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[ENGLISH] Cosmo Men Dec. 2015, Part 2 – Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi


Cosmopolitan Korea uploaded the rest of the interview two weeks ago, and also gave us this great GIF moving cover image~~♡ https://www.instagram.com/p/-gRs6qsbKy/

Part 2 – Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan via Cosmopolitan Korea

[Q]: Since both of you (Seunggi and Eunkyung) are actors who are adept with the comical, we’re anticipating your chemistry.

[Seunggi]: Although there is a slightly comical element, it is a fundamentally serious movie so we are conveying even the comical scenes a bit more minutely. I’m acting with restraint to get away from my previous comedic acting, and as Shim Eunkyung has her own individual comedic code, I feel there’s a great synergy.

[Q]: Apart from movies, you looked comfortable dishing out offensive jokes to the Hyungs on ‘New Journey to the West.’ It was kind of shocking since it was the complete opposite of your upstanding model image.

[Seunggi]: Actually that is how I really am. I was just being the way I’ve always been, but perhaps since I haven’t really participated in variety programs much following ‘1 Night 2 Days,’ this was viewed as refreshingly new.

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[Q]: Everyone seriously busted out laughing when you threw out nicknames ‘Sangamdong Betting Man’ for Lee Sugeun and ‘Yeoido Divorcee Man’ for Eun Jiwon.

[Seunggi]: Honestly, all guys joke around like that when they drink or get together. Since it’s more weird to cover up the slights that everyone knows and to pretend not knowing. I merely just said things as they were but I didn’t know there would be such an explosive response.

[Q]: Perhaps there was something comfortable about traveling with people you’re comfortable with. During ‘Noonas Over Flowers’ you mentioned wanting to travel a lot, have you been able to travel a lot?

[Seunggi]: Only short 3-4 days after wrapping up a project. Later on, I want to leave for Europe. I haven’t traveled to Europe for vacation yet.

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[Q]: Are you the type to thoroughly make plans before traveling?

[Seunggi]: I do make basic appropriate plans. But I only make dining plans. I decide where to eat lunch and dinner before traveling, but I don’t really make other travel plans.

[Q]: Seems like you like to eat. You ate really well on ‘New Journey to the West.’ I thought you would be the thoroughly moderation type.

[Seunggi]: Since I eat well, I diligently work out. I used to moderate a lot a while back, but at some point, it felt as if I was following and moving according to some notion conjured up by others. You’re supposed to take care of yourself so you can be more healthy and bright, but it felt like my brightness kept getting shaved away and that was stressful. I think it’s more important to capture the balance that’s right for my body.

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[Q]: I hear you cook well, having learned how to cook. What’s the most recent food you made?

[Seunggi]: I have a lot of interest but having learned a few times is all. I like to take expensive meals you eat at restaurants and make them at home, generously using good quality ingredients. Recently, I made roe pasta, buying really good quality roe and scraping in a lot of roe, making for half roe and half noodles.

[Q]: I think you’d be good at doing a variety program related to cooking or a food concept next time?

[Seunggi]: Actually, there was various plannings prior to filming ‘New Journey to the West.’ And eating street food fighter style abroad was also one of the ideas. Rather than thinking of it as work, variety genre is like a playground for me, where I can really comfortable laugh and joke around. It is most instinctive to me and matches well with me. Whereas acting and music are things that attract and draw me in and I feel I have to continually work hard at it.

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[Q]: Seems you can afford more spare time now, since you’ve endured a packed 11 years.

[Seunggi]: Seems I can afford a bit more spare time. There are days where I feel I can let go of things and rest and I don’t think so pressingly about things. This is something I came to realize more recently. Up to this point, I worked without getting tired, and didn’t have any slumps and all the programs I participated in did so well. However, no one can continuously maintain their best days. Even if you’re active without resting. But if you continue to take good care, seems like you go straight forward with those shining days coming again and again. Before when I did a project, I would even think ‘Will this be a success or will it fail?’ but now, I think it is up to the plans of heaven. However, the energy of really wanting to do it, and do it well, is of course necessary.

[Q]: Next year will be the last year of your 20s and you’ll be 30 soon. What should we anticipate of Lee Seunggi in his 30s?

