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Rumors of Kang Ho Dong leaving 1 Night 2 Days? Nation’s MC would not depart like this without a really good reason!

This is completely absurd! That is, the way the various Korean press outlets (many notorious for being more National Enquirer rather than BBC!) are reporting on rumors that Nation’s MC Kang Hodong (41) plans to leave nation’s top variety program 1 Night 2 Days! I will wait to see an official statement from Hodong, and his reasoning behind this true or untrue rumor. I mean, the guy is not an idiot. In fact, he is probably one of the smartest guys in show business. He’s a complete pro and one of the most hard-working guys in K-entertainment. He’s not going to make some rash decision without having good reason or having thought deeply about the consequences. That is, unless he’s totally lost his mind, and I highly doubt that’s the case!

Just like all that public uproar when Seunggi was rumored to be leaving 1N2D earlier this year and then clarified that he planned to stay, Hodong absolutely knows what beloved 1N2D means to Korean viewers. And that while the public would be up in arms at first about the possibility of him leaving, like begging that he remain, eventually, there’s always imminent backlash. And people will question how dare he leave 1N2D abruptly and without an acceptable reason! And particularly considering he is the main MC of the show.  Also, being a variety MC is his main career! (Unlike Seunggi who is also a singer and actor, and only 24 years old).

Aside from being a smart, strategic, professional guy, I have to believe that he would not leave his beloved 1N2D brother members out on a limb like this, all of a sudden. Again, without some really good reason or plan! He for sure knows that Seunggi and his management were seriously considering taking a break from 1N2D earlier this year so he could pursue his acting and singing and Japan activities, but that he decided to stay out of loyalty to the show and the viewers. Knowing that, I cannot imagine Hodong even entertaining the idea of leaving 1N2D without good reason.

The only thing that would make sense to me at this point is that this is really more about contract negotiations between him and KBS. We know that both him and MC Yoo Jae Suk got totally screwed by their previous management company (same one) and were basically working their asses off to bring laughter to Korean viewers while getting paid nothing for their shows. And that Hodong recently set up his own management company with his childhood school friend.

Is he playing hardball because KBS, notorious for not being the most financially giving, is also playing hardball. Did he have to threaten to leave the show in order for KBS to pay attention and pay him? Did he mean to keep it in house and somehow this got leaked out to the press? This makes me wonder whether the other members, and our beloved hard-working Seunggi, is getting paid properly for working tirelessly filming every other weekend for 1n2D!

Newspaper outlets reported that Hodong plans to only film until the end of the month, that he doesn’t even have an official contract with the show, that he hasn’t been getting paid for a while, that he wants to leave the show while it’s on top… and on and on. Reports of him saying he wants to leave the show while its on top is the craziest thing of all to me! Completely selfish and not like Hodong at all!  And some even reporting that Na PD is on this too and that he plans to leave too?  Really, are we supposed to easily believe that these 2 core 1N2D people are just simply going to leave the show?!  Without some good explanation and time?

Some Korean press outlets are so desperate, and basically piece together a story or report based on disparate facts that are loosely related.  Like because Na PD did an interview a few weeks ago indicating that he had received offers to do other shows aside from 1N2D, that this is supposed to somehow now mean that he’s planning on simply, all of a sudden, leaving 1N2D with Hodong?!  It’s like during Seunggi’s 1n2d departure rumoring, press reported that Seunggi was going to be leaving 1N2D and Strong Heart to do a new variety show with Cha Seung Won!  Hahahaha.

Chosun Ilbo reported that on August 10, they spoke to a person associated with KBS who stated that Hodong told 1N2D members and staff  that he planned to leave, but that details nor reasons were not revealed.  Per the KBS person via the newspaper:  “From what I understand and know, about a week ago, Kang Hodong told the 1N2D members and the production team that he planned to leave the program. The production directors asked Kang Hodong why he wanted to leave the program when the program is still going along well and that it made no sense. They strongly dissuaded him and whether he is leaving the show or not has not been finalized yet.”

However, the Dispatch is reporting that on the same day, August 10, they spoke to Na PD by phone and he stated, “This is the first time I heard talk about Kang Hodong leaving 1N2D and that him leaving is not true.  There has never been any concern about Kang Hodong leaving the show.  I have no idea where this came from.”

Like what happened with Seunggi earlier this year, with all the crazy swirling rumors and false reports about his potential departure from 1N2D, and how we could only really ascertain the truth (well, that is the extent to which Hook Entertainment’s press release could be as forthcoming about all the behind-the-story details!)…  I’ll just be waiting to hear an official statement from Hodong himself, the most reliable source!  And I’m holding out that it’s going to be relieving good news!

But I am sort of really curious as to what Seunggi is thinking right now…

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11 Responses

  1. “Reports of him saying he wants to leave the show while its on top is the craziest thing of all to me!”

