[ENG] 10.2.2016 GFF Concert – Lee Seunggi in Singer-Mode for 1979 ‘Only More Yearning’ and ‘I’ll Give You Everything’

October 2, 2016. Ground Forces Festival Concert (Auditorium).  Seunggi sounds great despite having spent the day before prepping and doing GFF Eve Concert, and having MC’d this day’s morning Opening Ceremony! oh Seunggi

Full cut of Seunggi’s Performances and Ment

(Video: dc ch)

  1. I’ll Give You Everything (screen video montage is really touching)
  2. Ment (at 4:27~ cheers and some Seunggi oppa screeching lol)
  3. Only More Yearning (wow just wow!!!! his live is !!)
  4. Let’s Go On Vacation (not included in video clip)

Seunggi’s Ment, Part 1

Seunggi’s Ment, Part 1
(Video: respect taq, English: LSGfan)

LSG: Oppa? I think I’m Oppa~ I can tell by your voice. Among those who’ve called me oppa, there have been a lot of husky voices. I can’t see you out there but definitely sounds like I’m an Oppa.

Currently, serving in the military with the Special Forces 13th Airborne Brigade, I am Private First Class Lee Seunggi. I will greet you~ (Seunggi salutes~ Loyalty! to applause/cheers and someone literally screeching ‘you’re handsome!’). I’m handsome? (shouts of yessssss!) Thank you. I feel like your responses (details inaudible) are a big support to me.

This 14th Ground Forces Festival… as I mentioned earlier on, because of the rain, we are having the concert in here today. Usually when it rains, not as many people go to concerts right? (shouts of yessss!) But since many fans came today, we met and felt like going outside to greet the fans was the right thing to do so we plan to have concerts outside after this.

For me, among the soldiers who are originally entertainers, I am the most maknae/youngest. (many, mostly females, respond with ooooohhhhh, like as if it can’t be easy being the youngest lol). You all seem to be feeling way too bad for me, no? (hahahaha) I have one more year left of my military service… (males respond with ohhhhhhhh this time and Seunggi cracks up. Females yelling that’s too sad~). I’m really getting sad. (lol Seunggi)

Nevertheless, as a Korean male, I will do my best to sincerely serve in the military and stand in awesome fashion before all of you again. Please anticipate that and I hope many of you will wait. (crowd replies yessss!)

I will have some water before I start. (screams for drinking water lol)

Seunggi’s Ment, Part 2 + Only More Yearning

Seunggi’s Ment, Part 2 + Only More Yearning
(Video: respect taq, English: LSGfan)

LSG: Actually, word spread that our Ground Forces Festival concert was really good and so we’ve been holding this concert with our Army Chief of Staff in the audience.

As there are older people here today, I was thinking it would be nice if we could do a song from older days. So our band stayed up nights and this is a song we practiced together. I hope many of you will enjoy this and that many of you will show support. I will sing ‘Only More Yearning.’

(Seunggi really setting the mood with this stage and the band♡ omg he sounds amaaaaaazing live. He really needs to sing more rock ballad songs! This is a killer performance. His singer-trained vocals were definitely on full display for the Army Chief of Staff and others^^)

Awesome close-ups of Seunggi’s performances + ment♡ vocals just wow!
(videos: mijoi0113)

I’ll Give You Everything (Ballad Prince)

Only More Yearning (acoustic + rock)

Closing Ment + Let’s Go On Vacation (electric guitar and band)

Closing Ment + Let’s Go On Vacation
(Video: mijoi0113, English: LSGfan)

LSG: Accompanying me on guitar, Soldier Noh, big applause please. And applause again for our band. Ok the concert is coming to an end soon… (crowd disappointed~ ooooohhhhhhh). Are you disappointed? (yessssss!!!)

I’ve been exhausted all day~ (oh Seunggiㅠㅠㅠ) hehehehe (Seunggi smiles and laughs seeing that people feel bad♡) For 5 days, we’ll continually be performing so whenever you have time, please come and join us and support us.

Now I will sing my last song. The final song… it’s time for everyone here to get out of their seats. Are you ready to enjoy? (yessss!!!) Everyone back there ready too? (yessss!) We’ll do an exciting song~ okay guitar~!!! ok Let’s Go On Vacation~~~~!!! (aw Seunggi bringing all his remaining energyㅠㅠㅠ he must’ve been so exhausted by this time. you’re the best Seunggi♡)

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  1. ohhh thank you!! I was dying to know what he was saying

  2. Dear Ann,
    Google “unlimited free VPN Hola”. It works for me to get access to dclsg.

    • I used it to watch NJttW eps last year, but I’ve read that the security for VPN Hola is horrible :(

      hoping DCLSG will be accessible in the near future!

  3. thank you for your english translation,
    i want to ask your permission, can i use your engtrans again for make engsub video?
    and also, mijoi0113 last week upload more longer video, if you are not busy, would you translate the first part of the video? sorry for bothering you.

  4. yes engsub please. thank you lsgfan, and airensubs, can’t wait

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