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Budokan Japan concert teaser and previous photospread

LSG: I heard that not anyone can hold a concert at Budokan…  While even just officially debuting in Japan feels great, I’m really happy and anticipating the time we’ll spend together at this great venue…  (video: seunggitown)

More happy, smiling mood to balance out TK2H Ep 18 intense emotions and tears!!!  Concert promo BTS footage~~ Nice!!!  Still not a die-hard fan of Seunggi’s music…  (just more into pop-hip-hop music), but I LOVE his ballads and lovey-dovey pop songs.  And still love the first song in the video, ‘Like the First Time!’  You can never knock singers who actually got REAL vocal training and can really SING!  Can’t believe the Budokan Concert in Japan is set for June 1, only one week after The King 2 Hearts ends!  Crazy???!!!  Maybe he’ll do another set of stylish concert-related photos like these ones… I think these were from his previous concert magazine…

Woah… this fur coat over the black coat look is so PD Diddy!  I would love to see King Lee Jae Ha wearing this type of extravagant look on The King 2 Hearts~~~!!!!

Extra bonus photo… Acckkk!!!  How come this concept is used only for Japan stuffs?!

More sweetness to withstand The King 2 Hearts intensity and emotions and tears…

Images: DCLSG, As labeled

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