    I don’t get why a lot of people are saying these things when they decide to disband or quit a show. I mean, really, how do would you like us to feel about that? Relieved that you stopped at something while it is still doing great and would probably flunk out after you leave the show? I hope Ho-dong does not pull a Hook PR on us and respond only after 1N2D fans have gathered enough armor to stalk him and dissuade him themselves.

    Petitions are starting, but really, what if the man’s heart isn’t in it anymore? Crappy KBS better give him a contract if they haven’t already. Ho-dong and his brothers bring in the most laughs and 1N2D has reached the peak because of these people. It’s not enough to just present them awards, no matter how romantic that sounds. KBS, please be realistic and treat your talents better.

    And much as I love Seung-gi, 1N2D without Ho-dong will never be the same for me. This is like going through all that MC Mong and Kim C business, only much more felt.

  2. There is no 1N2D without Hodong. The show’s unofficial name is “Kang Ho Dong’s 1 Night 2 Days.” Again, that is, unless he has a really good reason to leave.

    Meaning, he should be allowed to leave if he wants. he’s worked hard enough and it’s probably super tiring on a 41-yr old body. But seriously, am I the ONLY ONE that thinks that Hodong, even if his heart isn’t in it anymore or wants to leave, he just wouldn’t do it like this because he’s just too much of a pro to do it like this.

    A lot of what the reporters are writing, or moreso the WAY they are doing so and the tone is total sh*t! (if you can even call some of them reporters or the field real journalism these days!)

    • Of course he won’t do it for kicks. The only thing I can think of right now is that KBS won’t give him the credit he deserves. I seem to recall Mong not having a contract back then when he was still in 1N2D. I mean, why would he quit 1N2D if not that? Why not his other variety shows, right? This is so frustrating. I’m reigning emotions in until he speaks.

      • Me too. I was like not going to get emotional. Hook’s already got me at full capacity, esp more recently, in that area! :)

        I think if anyone has followed Hodong’s shows and seen how he’s conducted himself, the way they’re rumoring this stuff with no context whatsoever comes off pretty ridiculous! I’m pretty sure they’ll be an official statement soon…

  3. Hey, Ann, what does this mean: 강호동 하차설, 추가 이탈 없나

  4. 1n2d can’t end like this! Hodong ajusshi! You have to stay!

  5. From allkpop…

    On August 11th, KBS’s ‘1 Night 2 Days‘ made an official announcement on MC Kang Ho Dong’s stance on leaving the show.

    Through a press release, KBS stated, “Nothing has been decided as of yet.”

    Rumors of his exit have been circulating all week long, especially once media outlets began reporting that he would be leaving the show within a month; others claimed that he would be heading to SBS. Fortunately, all of these speculations remain unconfirmed.

    KBS’s official press release reads:

    “This is the official announcement from KBS’s variety team.

    It is true that Kang Ho Dong-ssi expressed a desire to leave ‘1 Night 2 Days’. However, nothing has been decided as of yet.

    ‘1 Night 2 Days’ is a representative variety program of this nation. Kang Ho Dong-ssi still has deep affections for the program, and we fully believe that he will make a realistic decision for not only ‘1 Night 2 Days’, but for all of the citizens who love ‘1 Night 2 Days’ as well.”

    Stay tuned to allkpop for updates.

    Source + Photos: Asia Today via Nate


  6. what a disaster…
    would this mean indirect end of the show..before a rumour that Seung-ki will leave now, Ho Dong!! there must be really something happening with the show…an internal problem maybe….hope i ssooooo wrong!!

    but i do have this feeling that He will stay..

  7. please ho dong-hyung …..don’t leave..what will happen to your die hard fan…if u want to leave ..leave together..if want to stay..stay together(one for all and all for one). who will carried jiwon when his tired.(.who will comfort baby bear if there is no papa bear).. when seunggi deeply sad there is no shoulder to cry ..who will burst to laugh when sugeun tell comical joke ..who will lead a way when joo ming lost..what will happen to teawon when his idol aren’t beside him.honestly if you fell leaving 2d1n is the best at this moment..i’ll pray good luck for you and the best for new environment and commitment.

  8. thanks to KBS made a right decision .for once and for all…ended 2d1n at a right time and at a right moment(.any way don’t get me wrong i really shock till drop when i heard this news)better for the actors and for fan all over the world because they left together ,stand together there is no one left behind.but i feel sad for teawon 1st time join reality show suddenly it end up in no time.i have been 2d1n fan about 4yrs(from 1st day lee seunggi)…GOOD LUCK AND BE THE BEST AMONG THE BEST.your fan from MALAYSIA

  9. hodonggggggg hyung dont leave !!!! im gonna miss your shrill sound!!!!

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