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[ENG] Why Lee Seunggi Went to Find Lee Sunhee First, After Being Discharged From the Military

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Why Lee Seunggi Went to Find Lee Sunhee First, After Being Discharged From the Military
English: LSGfan, Video: 놀이미디어 오펀

(these Korean buzzworthy news-like caption summary videos have been popular on Youtube these days…  I’m translating this one because it’s so heartwarming… and actually factual unlike some of those other stupid videos involving Seunggi^^  Although, I think everyone’s curious as to whether he visited his mom and dad first before heading over to Hook^^)

Lee Seunggi was finally discharged as a Special Forces soldier on October 31st.

However, there was a person whom he went to find without even changing out of his military uniform.

Precisely, his forever master teacher, singer Lee Sunhee.

On the October 31st day Lee Seunggi was discharged, Lee Seunggi’s Hook Entertainment agency’s Representative Kwon Jinyoung uploaded to her instagram, several photos of Lee Seunggi who had been discharged.

Lee Seunggi is seen comfortably posing together with his same agency sunbae and master teacher Lee Sunhee.

Perhaps he didn’t even stop by home and went directly to meet Lee Sunhee, but his attire indicates he had not changed out of his military uniform.

Personally discovering him during his high school days and growing him as a singer, he ran over there to say hello to his master teacher Lee Sunhee and show that he had been safely discharged.

The deep connection between Lee Sunhee and Lee Seunggi is a well-known story in the music industry.

Lee Seunggi was a vocalist in a band as a high school student.

By chance, there was a concert at a live theater which Lee Sunhee operated and seeing this stage, Lee Sunhee proposed that he become a singer.

However, at the time, that stage was supposed to be Lee Seunggi’s final involvement in the band as he had decided to focus on his studies because his grades had suffered a hit due to his band activities.

A determined Lee Seunggi also did not recognize Nation’s Singer Lee Sunhee at the time and quickly turned down her proposal…!

However, when he returned home and told his mom about what happened, the situation totally turned upside down.

He was said to have been scolded by his mom for “(not recognizing Lee Sunhee) How could you?”

After Lee Seunggi apologized to Lee Sunhee, saying “I apologize for not recognizing you” he became a student of Lee Sunhee, as strongly recommended by his mom. (awwww thanks mom!^^)

After that, he debuted with the 2004 song ‘Because You’re My Woman’ and became instantly popular and his life has been on a roll.

For Lee Seunggi, Lee Sunhee is his master teacher who completely changed his life, and also a role model as a singer.

Seeing this meeting of the revered master teacher and her star student, fans were touched by this heartwarming encounter of Lee Seunggi, not even changing out of his uniform and running over to meet Lee Sunhee after being discharged from the military.

We are anticipating a new stage from these two who have taken the stage together countless times.

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7 Responses

  1. Does family members attend the discharge ceremony? I recalled there are some fan photos from the enlistment from family members of the other recruits. Just wondering whether Seunggi’s parents attended his discharge ceremony and keep low profile (as usual).

    • Family members are definitely at discharge ceremonies, but I don’t know if Seunggi’s parents were at his. Longtime fans know that Seunggi is very private about his parents and family, but that he’s very close to them^^ they seem to like to stay out of the limelight too.

      • I sensed his strong connection with his family as seen through a video when he mentioned that his dog is being taken cared of by his family, the dog Perro that he brought at Master in the House

  2. THIS IS JUST AN OPINION… but I think maybe there is more than teacher/student relationship between Lee Seung Gi and Lee Sun Hee…

    I MEAN, I’m all for love and everything, but sorry Seung Gi and Sun Hee, but you have to face all the odds…

    watching these two in All the Butlers, while Sun Hee was the master… I also sensed something there… hmmm… i may be wrong…

    in the end.. who are we to judge, right?

    • Old Movie ” Miss Robinson”

    • Oh my gad. You have the most craziest thinking as a fan have. Seriously?

    • Ha ha ha, Lyne what kind of thoughts do you have? That is what we called attitude of gratitude! Do you know that term? Maybe you are just trying to mirror your self with your mere words. And from the beginning Seung Gi’s family is very private, they are just supporting him in a distant manner not showing their love and support in the public’s eyes. What if the family were the one who fetched Seung Gi in the army and they just dropped him in Hook entertainment office? My gosh, I really can’t believed on what you are trying to insinuate!

      I really hope you are not an AIREN! You will just ruin the pure image of Lee Seung Gi. Shame on you!

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