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[ENG] 12.26.2015 Lee Seunggi Guest Performance/Talk at Psy’s Concert, For 3rd Consecutive Year^^

Song 1 – Because You’re My Woman

♡ These close-up fancam videos via lsg 빛나다. Read English translation…

Talk 1

Talk after 1st song~ Seunggi:

Happy to see you, I’m Lee Seunggi. Psy hyung-nim’s concert and his 7th album and to all of you who love Psy~ thank you again. I am today’s December 26th part 2, last concert day visiting guest Lee Seunggi, happy to meet you.

Whoa this is 3rd consecutive year as concert guest at Psy sunbaenim’s concert, and I’ve taken on the very last day. I feel I will get the ‘Perfect Attendance Award’ which I wasn’t even able to get during my high school days. I wonder if there could be such a sweet dongseng  out there who participates continuously like this~ hahahahaha. Everyone~ you’re happy to see me too, right? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] I was waiting to come up here to sing, and after seeing all of you, I can feel your passionate excitement which has totally captured me.

Today, for the concert, I’m sure all of you came expecting a lot, but for 2 hours plus, I’m kind of worried about your stamina. So I hope during this short time, this stage will be able to refresh you. So this 2nd song is the last song… [Crowd: Nooooo!!!] You feel really disappointed, right? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] I feel super disappointed too but Psy hyung told me to only sing 2 songs. [Crowd: Nooooo!!!] Should I not do that? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Should I really not do that? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Since I can’t do it myself, for this final song, everyone create an atmosphere like ‘Lee Seunggi cannot leave with just singing 2 songs’~ are you ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Ok 2nd level up there, are you ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] Is everyone ready to get excited? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] LEt’s go!!!!

Song 2 – Let’s Go On Vacation

Talk 2

Talk after 2nd song~ Seunggi:

[Crowd: Encore Encore Encore~] Thank you! Whoa coming to another person’s concert and receiving an encore doesn’t seem appropriate~ [Crowd: hahahaha] In order to provide more energy to our sunbaenim, I will sing one more last song. [Crowd applauds!] Ok everyone~ I’m so happy to have seen all of you, and for this new year, wrapping up the end of the year well, and in the new year, I hope we all meet in a more healthy state. Ok is everyone ready? [Crowd: Yesssss!!!!] This last song may be a song that you all may not know as well, but it’s a song that you’ll be able to get pumped up and enjoy, so hope you will enjoy this together. Ok~ Slave!!

Song 3 – Slave

♡ Also like these full-stage concert-feel fancam videos below via 서은기!! Provides a different vibe. I think Seunggi has missed being on stage^^ Too bad he’s been busy and unable to do his year-end hope concerts the past 2 years. I think that’s why he did the multi-city concerts back at the end of 2013, sorta anticipating he’d be focusing on acting foremost for a while. I think Psy is really going to do what he said at his concert, and compose/write a song or two for Seunggi next year before he leaves for military service. Anticipation~

Because You’re My Woman

Talk + Let’s Go On Vacation + Talk

Slave (Encore)

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for Eng translation Ann! I really love to see how Seunggi interacts and being playful with audiences. He’s really a funny person~ I enjoy his live so much. Like you said, he seemed like he really missed being on a stage, his live singing is so passionate and full of energy! He looks so happy when he sings. Feel glad to see the great feedback from the audiences.

    Tbh I always forgot the fact that SeungGi is a singer first before an actor that I was so impressed at how good he is at singing lol. It feels like he’s an actor who just happened to be so good at singing when he’s actually already a singer to begin with. That’s how his actor image has grown on me and to many people. ^^

    The songs composed by Psy….totally gonna anticipate it ! I hope the song is great and succeeds like Return album. *praying circle for Hook to promote his album better*

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