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12.26.2015 Full Guest Performance Cuts – Lee Seunggi at Psy’s Concert

(video: 승기사랑선희사랑) Like how this fancam, in the beginning, captures the audience and stage before the music starts playing and Seunggi walks out~♡

12.26.2015 Full Performance, Lee Seunggi at Psy’s Concert-
Because Youre My Woman, Talk, Lets Go On Vacation, Talk, Slave.

Seunggi is both uber sweetheart, yet very much a man! I knew him as an actor first, so that part of him has always been my bias… but when he sings ballads so yearningly and upbeat songs powerfully live… I’m like ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡!!!

(video: khee87han) crisp quality and camera angles feel like I’m there at the concert.


(video: parkgeumju) mostly close-up Seunggi~♡

3 Responses

  1. I love your fangirling, and I’m loving you for posting tonight all those stuff <3 hope you do it often. I enjoy reading your blog because you're not objective lol, it's a compliment btw ;)

    I also knew Seung Gi first as an actor, I had a huge list of bias back then, as I stanned K-actors and actresses. I was amazed some sing too (althought horribly). What made me an Airen is singer Seung Gi. One reason I stayed out of kpop was because it was noise to me, I'm young but I can't tolerate that "music". So for me, his smile casted the spell, it was sealed with his songs, especially his live. His personnality just made it impossible to unstan him, so here I am, stanning only Seung Gi.

    As a more singer LSG fan, I wish he promotes more, and I'm praying Psy takes his words to actions and drag LSG to a studio, even if just a single or two (or mini album :P )

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