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[ENG] Cosmopolitan Making Film and GIFs – Dec 2015 Cosmo Men ‘Lee Seunggi’s Brilliant Days’

Read English translation…

Making Film – Cosmopolitan Dec 2015, Lee Seunggi’s Brilliant Days
English: LSGfan, Video: Cosmopolitan Korea

Seunggi: Hello to all of you who love Cosmopolitan, happy to meet you. I am the December cover magazine… hehehe… owner Lee Seunggi.

I hope you have a good end of the year and that you receive many blessings in the new year, and are healthy and have only good things happen.  Please continue to show a lot of love for Cosmopolitan.

Seunggi himself even like, do I really have to say this line announcing how I’m the cover model^^ love ya Seunggi~ Happy new year to you too!  Hope you also receive many blessings, are healthy and have only good things happen to you too!  2016 totally anticipating!!!

Seunggi in this Gucci sweater was one of my faves, but was only featured in the spread with the jacket on. Glad they gave us these images via the making film!

Seunggi♡ someone has definitely been working out! I love guys in turtle neck sweaters in the winter!

We rarely get bashful Seunggi, so I love this!

Loved this look too. Seunggi just up close and personal~♡

Thank you DCLSG fan for these great Cosmo Men GIF covers, similar to what Cosmopolitan Korea gave us. I love how she photoshopped  ‘GoongHap’ on these! We will all be definitely anticipating Seunggi’s ‘SeoDoyoon’ in 2016!!!!!

Images: As labeled, DCLSG


2 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing those gifs ^^ I’m a fan of short hair Seung Gi, or at least when he parts his bangs. His small face needs less hair covering it imo. He’s totally rocking this bts, such an sweet eye candy <3

    Happy new year to you, Seung Gi and all Airens <3 anticipating 2016, hopefully it's Seung Gi's year of success :)

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