the download and profit pies for Love Like This among the 5 members of SS501 band, then LSG still wins on this aspect. Unless the figures presented in the news is already a result of KHJ’s part of the pies?

    • I know.. I couldn’t understand that too, but you are right, LSG still wins on this aspect.

    • agreed with you dimples… it’s not fair to credit all the earnings to the leader only when the other 4 members contributed to that.. if you average it out, LSG still wins.. not that we are petty, but it’s not fair to compare 1 person earnings with a group of 5 members.

      but it’s not anyone fault except the media.. they are disregarding the rest of the 4 members and seems to acknowledged KHJ’s efffort only…

  8. It’s fun reading the articles … but please keep in mind. Media are media…sometimes you dont know whether to believe what they wrote or take as gossips [ I dont deny, there are still some truth to it], but somehow treat it as a fun…..

    I guess, the media is merely making as assumption on their incomes.

    Guy like Seung gi never want to talk about his personels and private life. I should said he is very professional about his career.

    Let wish LSG and KHJ good lucks and keep the smiles coming.

  9. LSG and KHJ will be the next generation korean wave stars.!
    Lets all support them.
    LSG fighting!

  10. Hi ann

    Part 1 of 3 ~ LSG vs. KHJ. [LSG cut only]

    Sorry, this is really hard to sub,
    This is all I can guess …….:(

    I will do part 2 and 3 later.

  11. Finally I finish Part 2 & 3
    Here the link

    100827 Lee Seung Gi – SG vs HJ Part 2 [Eng]

    100827 Lee Seung Gi – SG vs HJ Part 3 [Eng]

    Enjoy :)

  12. Rapport, we all love you!!!! ^___^ You’re amazing!

    I’m really happy for both Seunggi and Hyunjoong. hope to see the guys’ continued success… until that dreaded day when they have to leave for military service :( but let’s not think too much about that now.

  13. Any comparison betw celebs by media is so lame. They each has his strong points. I’m a KHJ fan so even if LSG came top on all categories.. I’d still be like.. pfft,whatever. O well, I guess this kinda program/article fills up the empty spaces in their slot.

    • your comment is so funny!! it seems that you’re sooo jealous because seunggi is the top on all categories.

      I don’t know who is more popular, KHJ or LSG. But I have a good impression to LSG since he has a lot of achievement in his young age. with all things that he have got, he still looks humble and very articulate.

  14. to me, seunggi is not as handsome/ pretty as most Korean male celebrities, but he is incredibly charming. his personality says everything.

    • I’d like to add seung gi is incredibly handsome in person, a lot of celebrities especially female said how attractive he is and are captivated by him.

  15. SGi is not handsome..but he has his charms.. and it all comes from his heart in whatever he does. He may not have the pretty boy looks to start with(for people to notice him among the newcomers), so he has to rely on his talents.. for the past 6years, he has improve and took on new roles so well (even as a newcomer in acting or as a MC). He used the time and opportunities he has as the supporting cast(in drama) and as a MC(as the 2nd MC after Kang Ho Dong in strong heart) to learn from the veterans/seniors. Juggling work and studies together is something that not many entertainers can handle but he has done it and scored A’s in his both arena.

    With that, he turned himself into a very charming guy, someone who has the X-Factor.. this x-factor thingie is something no one can copy you no matter how much they tried to be one.. ^_^

  16. Oh yon! I certainly have to agree with zARA that seung gi is incredibly handsome in person although I’ve not seen him in person myself. But I’ve read a lot of fan account and even fan from other celebrities and all of them came to the same conclusion that he is actually so handsome and tall in person. Some of his fans are also regretting that they wish they had not seen him in person coz’ after seeing him once now they want to see him at all fan meeting events. And one good example is yumei86@soompi who was complaining about his hair before she went to Korea, has this to say after seeing him in person. “He is so handsome in person and from now on,I’ll love him to dead.”

  17. haha, eunice… that’s why i need to see him this year if possible to prove what i have said is wrong… haha… so he better set his concert date that can accomodate to me & my friend schedule…. ^_^ ^_^

  18. i definitely prefer LSG than KHJ
    he is good and top at everything, sorry to KHJ’s fans.. :D

  19. I’m a fan of both LSG and KHJ. True they each have their own good points, however, I personally don’t admire an idol based on physical attributes only. KHJ is definitely gorgeous. LSG is not only gorgeous but he is a great singer (he can even play a variety of musical instrument s), a very believable actor and most of all a diligent student who never stops to further his studies. I’ve read from an artice that LSG’s asking price is much higher than KHJ on CF of cosmetics because LSG’s CF would be shown only in Korea while KHJ would be distributed in other countries as well.

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