[Seunggi]: I really feel like it’s now the era of the real Lee Seunggi. In my early and mid-20s, I really thought I had found myself but that wasn’t the case. When I reached my late 20s, my own masculinity and straightforward ways just came out naturally. I too am curious to see how I will really be from hereon. If there was no resistance to myself in ‘New Journey to the West’ then it will be even more fun to see how my self spreads out from hereon. I hope to show all of myself to my heart’s desire in my 30s.

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Seunggi~♡ love ya more and more every time.

Gotta admit, I’m excited to see Lee Seunggi as he enters his prime from hereon!


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the translations! :) There are some new questions that makes me know him better. His interview answers are interesting and full of sincerity, as always. Quite sad that the interview didn’t ask anything related to his future drama project. I thought we could get some hints. Still an interesting interview anyway. Hope he can travel to Europe as he wish, and maybe Na PD can make a variety-show out of it? Hehe. Seung Gi and Europe countries matches so well. I love see him dressing in warm clothes when he travels to Croatia in Noonas Over Flower. ;)

  2. Thank you for translating Ann (is it okay to call you by your name?), Seung Gi in NJttW was really a shock in a really good way~ I came to realize that as he’s getting older, he wants to separate his image from his other activities, especially acting. Before, he said he takes roles people would like for him, which is a character with a bit of real Seung Gi in it. He’s been begging directors to cast him for a chalenging role lol, I’ll wait patiently for the day he’ll play a pshyco or villain.

    Seung Gi will still be an upstanding well-mannered young man, but instead of holding in, he’s carefully and slowly changing for a more mature as he said masculine man. Our boy is growing up :) (and I’ll get a nose bleed from his hotness one day *0*)

    I think what he did in NJttW, being bold, cursing, calling his hyungs for their scandal helped the public acknowledging them again and learning to forgive them. After KHD’s scandal and his retirement then him going back, they did a mistake of making him an MC talking about his guests’ problems/controvarsies instead of making the public listen to his scandal. He (LSG) was able to adress their scandals (and even his military topic) because he still has his clean, honest image, instead of fooling the public they were like yeah, we’re not perfect, that’s why you love us.

    I’m writing an essay lol. My ideas are all over the place é_è

    Now for Goonghap! I’m super glad to know it’s not 100% comedy but more on the serious side. “I’m acting with restraint to get away from my previous comedic acting”, that’s a smart move. Althought not bold like going for a totally different type of character, but slowly paving his way to more diverse roles. I’ll get negged for this, but I think the movie will end in tragedy, perhaps So Deo Yoon dying? Hopefully, the script is good, the directing gives a pace to the movie, and the response to be good like its precedent from the serie.

  3. hey HopesDD and Sarah~ our Seunggi is such a gem isn’t he? sometimes I think he doesn’t have a celeb enough, selfish mindset and philosophy for this industry, but then I think it’s precisely his humble attitude and authenticity and sincerity, in addition to his talents, that garners respect from people.

    yeah it’s kinda a thing among actors that you want to be somewhat mysterious and not reveal too much of your true self, as this can get in the way of how people perceive you when acting a character. and Seunggi’s sorta the opposite. in a way, he’s most well known for who he is in real life. so i think staying away from variety and such for the most part was pretty purposeful and it actually worked. even with singing. it’s kinda interesting to see K-people primarily view him as an actor now, saying oh I forget he was also a singer and such. and well international fans seem to mainly know him as actor foremost.

    Love reading your comments. It’s interesting, through the years, I’ve found that most fans think similarly about Seunggi and his activities, for the most part. Makes Airens a unique and level-headed fandom, much like Seunggi^^

    Felt all sorts of things when I first read this interview and the first part too. I still get so annoyed thinking about Capt Hook (frustrated with how Hook hasn’t come through so many times!) but try not to think about it. Especially since she was really sick and seems to have recovered. hopefully she thinks differently about things now, and always remembers how much Seunggi has represented Hook so well and done for them through the years.

    I’m cautiously optimistic about Goonghap. yeah I think all Airens want more serious stuff, with some lighthearted stuff as well. I’m hoping they’ll have a lot of scenes with the 2 main leads, something Love Forecast was criticized for not doing during the latter part of the movie. Eunkyung has won me over already with the comments she’s made about the movie and filming with Seunggi, and it really seems like they had great good energy on set. As expected of a Seunggi project^^

    Curious to see how they’ll roll out promotions later on since it’s not scheduled to release until fall 2016.

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