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Goodbye to Edwin fashion! Seunggi CF video spam

Somehow today ended up being endorsement news day at LSGfan!  July is a time when mid-year endorsements come to an end and per DClsg, it looks like Seunggi’s contract with Edwin may be over soon; Boys over Flowers Kim Bum is set to be the new CF model.  Some fans are now saying they weren’t really into the clothes but bought it because of Seunggi!  kekeke.  Probably some bad feelings still leftover from that crazy cancelled fan signing that Edwin totally screwed up?!  Have to admit, I mainly liked the fall/winter fashion for the most part!  So does this mean we’ll see Seunggi with a new clothing company??!!!

Behind-the-Scenes Edwin fashion shoot retrospective, 2008-2010
(All videos: leeseunggi01)

2008, Photoshoot 1
I think this first shoot was like my fave fashion shot!

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DJ, Rocker, or Casual Summer Seunggi for Edwin?

So the photos of Seunggi and Go EunAh as a couple show them partying it up,
and LSG’s solo shots look just as fun and playful…

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SeungGi and Go Eun Ah party it up for Edwin

Smaller montages of these photos came out a week ago, already posted in Rocker Seunggi vs. Preppy Seunggi, comparing this summer 2010 fashion shoot vs. spring 2010 shoot.  But full-size photos of the entire Edwin summer shoot came out today.  And Seunggi and Go EunAh look like they’re having some serious fun!
They look so playful…

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Rocker SeungGi vs Preppy SeungGi

The Edwin Summer 2010 shots of Seunggi and Go Eun Ah as bandmates is like a total 180 compared to the preppy, cute couple with dog photos from the Spring 2010 photo shoot.  Per the first glance Edwin shots that came out a few weeks ago, looks like Edwin Summer 2010 fashion is going to have more of Rocker SeungGi…

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LSG all-Edwin edition and great Strong Heart duo KHD-LSG

Strong Heart filming                                           Edwin spring 2010 fashion shoot

Looks like Seunggi will be sporting an all-Edwin outfit for Tuesday’s Strong Heart episode.  Plus, a fan account from this March 25th recording indicated that LSG would be in this exact Edwin photo shoot outfit; and we were also given a heads up on the new permed hairstyle…

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