[ENG] 10.1.2016 GFF Eve Concert – Lee Seunggi’s Special Forces Uniform Airborne Patch is Indeed Real

October 1, 2016. Eve of Ground Forces Festival Concert, Gyeryong.

(video: vhffkfltm0113)

  1. Because You’re My Woman (this classic song never gets old^^)
  2. Ment (at 3:25~ Seunggi says his airborne patch is indeed real! lol)
  3. Let’s Go On A Vacation/Trip (at 6:28~)

Seunggi’s Ment

Seunggi’s Ment
(Video: 빛 나다, English: LSGfan)

LSG: Thank you. This Gyeryong Military Culture Festival and our 2016 Ground Forces Festival~ I’m sincerely happy to meet all of you all here. For me, after I enlisted for military service, it’s been a long time and the first time since I’ve performed in front of so many people. Personally, I’m very nervous and thinking about seeing all of you, I was very nervously excited last night… did all of you enjoy it? (yessss!!!)

I will start with my greeting. I think you may have seen this a lot on tv. I will greet you~ Solidarity! (Seunggi salutes the audience^^) Currently serving in the 13th Special Forces Airborne Brigade, I am Private First Class Lee Seunggi. Everyone, I’m happy to meet you all.

I enlisted for military service on February 1st and now it’s been about 8-9 months. Time is flowing by. And many people, whenever they see me, they remind that I will be discharged next year and they think that seems really fast. However, for me within, it doesn’t feel that way (lol). I think it’s true that time really doesn’t seem to go by…

However, as a male born in the Republic of Korea, serving in the army, particularly with the Special Forces, I am learning a lot. Personally, I have this airborne symbol patch attached here [on uniform] and many people ask me~ Did you really complete airborne training? Isn’t it fake? Did you buy it at the military store? (lol)  But appropriately according to the FM, I safely completed the chinook helicopter and transport plane airborne training and I am currently fulfilling my military service. (Seunggi♡ thumbs up! take pride in your hard work/training and Special Forces uniform!)

With 1 year remaining, I will sincerely do my best in my army service and until I return in awesome fashion before all of you… you’ll patiently wait for me, right? (yesss!!!!) Thank you.

And for my fans here… and Dongbangshiki fans… and Super Junior fans… By chance, to be serving in the army at the same time with entertainers whom I memorably grew up with since my younger days over the past 10+ years… I came to meet them like this through this Ground Forces Festival. I consider this a real connection and for the Ground Forces Festival I’ll be MCing through October 6th, I hope all the fans here will view us as one and show a lot of support. You’ll do that, right? (yesss!!!)

I’ll sing my next song now… (Seunggi responds to an I love you scream lol) I love you too~ Please excitedly enjoy this song. I’ll sing Let’s Go On Vacation/Trip. Thank you!

As we imagined, I think we can all agree that Seunggi is just happy and fine to be wearing his SWC uniform throughout his military service^^

Everyone knows he’s been a model upstanding celeb for like forever, and he’d probably fulfill his military service well, but seriously, he continues to set the bar high, making fans proud and continually garnering the respect of the general public and all those who encounter him.  Seunggi♡ fighting!!!


Because Youre My Woman (video: 빛 나다)


Let’s Go On Vacation (video: 빛 나다)


More Because You’re My Woman fancams because it never gets old..^^


Because You’re My Woman (video: Sharon Xu)


Because You’re My Woman (video: gaku hasee)


Because Youre My Woman (video: NoSyrupMon)


3 Responses

  1. Fans were waiting in line in the wee hours of the morning, some times in the rain, to attend (and get good seats for) this performance. And it’s totally worth it!

  2. what can international fans do without your english translation!!! thankkssss

  3. thank you as always

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