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[ENG] 6.30.2017 Lee Seunggi Says His Brigade Has Good Fortune – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert

Read English translation…

June 30, 2017 – 13th Airborne Brigade 40th Anniversary Concert
English: LSGfan, Videos: 승기야닷컴 via Tryp96

[Seunggi just finished performing his 2nd song “Love Taught Me To Drink” and this was his 2nd ment/talk]

Thank you. (soldiers cheering ‘Lee Seunggi Lee Seunggi’ and ‘Encore Encore’ ^^)  Already an encore?!  If encore, it means I need to already leave the stageㅎㅎㅎ(soldiers express dismay~ Noooooo!)

Today, as we celebrate our 13th Airborne Brigade’s 40th Anniversary, we thought a lot about how we can showcase more things this year and make it a great concert.  And again this time, without hesitation… perhaps because our brigade has good fortune, many people have come to celebrate with us. Seeing that we have a wonderful stage prepared, I think I am someone who has really good fortune^^ (hehehe only Seunggi could say something like this~ rather than a self-boast, sincerely conveying his gratitude for such fortune♡) I’m thankful we have a packed stage ready for you.

For my 3rd song, I’ll continue with one ballad song… rather than songs I’ve sang a lot, this song… you’ll know it when you hear it.  When I first appeared on a program called 1 Night 2 Days… Actually, I went on the show to promote my song but somehow that encounter turned into close to 5 years of traveling our country.  It is a song very dear to me and a song I want to share with you… I will sing ‘Unfinished Story’ for you~ (and the crowd on cue goes~ Awwwww^^)

Song 3: Unfinished Story
wahhhhh I love it when Seunggi sings this song!♡♡♡


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