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LSG’s Edwin fan signing event cancelled due to crowds

(cr: DClsg)

Seunggi’s fan signing event was scheduled for today (April 3rd) at an Edwin store in Korea.  Per earlier post about this planned event, many fans were very much looking forward to this and making plans in advance.  The event was to take place from 3-4pm.  Many fans arrived at the location early in the morning to get their assigned number.  And according to fan accounts, crowds were already forming early on…

(cr: DClsg)

However, it seems that Edwin was not prepared for the large number of fans and the sheer crowd.  Supposedly, the Edwin store itself was not large and people were already packed in there and could not move; and it was totally packed outside as well with people not being able to move.  There were especially a lot of female middle and high schoolers.  And it was reported that Seunggi’s van had arrived 30 minutes before the event but could not make its way through the traffic, and that he had been waiting in his van for more than an hour.  Anyway, it appears that the event had to ultimately be cancelled due to safety hazzards. 

(cr: DClsg)

A lot of fans had come from far away and many had been planning for this event for a while, so their disappointment was pretty deep.  But, it seems everyone also felt really bad for Seunggi who probably felt even worse about the outcome.  It’s unclear whether the event will be rescheduled.  Hopefully, they can make it up somehow to all the fans who came out.  A lot of fans are mad at Edwin for not anticipating the crowds in advance. 

(cr: DClsg)

Seunggi’s endorsed Edwin for a while and I think they were saying that his contract might be up soon.  Edwin probably wants to keep him; not sure what Seunggi and Hook plan to do.  Edwin is probably feeling pretty stupid about the whole signing event right now.  they better do something about it, and in a big way!   Also, I’m sure more details and an official statement will be released soon. 

To see current and past photo shoots as well as Behind-the-Scenes videos, check out the Edwin website; also included in the CF links to the left.  Click on the “Mania” option to see the videos, as well as other celebs wearing Edwin clothes.

4 Responses

  1. aww.. seung gi was waiting in the car.. poor seung gi.
    he’ll get bored and hungry waiting for traffic due to so many fans crowd.. i don’t know why there’s so many people came more than last year? did he gain popular this year? ><

  2. they should have organise this event at a bigger location base on seung gi’s popularity…stadium perhaps?:)

  3. 3:00-4:00 pm on Saturday? Of course, middle school and highschool students would come…
    Edwin should have known better…

  4. Poor them…….I really feel sorry for them (LSG and the fan specially who came from far away.
    Hopefully they will reschedule this signing again.:)

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