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Lee Seunggi Zipel fan signing in Gwang-ju [2012.01.26]

Jan. 26, 2012. Thursday, 2pm.  Zipel fan signing.  Samsung Digital Plaza, Gwang-ju.  100 fans who braved the cold scored tickets.  But looks like others (a lot of them!) got to hang out and watch.  Very cool!  10  Zipel blinged-out fridges signed by Seunggi available for purchase.  Giveaway of 50 signed 5th album “Tonight” CDs.  Heard there were lots of elementary, middle schoolers than what you’d usually expect… for a Zipel fridge fan signing!  Ha.  As usual, I can’t help but to love screaming fancams!  Plus, Seunggi talks about his drama!  YES!!!  King King King~~~!!!  (Videos: Allure151)

[Fancam1] LSG walks in to screaming awaiting fans!  Loves it!

[Fancam2] Starts event by signing 10 special blinged out fridges.  The fridges will be available for purchase. Omg, but then he almost trips while walking over to sign the other fridges! All I could think was deja-vu to Lee Minho on the red carpet!  Whew! So glad he didn’t fall!  So the MC keeps telling the elementary/middle schoolers to be careful and to get down from on top of the fridges in the back!

[Fancam3] Screaming fangirl atmosphere in the back.  While LSG signs the fridges, the younger fangirls/fanboys were like totally spazzing out!  Woah, constant screeching.  I can’t help but to love it!  I’m sure Seunggi did too!  Ha. Omg, poor security and event organizers.  Fan accounts said that this fan signing had way more schoolgirls than usual! Seunggi seriously has fans of ALL ages, both girls and guys!

[Fancam4] Fan signing starts.  Aw, Seunggi so sweet and smiling.  With all the gazillion fan signings he does, must be so exhausting sitting, signing messages, talking to each fan!  And hand soreness!  Aw, but who doesn’t love being around the people who love and support you!  I love being around people who love me!!

[Fancam5] Crowd view from the back. So I guess these fans didn’t get in line early in the morning to get one of the 100 tickets for the fan signing?  But they get to watch!  Awesome.  Love the squeals and oohing and ahhing!  Fanboys rule!

[Fancam6] LSG says goodbye and mentions his drama!  Read what he said below…

Thank you. First off… Can everyone in the back please be careful. Please be careful. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Gwang-ju, so thank you for many people coming here. Did you enjoy seeing me? (Yes!) Thank you. First, I was very worried, but it’s a good thing no one got hurt. Happy new year and I hope I get to meet you again. I will be starting a drama soon. (Yay!) Please show a lot of support, and I will show a good image to you. Happy new year.  (English: LSGfan)

[Fancam7] LSG leaves to the screams of fans..

[Fancam8] More awesome fan screams! Ha. Loves it!

Fan photos…

New hairstyle + sweater-suit look.  Shorter haircut.  Going for helmet look?  Maybe it’s related to his king role in the drama.  But it’s a modern day monarchy… can we please have a king that’s got stylish, longer front-bang wisps and messy hot hair?!  I know Seunggi will probably have to play older, but can we please avoid ill-fitted, boring ajusshi suits?  He’s THE king!  He deserves hot-off-the-runway Armani suits!

It’s a nice preppy, casual winter look.  But for a less ajusshi look~~ lose the white button down collar shirt.  Wear only the v-neck sweater underneath so it extends the neckline and shows the collar bones.  Put Seunggi in a freaking tailored suit from head to toe!  What don’t you get about that Cody!!!!  Fine, I get he has to sign for an hour, so the classic fit of the jacket is fine.  But would it be a crime to see Seunggi in fitted, tailored slacks?! (not as noticeable below, but an eyesore in other photos!)

But I’m feeling confident we’ll see a stylish king, no matter what the style, since Seunggi will be outfitted by drama “King” stylists and not his usual, dreadful Cody!  Thank God!  Hm, how do I feel about this new short haircut…? Not sure.  But, more than that… why does being  Seunggi fan have to involve such heart-wrenching fashion and hairstyle trauma for fans?!  It’s not fair, Hook!  Sure, lots of K-stars have anti-like stylists, but Seunggi’s Cody is by far the worst, and on a regular basis!  LESS cute “nation’s younger brother” and MORE hot, charismatic ACTOR Seunggi… please!!!

Atmosphere, Crowds, Cameras.

Signing 10 blinged-out fridges.

Signing for fans.

Just love this photo~~~!!! Aw the girls are so cute.  Seunggi really is a special star!

OMG, the fan’s stare… hehehe.

but OMG, she gets rewarded with this 2-shot, hand holding photo with Seunggi! Niiice!

Middle schooler fangirl!  Their crazy fangirl reactions are always the best!

Happy to see this manager by Seunggi’s side all the time.  He seems to take his job of protecting Seunggi very seriously!  Just noticed the manager is wearing a wedding ring.  Glad Seunggi has this hyung by his side…

Via Yonhap,  Images: DCLSG

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2 Responses

  1. Lmao. Hearing all the oppas was so cute!! And I loved how when he tripped he just kept going and shrugged it off :) Also, you can tell he sincerely appreciates all his fans and takes time to talk to all the people he’s signing for. *envious sigh* I wanna meet him so dang bad >.< And I wish he had talked more about the upcoming drama!! I definitely echo your sentiments about how he ought to be dressed like a KING in this drama!! Lol. Thanks for all of your hard work sharing this with all of his fans!! :)

    • They better dress him like how a king should look in a modern day monarchy!!!! meaning high fashion style! and solid tight fits please!!!!! i’m worried about the hair though… his hair gave me all sorts of trauma mid-way through my girlfriend is a gumiho! i can’t go through that stress again~~~~~~~~~~~ !!! :)

      KING KING KING~~~~!!!

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