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[ENG] 10.2.2016 Honorary Ambassador and MC Lee Seunggi Hosts the Ground Forces Festival Opening Ceremony

October 2, 2016. Ground Forces Festival Opening Day Ceremony.

GFF Opening Day Ceremony rehearsal fancam compilation♡ (video: 빛 나다)

I love this FMV compilation fancam of MC Lee Seunggi during the Opening Ceremony run-through♡ and the BGM~~ The King 2 Hearts instrumental OST♡ this all makes me so teary-eyedㅠㅠㅠ Seunggi is such a proㅠㅠㅠ To think he’s been serving full-time in the army for the past EIGHT months and NOT performing and OUT of the limelight, and hasn’t really been in front of a big audience since enlisting… can you imagine how nervous he was?! But he’s just amazing. As expected of Lee Seunggi. just love him more every time♡

MC Lee Seunggi hosts the GFF Opening Ceremony

MC Lee Seunggi hosts the GFF Opening Ceremony
(English: LSGfan, Video: 빛 나다)

LSG: Everyone~ happy to meet you. We will now begin the 14th Ground Forces Festival Opening Ceremony. Charged with hosting this morning’s event, I am Private First Class Lee Seunggi. (CoHost: And I’m Announcer X. We will greet everyone).  Salute!

Next we will have the entrance of the performers.  As each unit enters, we ask the audience to give big applause. We will start the entrance march.  Military honor guards enter.  Taekwondo enter.  We hope that you will feel touched during this week.

As you arrive, would you please take your seats.
(at 0:58~ Seunggi enjoying the performances too^^)

Will the Army Chief of Staff and Gyeryong City Mayor please come forward and prepare to proclaim the Opening Ceremony. (CoHost: Big applause please.)

Now to celebrate our Opening Ceremony, if you look to the sky, you’ll see the flight of military helicopters and aircrafts. (Seunggi and CoHost also provide more details about the topclass helicopters and aircrafts… military terms and jargon I don’t really understand, but which Seunggi perfectly ennunciates^^)

(at 1:51~) To help us celebrate, another awesome guest has come to find us… Rio Olympics Gold Medalist in Archery, Athlete Jang Hyejin is here in person to help us celebrate our Opening Ceremony. The 14th Ground Forces Festival and 2016 Gyeryong Military Culture Festival celebratory arrow will be launched. Everyone, please give big applause and welcome Athlete Jang Hyejin. She will be aiming at the balloon… and wow, she has hit it on the mark! Big applause please. (Seunggi is like MCing like a boss, but also totally enjoying the pomp and circumstance of this event. it’s really cute and heartwarming Seunggi^^)

(at 2:30~ Seunggi totally at ease and smiling, even slightly waving to fans♡ during video play of celebratory messages^^)

(at 3:12~) For our Ground Forces Festival – Gyeryong Military Culture Festival, many people sent celebratory messages. For the upcoming performances and events to follow, we hope this will be an opportunity for you all to become more familiar with our military and military culture. Next up in our celebratory event, we have the taekwondo performance. You’ve waited long for this taekwondo performance.  Big applause please.

(at 3:45~ during takewondo performance, sweet Seunggi chatting with CoHost, serious-mode Seunggi conversing w/ production team via ear mic, and cute Seunggi totally enjoying the performances too! he was getting so engrossed in the show♡ intermittently directing~ “Big applause please!”)

(at 5:23~) Watching that, honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed… (CoHost: Yes, it was very moving.)  Yes really, the strength of our military was accurately expressed and portrayed by our special merit taekwondo unit.

I’m assuming there’s much more to Seunggi MC’ing the GFF opening ceremony, but I think we get the idea… Seunggi is simply awesome


Official 14th Ground Forces Festival, Opening Ceremony Highlight Video

Official 14th Ground Forces Festival, Opening Ceremony Highlight Video
(English: LSGfan, Video: 제14회 지상군페스티벌)

1st Day, 10.2 Sunday

Today’s highlights

Ground Forces Festival &
Gyeryong Military Culture Festival


(ROK Army Chief of Staff & Gyeryong City Mayor)

#MilitaryAircrafts CelebratoryFlight

(our Seunggi^^)

#Athlete JangHyeJin
(Gold medalist archer shot an arrow to declare GFF opening)




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