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[ENG] 10.31.2017 Lee Seunggi’s Military Discharge Day – Private Fan Greetings and His Awards

Read English translation…

Oct. 31, 2017 – Lee Seunggi’s Military Discharge Day, Fan Greetings
English: LSGfan, Video: ki ra

(this private but brief greeting with fans followed the also brief press Q and A… Seunggi was seriously shining and radiant on this day! You can see a totally new side to him, an even more mature, confident and refined Lee Seunggi^^)

(Awww Seunggi getting neck wreath and flower bouquet. looks great with his uniform!)

Seunggi: Really… really thank you so much. During my military service in the brigade for 1 year and 9 months, the love all of you sent to me and the letters, snacks, many things were a big strength to me. And during my army life, thank you for not letting me forget that I am person who has received a lot of love.

Fan: Oppa~ we really missed you so much! (aw Seunggi’s reaction^^)

Seunggi: I too, really missed you. Today, this moment, even before I was passing through the guard gates, I really thought a lot about what I should to you all… (little kid calls out~ Seunggi! awwwwww Seunggi’s reaction and smile^^). For 1 year and 9 months, as I mentioned earlier, my military service was really happy and I enjoyed it. The Long Distance March, marine training, severe winter training… for my body, it was the hardest time in my life. I thought to myself~ is there anything harder than this? But after it passed, it didn’t seem like it was all that.

Fans: Wow awesome~ you’re too cool/awesome!

Seunggi: Also, now that I am starting my 30s and I am greeting you as entertainer Lee Seunggi, and with a maturity, I feel that a patient and hardworking mindset has become intensely strong. I feel that I’ve come out having accumulated a lot of energy. I wonder if I’ve had this much energy in my body before; this is the first time I’ve felt this much energy. And for a moment, thinking that as an entertainer, serving in the military can seem like a worst case scenario… upon coming to the Special Forces, together with my comrades, this has become another top moment in my life.

Fans: Wow~~~ We love you! (speechless at Seunggi’s depth and mentalityㅠㅠㅠ)

Seunggi: With this energy/strength, I hope to greet you all through many more projects, album, variety, all of these. I’ll work with awesome energy, so all of you need to keep up with me. Seeing me too much on tv that you’ll get sick of me!

(applause from fans~~~ yaaaaayyyyy!)

Seunggi: Again, with all this energy, I’ll be starting up again so I hope all of you will show a lot of interest and support… most likely, I’ll meet you all soon through a quick comeback and I’ll properly bring happiness to you.

Fan: Lee Seunggi~ jjjjjaaaaang! (Seunggi’s reactions are killing me^^)

Seunggi: I have a confidence/sureness and October 31st is finally here. And the calendar you sent to me, I left it with my successors but it only goes up to October 31st so… it was really sad (omg puahahahaha). Thank you again so much. I was grateful for my military service together with fans. Hereon, I’ll return soon as an entertainer and will match the love you’ve shown. I wish I could greet each and every one of you but…

(Manager brings up Seunggi’s official military documents^^)

Seunggi: Oh also, since many of you may be curious as to what I had been doing… they call this a ‘Military Service Competency/Ability Certificate.’ And this, as I got so used to the military, a Special Forces commendation (not sure what this 2nd one was for). And there’s something called a Special Forces Combat Soldier that’s only in the Special Forces (shows another commendation^^) Since everyone was so curious as to what I had been doing~^^ *smiles*

Seunggi: With this being the Special Forces, I was able to develop a lot. I really served sincerely and happily. I’ll do my best to greet you very soon. And as this time right now seems too brief, I hope we can make for another time like this later on. I’ll come around starting from here~

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  1. Thanks for the translation, it was very interesting. I also have a calendar which is from 1 Febr 2016 till 31 Oct 2017, I still have it on my wall.

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