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[ENGLISH] Cosmo Men Dec. 2015, Part 1 – Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi

[Cover] Lee Seunggi “As I got to know my own self, I gained a peace of mind”

Currently Most Brilliant/Radiant Young Man Lee Seunggi
English: LSGfan via Cosmopolitan Korea

[Q]: You’re wrapping things up as 2015’s final month December ‘Cosmo Men’ cover.  This year too, must have flown by for you?

[Seunggi]: As filming for movie ‘Goong Hap’ (Marital Harmony) began, there wasn’t a lot of spare time. Early on, I was fully filming 3-4 days a week.  I would come home after 2 weeks because the schedule was so tight, but now it’s a bit more relaxed then before.

[Q]: When you have spare time, what do you do?

[Seunggi]: I really don’t do anything.  On days I have off, I just stay home.  This time around while working on this project, watching noteworthy movies and dramas is all.  I get up in the morning and after watching a movie, I eat lunch and step out for a bit to work out and then return home and watch another movie.  And watch in the evening too.  It’s as if I’m pouring all of myself for the sake of acting these days.

Classic winter look perfected in black and khaki. 
Coat $1700, henley neck shirt $350, pants $800 all Ann Demeulemeester.  Shoes $700 Robert Clergerie.

[Q]: Which project helped you most with your currently filming ‘Goong Hap’?

[Seunggi]: I think I watched ‘Face Reader’ like ten times.  I watched it a lot thinking I would gain some sort of tips from Song Kangho sunbae’s acting, however, I’m not sure what I gained.  Since there’s such an acting gap.  Typically, I don’t watch movies I’ve already seen but this time, I watched it repeatedly.

[Q]: I thought you would do a drama this time since your most recent project was movie ‘Love Forecast,’ so it was kind of surprising that you chose to do a movie.

[Seunggi]: Although it was also the case that I didn’t meet a drama I really wanted to do, my heart for wanting to do movies had also grown.  Around the same time, I reviewed the script for ‘Goong Hap’ and because the components were well-configured and it was well-written without superfluousness, I didn’t want to miss out on it.

You can sense mischievousness yet also a sedate aura at the same time. 
Coat $500 Heich Es Heich at Koon With A View.  Pants $800 Ann Demeulemeester.  Shoes $700 Zadig & Voltaire.

[Q]: You play the role of a genius divination reader of marital harmony.  In order to research your character, you must have also visited a lot of divination readers.  Did they say your movie would be daebak (successful)?

[Seunggi]: I’ve never really considered fortune-telling or the like, but I did visit many of them due to this project.  I didn’t mention that I was currently filming a movie, but they said next year looks great for me.  Ha ha.

[Q]: How is your chemistry with actress Shim Eunkyung?

[Seunggi]:  When I first met her, she was very much the shy girl Shim Eunkyung I had thought.  Shim Eunkyung gives off a very different feel than the actresses I’ve previously worked with.  She doesn’t seem as if she’d have talent but she becomes a completely different person when she’s focused on acting.  When monitoring her scenes, she’s an amazing force.  She has a charm that makes you see her again and again.  She’s a wonderful actress.

His face perfectly matched with houndstooth check coat.
Coat $700 Jill Sander.  Shirt price unavailable.

Fashion Director:  Kim Eun Ji
Photographs:  Kim Yeong Jun
Feature Editor:  Jung Hwa In
Celebrity Model:  Lee Seunggi
Stylist:  Hong Won Ho
Hair & Makeup:  Lim Hye Kyung

I’m thinking the actual print-version of the Dec. 2015 Cosmo Men magazine (as opposed to the online photos with the interview) includes more photos.  Because Cosmopolitan Korea posted this photo on their fb:

Also, this clip of Seunggi’s cheer message for Korean College Exam-Takers seems like it was taken in the same area, so maybe this look will also be in the Cosmo Men spread.  Or perhaps it’s for something else altogether~^^

Can’t wait to check out the Dec 2015 issue of Cosmo Men with Seunggi^^


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  1. Dearest Ann,
    Thank you so much for the translation. As usual, great work! And cheers for our dear Seung Gi. Looks great, talks great, everything’s wonderful! hahaha

  2. Thanks for your amazing translation!! I appreciate it so much ^^ and as usual our guy always being thoughtful when he did interview. Love reading his interview. He is one inspiring celebrity. Can’t wait for the full interviews ! :D

  3. Thank you so much for the translation, I really appreciate it. It’s such a delight to see Seung Gi and it’s even more pleasuring to read his interviews, I like the way he thinks, pretty rare for a young popular superstar, ou Seung Gi is great <3

  4. Dear Ann … thanks a lot for the translation. can’t wait to see our dear SeungGi in his new movie ^^

  5. Did you realize that he really didn’t answer the question about his chemistry with Shim Eun Kyung? He only said what he thought about her LOL

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