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[ENG] 7.3.2017 Channel A News – Psy and IU Show Tight Loyalty to Lee Seunggi and Perform at Military Concert

Read English translation…

July 3, 2017 – Channel A News
English: LSGfan, Video: 채널A Life

Host: IU and Psy… for Lee Seunggi, we heard they showcased heartwarming loyalty to him in the army.

F: Yes, it’s true.  IU and Psy participated in a military support concert. On June 30, they took the stage because of their ties to Lee Seunggi.  It was the Jeungpyong 13th Airborne Brigade’s 40th Anniversary.  In addition to Psy and IU, current army-serving Lee Seunggi also took the stage and enjoyed a great time with the soldiers.

Host: Since the 3 are sunbae-hoobae (senior-junior) in the music industry, it makes sense that they would have close ties, but in what way?

M: Aside from the fact they’re all singers, some people may be wondering what else.  For Psy and Lee Seunggi… Psy wrote and composed Lee Seunggi’s debut song. Some may not know this… the song ‘Because You’re My Woman’ was written and composed by Psy… and the song Lee Seunggi revealed prior to enlisting — ‘I’m Going to the Army’ — is said to be, as expected, a Psy project. And Lee Seunggi and IU met when they both guested at Psy’s concert.  Lee Seunggi’s discharge is set for this October and Psy and IU went to support him in advance.

Host: Wow if these 3 are close… so heartwarming. Well, if we’re talking Psy and IU, it must have been explosive.

F: IU sang her song ‘Palette’ and Psy sang ‘Champion.’ They sang other songs too. If you have Psy and IU taking the stage, the soldiers were excited.

Host: There’s a lot of stuff that comes out in the middle of the song ‘Champion.’ I really like that song. I’ve sung it a lot at the norae-bang!

F: Also on stage, IU showed her closeness with Lee Seunggi and said “Congratulations on your ‘Sergeant’ rank promotion.”

Host: He’s already become a sergeant? wow~

F: And it’s said that Lee Seunggi responded by saying “Even though we’re both entertainers, just being on the stage together with IU makes my heart flutter and it’s an honor.”

Host: Hearing news about Lee Seunggi, I bet fans are totally waiting for his discharge. Plus he was chosen to be the #1 Anticipating Star To Be Discharged…

M: True. And it was an overwhelming #1 rank. With 49.1%, he was selected the #1 Anticipated Star To Be Discharged This Year [survey conducted of 2000 sampled individuals ranging from those in their 20s to their 50s].

Host: Wow he is the representative star.

M: His discharge is scheduled for the end of October. [mentions of the other two….] This survey was conducted in January of this year.

Host: Fans will definitely be anticipating their bright activities after their discharge.

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