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Seunggi reunites with Park Shin Hye for “Time for Love” in dramatic Japanese MV teaser!

OMG OMG!!!!  I knew MV was going to be good with Shinhye in it, but the teaser is seriously awesome!  Love the concept and  totally Kdrama feel!  Omg, I cannnot wait until full Japanese MV is released!  Seunggi-Shinhye Will you Marry Me from 2009 SBS Gayo Daejun is still one of my faves!  But this may become my fave Seunggi MV.

(video: UniversalMusicJapan)

I like Hyojoo’s narration, but I’m glad he went with someone else for the Japanese MV, just so it’s distinct from Brilliant Legacy.  Omg, so Time for Love was first Seunggi and Hyojoo, then Seunggi and Yoona, and now a full blown out dramatic MV with Shinhye!  Totally anticipating the full Japanese MV!!!!  Great acting… lovely and sad…

And yay Seunggi arrived safely back in Seoul after his great Japanese showcase!

Best to Seunggi, Jiwon and cast as they start filming KING today/tomorrow~~!!!

Okay now it’s time to totally focus and be full out in drama mode.  Must’ve been really tight scheduling to make sure all the Japan preparation and activities were wrapped up in prior to drama filming begins!

Aw, Seunggi, you’ve already worked so hard.  As much as I’ll miss not watching 1N2D anymore, I’m so glad he can concentrate on this drama this time, without the every other Friday-Saturdays weekend thing… especially with all the no-nonsense sunbae actors involved in King!  KING KING KING~~~!!  Fighting!!!!!

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10 Responses

  1. Yeeeeyyy fighting Seung Gi,,, rest assured that im still goin to have a weekly dose of Seung Gi after 1n2d ends its season 1. ^___^

  2. Already in love with the MV!!! Like a short drama!
    But my heart breaks every time I see Seung Gi oppa’s sad face with his teary eyes…
    Oppa FIGHTING!!!

  3. How much do we all LOOOOOVE this teaser! Everyone make sure to show your love for Seunggi (and Shinhye) and share the YT UniversalMusicJapan Teaser video and of course re-watch again and again! CAN NOT WAIT FOR FULL MV!

    • you have to refresh/reload the page/browser to count the views…

      • Good point! Usually I don’t care about pumping up view counts which i know is a big deal with other kstar fans… but Seunggi wrote this and he’s a trained vocalist and he’s releasing it in Japan for the first time where there are like NOT many kpop male soloists in the world of gazillion member idol groups… so let’s show a lot of love for the teaser! :)

  4. Waaaahhhhh. Oppa can we date? FIGHTING!!

  5. Yes, the MV was of high quality as usual and totally like a short K drama!!! This made it even more anticipating!!! Just can’t wait to see the full version!

    Honestly I was so jealous of the japanese fans cuz they get to see seung-gi. Having said that I still wish seung-gi a successful 1st single in japanese. And all the best with KING! Fighting!

  6. heaven!i love it soooooooooo much.please a drama with shinhye

  7. Gosh, super MV teaser! The photography is so lush. And Seung Gi looks so cute, and…young! How dramatic a change we will see when he transforms into a see-it-all-and-not-a-care prince/king!

    Park SH looks so nice too, much better than in the few still shots from the MV making. Is that a true mark of a good actor? Only when they are in role, in play, totally 3-D that their charms are in full display?

    Credits to the writer who connected the two songs in this way. It looks straightforward in hindsight but I confess I did not see it coming. A bittersweet feel to leave the door open for all those standing in line eager to take Ms. Park’s place!

  8. i wish it was JUNG HONG HWA….. … i wish they do HEARTSTRINGS 2…. n ohhh nice mucis video….. still wish it was jung hong hwa…… the guy who was singing was in shining inheritances right…… cool!! n for those who never saw heartstrings plz watch it n rate it a high score, it deserves it.,…..

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