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Brilliant Legacy, April broadcasts in China & Japan

(cr: DClsg)

Having recently ended a successful broadcast with high ratings on Fuji TV in Tokyo, BL is set to make April premieres on 2 channels in China and 2 channels in Japan.  There may be more to come…

Per DClsg, the geographical broadcast areas in Japan are shown above:  blue = Fuji TV; light green = Ishikawa TV; yellow = Kinsaye(?) TV.  The Japan broadcasts will probably use the same dubbing version from Fuji TV?  Hunan TV is also using dubbing.  Not sure why they just can’t use the regular voices and subtitles instead?  Looks like they’re building on Seunggi’s older kdrama Infamous Princesses as well, which I think had a popular broadcast in China recently.  Check out the previews…

Tagline:  The hottest drama that has taken Asia by storm!

(cr: tryp96)

(cr: tryp96)

(cr: tryp96)

China broadcasts

(cr: tryp96@soompi) — BL will start airing on Hunan TV on April 9th at what looks to be 10pm.  And supposedly, a TV station in Beijing is trying to get a head start and will start broadcasting BL today. 

Japan broadcasts

(cr: DClsg) — Supposedly, BL will begin airing today on Kinsaye (?) TV, and on Ishikawa TV every Friday starting on April 9th from 2:05pm – 3:55pm.

Checked out the TV weblinks but didn’t see a Brilliant Legacy page.  Maybe, they’ll post the  info later?  Anyone able to read Japanese or Chinese (mandarin?), would love it if you could please share any insight! :)

I think this will be Seunggi’s return to Hunan TV after ringing in the new year by performing at their Golden Mango Music Festival back in Jan. 2010.    

(cr: leeseungki.com; tryp96@soompi)

See a lot more interview/performance photos and Behind-the-Scenes photos from LSG’s Jan 2010 Hunan TV appearance at LeeSeunggiWorld.

All in all, Brilliant Legacy is expected to be broadcast in over 80+ countries, including Central Asia, Europe, and Africa…  In addition to the recent Tokyo broadcast, I think it has also already aired in Taiwan.

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