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Edwin apologizes for LSG’s fan signing cancellation


Reading some of the fan accounts post-cancellation of the Edwin fan signing event — their utter disappointment and sadness over the whole thing was really sad.

Well, through it’s website, Edwin has released an apology regarding the fan signing cancellation.  But, it was released only after a statement from Seunggi’s official Airen Fan Cafe, and is practically identical in wording to the Airen statement (so the Edwin apology is not worth translating).  Is it asking too much for Edwin to make a more personalized apology?????

Post-fan signing event cancellation statement from the official Airen Fan Cafe…

First of all, we’d like to thank all the fans for participating in today’s fan signing event.

There were several issues relating to the crowds and traffic control today. The organizer was forced to cancel the event due to concerns for the safety of Lee Seung Gi, the participating fans, and the local residents.

Many fans traveled very far, and some even came from overseas, and waited for a very long time in this cold weather.  We can fully understand and empathize with your feelings of disappointment and anguish, and we feel heavyhearted as well.

Lee Seung Gi also waited nearby for a long time, and after he was informed of the cancellation, he felt very sad and was very worried about the fans.

Hook (LSG’s management company) contacted those of us at the scene and the event organizers and asked us to ensure the safety of the fans first and try to carry on with the originally scheduled activities if at all possible.  However, the organizers were not able to proceed with the activities, so they decided to cancel the event for the safety of the fans and offered their apologies to the fans who had waited for so long.

After the event cancellation was announced, Rep. Kwon from Hook has decided to give the fans with the first 151 tickets a limited edition merchandise (notebook?) made for the Osaka fan meeting as well as Lee Seung Gi’s autograph, in the hope of offering the fans maybe even a little bit of consolation.  Hook also asked us to relay the message of their apologies and thanks to the fans.

Even though we feel angry and distraught about the sudden cancellation of the fan signing event, but considering that it was for the safety of Lee Seung Gi and the fans, and the organizers were helping us to prevent any accidents at the scene, we are thankful for that.

We look forward to another meeting of Lee Seung Gi and us Airens at a safer and better prepared venue in the future.

(cr: leeseungki.com; English translation: tryp96@soompi)

I know there isn’t much that can be done now, but I feel so bad for these fans.  And I guess this makes up for it a bit, but how about all the fans who got numbers above 151… there were many of them too.  I know Hook means well but couldn’t Rep Kwon offer something more personal as consolation to fans?  Rep Kwon drives me crazy sometimes, maybe more so than the cody!

As for Edwin — how hard can it be to organize a functional fan signing event???

SS501’s Kim Hyun Joong was able to have his TonyMolly Fan Signing event on the same day with no problems.

Also, on the same day, Highkick through the Roof’s Hwang Jung Eom was able to have her Neutrogena fan signing event.

On an ironic note, according to the official Airen cafe and per DClsg, Seunggi is scheduled for an Edwin filming/photo shoot on Monday… can we say, awkward?  They are probably praying that Seunggi and Hook won’t hold this fan signing disaster against them.

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