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[ENG] 6.30.2017 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert – ‘Sergeant’ Lee Seunggi Greets His Fellow Soldiers

Read English translation…

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: 승기야닷컴 via Tryp96

[Seunggi had just finished performing his 1st song “Smile Boy”]

Thank you! (shouts of encore^^). I will formally greet you~ currently, army-serving in the Special Forces 13th Airborne Brigade, 75th Battalion, and as of today… now a sergeant (applause/cheers!)… I am Sergeant Lee Seunggi~ Solidarity! (salute expression).

Thank you.  Today… (shouts of ‘Squad Leader’ from the soldiers and ‘You’re handsome’ from the ladies lol). Thank you~ (acknowledging~ the excited newbie soldiers) with the new soldiers up front here, I feel strengthened.

Last year, around this time, we had an anniversary concert, right? (Soldiers: Yes!)  Actually at that time, I was at a lower rank than everyone there.  I was a Private First Class then and performing under that context, I too was nervous and the audience perhaps wasn’t ready for that quite yet. However, as I took the stage today, it felt completely different from last year and I sensed an exciting energy so I believe today’s concert will be fun.

Today, I’m even more excited and reassured because aside from me, behind the stage (majority male soldier audience cheering loud since they probably knew IU was there lol). Behind here, there’s no one… if I said that, you all would be disappointed, right?! (Soldiers: Yes!!!) There are some highly impressive people back there, so everyone here, get rid of your stress and I hope this will be memorable to you.

(Shout-out from crowd: Oppa you’re awesome!)  Hold on a second~ (seems there’s an issue with his in-ear device, and he jokes~) I wore this in-ear so I would look cool…

(Seunggi looks to sound techs to the side and talks into mic to them, while trying to adjust belt attachment~) Nothing’s coming out of the in-ear, please check this for me. (when he faces the front again, the soldiers are all like whoa and applaud~!! like he’s so cool ha! which cracks Seunggi up^^)  You know, many singers try to look cool by fidgeting with their in-ear like thisㅋㅋㅋ

(Sound guy finally comes up to fix the issue and everyone’s like oooohhhh ahhhhh~ lol. And like his usual pro-self, Seunggi engages audience while they fix the issue^^) I understand that up front, mostly enlisted soldiers are seated here.  Did you prepare a lot for today? (Soldiers: Yesssss!!!!) Wow your fighting energy is awesome today. Where are you all from? So energetic!  (Soldiers: 75th Battalion!) Ahhh the 75th Battalion?  Ahhh as expected. (hahahaha this is Seunggi’s battalion group!) I didn’t you know you were the 75th Battalion~ (Seunggi cracking up^^)

In the back, where are you from? Ahhh Jang-Jeung-dae.  As expected, Jang-Jeung-dae! I think as a whole, the Jang-Jeung-dae support is great. There’s also Soo-Song-dae… is Soo-Song-dae kind of weak? (which of course gets those soldiers riled up with cheers ha!)  Ahh Soo-Song-dae is over here?  Sounds a bit weaker than Jang-Jeung-dae. Jang-Jeung-dae, scream!  Soo-Song-dae, scream! (Seunggi deadpans… ) Soo-Song-dae seems betterㅋㅋㅋ 75th Battalion, scream!  Wow that was great! (omg lol)

I’ll sing my next song. I thought about what songs I haven’t really sung within our Brigade and I thought I should sing this song.  A song that supposedly many males have sung at the norae-bang, but couldn’t reach the high notes… Love Taught Me To Drink.


Song 2: Love Taught Me To Drink

Song 1: Smile Boy

4 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for the translation!!!

  2. Thank you very much <3

  3. “I thought about what songs I haven’t really sung”
    Seung Gi! Don’t forget the gem of an album called “And…”, please sing some songs from that album, at least when you discharge.
    I’m still waiting to hear Love, Friend, You & I, Hani (the entire album really…) live.

  4. So.. uri Sergeant Lee SeungGi is a squad leader? I hope I could be in his squad.. hehe

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