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[ENG] 11.15.2017 Lee Seunggi’s Speech and Q&A – AAA ‘Welcome Back Award’

Read English translation…

Nov. 15, 2017 – AAA ‘Welcome Back’ Award Speech and Q &A
English: LSGfan, Video: seunggiairen

LT: The next award is a special award. This year, the person whom people have been waiting for the most… this is precisely an award for that star. 2017 Asia Artist Awards ‘Best Welcome Award’ (definitely only Lee Seunggi^^).

[Let’s check out the video~ 2017 Asia Artist Awards ‘Best Welcome Award’~~ Lee Seunggi.]

OtherMC:  Chosen as the number one star whose military discharge was awaited the most, beloved by the entire Nation is Lee Seunggi… lovecalls have already been coming in from drama, variety, movie, all fields. Makes us interested even more in his next steps hereon.

LT:  More than any other time, quite nervous and shaking Lee Seunggi~ a lot of people including me really missed you. Please share your award thoughts.

Seunggi:  Yes… thank you. (he chuckles^^) I’ve received a lot of awards since my debut… but this Best Welcome Award, which just the name alone makes you bust out laughing, it’s the first time I’ve received this. (Seunggi deadpanning his thoughts and cracking everyone up!)

Seunggi:  First off, I sincerely thank you.  With the award acceptance speech coming up, maybe because it’s the first time I’m all of a sudden at a celebrity event… (omg celeb Seunggi def talking like a guy whose been away in the military for 1 year 9 months and just been discharged! audience finding it endearing^^) I’m asking you ahead of time to understand that I may end up talking some gibberish.

Seunggi:  Ummm… my heart is beating really fast. Almost as if I’ve heard news that I need to re-enlist in the army, I’m quite nervous. (lol)  I tried to visualize countless times what I would express about this award… but I couldn’t think of anything… since I haven’t done anythingㅋㅋㅋ (omg Seunggi making Kim Heesun and the others laugh^^ why so cute and funny, Seunggi?^^)

Seunggi:  Just, simply completing a call of duty which is required of every Korean male and doing so in normal fashion.  So to be greeted with this much interest and support, I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart. Yes. (aww first time seeing Seunggi cutely out of sorts like this^^)

Seunggi: Standing here after a long time, seeing the stages of these singers after having watched these things on TV from my army brigadeㅋㅋㅋ I realized once again, my occupation was an entertainer^^ Thank you.  As for my activities hereon, I plan to work harder and show even more to match the long time spent in the army brigade. For all of you greeting me like this and showing interest, I’ll work even harder to match your expectations through good projects. Please keep an eye out for me and show a lot of support. Thank you. I’ll work hard.

LT: Lee Seunggi~ I’m curious about something.  There were so many people saying ‘Why does Lee Seunggi’s military service seem so long?’ Isn’t that the case, everyone? (everyone’s like Yesss!!!)  There were so many comments like that.  Did our Lee Seunggi feel like your military service was that long too?

Seunggi: Uhhhh I have to take this question and then go down, right? (lol).

LT:  Yes~ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Seunggi:  Since I’m so nervous, I don’t know what to say^^

LT:  Just look forward and speak comfortably^^

Seunggi:  Well~ Lee Seunggi’s staying in the army rumors, career officer theories, he’s being dispatched rumors… I hear there were many such theories/rumors.  Not all of that is true. I completed [army service] in normal fashion, like all Korean men… including Leeteuk and others who served in the military here, I did it the same way and was discharged. (ok Seunggi is being soooooo humble! um everyone knows you served on active duty and went through extra not required Special Forces trainings!) And for many who felt like it was a long time, I’ll take that to mean people were waiting equally that long and for that, I’m thankful.

LT:  Now we just need to wait to meet more of awesome Seunggi… Singing. Acting. Doing it all is precisely Lee Seunggi.  While you were serving in the army, did you miss the stage as a singer more, or broadcast TV as an actor more?  (audience shouting out). Oh there’s variety too and you were active as an MC before too.

Seunggi:  Yes… I just really enjoyed watching others’ stages. (hahahaha) It was very cool.  When I would return, I thought a lot about what I should do but now, more than those kinds of worries, I just want to work hard at what I’ve been charged with…and through a range of acting projects, and also whether it be variety or singing, meet you whenever I can as my stamina permits.

LT: Ok now Lee Seunggi, for the fans who’ve been waiting so diligently… (Seunggi starts cracking up because he so doesn’t want to take any more questions and Leeteuk is like turning this into a sit-down interview lol)

Seunggi: I told you to stop asking me questions!!!ㅋㅋㅋㅋ (ha Seunggi just talking out how he feels!!)

LT:  Ok we’ll finish here.  For fans who’ve been waiting, warm applause for Lee Seunggi!^^

Seunggi:  Thank you.

Leeteuk: Congratulations again Lee Seunggi. I too was really waiting for you (lol).  We’ll anticipate your future activities.

OtherMC:  ‘I’ll let you see me until you get sick of me’~ I saw that statement from a news article, so please keep that promise.

(the response to Seunggi’s authentic and heartfelt, and witty speech from Knetizens was daebak, both in the video comments and the article comments^^  seems he still has some of his military speech and affect, as he warned us^^ only Lee Seunggi could get a special award like this.  and only Lee Seunggi could make the award feel heartfelt and not take this kind of stuff too seriously #AsExpected♡  Welcome back Lee Seunggi!!)

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