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Hook Entertainment’s official press release on rumors about Seunggi’s departure from 1N2D [2011.02.11]

Warning, long post! Ok, before the full press release, how things got this crazy!  And yes, images (new Zipel CF) are totally unrelated; just wanted to post them, that’s all!

Although there’s been some underground talk for a while as to whether Seunggi could continue with all his many variety, singing, and acting activities (that is, without fainting out of exhaustion!), the drama officially began on February 1, 2011 when an article reporting Top-secret plans (rumors) on Seunggi’s Japan advancement came out.  And of course, Hook Entertainment (Seunggi’s agency) did what they usually do best (you know, ineffective and whatever-ish public relations):

In response to Newsen’s inquiry about this matter, a representative with Seunggi’s management company, Hook Entertainment, stated “Nothing has been finalized yet about his advancement in Japan and news already surfacing about this is premature.” The representative added “We have not seen the article yet. After checking the article, we will contact you.”

Source:  LSGfan via Newsen

Captain Hook was busy getting ready to depart to New York City with her clients, Seunggi, Lee Sun Hee, and Lee Seo Jin for the Carnegie Hall concert.  Fine, that’s understandable.  But um, I guess she thought that since they were all the way on the other side of the world, the notoriously persistent Korean press would somehow forget about the matter and leave them alone?!

Then a week later, it took one crazy article for all crazy sh*t to break out~ StarNews is reporting that Seunggi will be leaving both shows, 1 Night 2 Days and Strong Heart.  This one article spawned a gazillion other articles, many half-truths and stuff made up.  So what was Hook’s response (and 1N2D and Strong Heart producers)?  Anyone with a brain could read in between the lines that things were not settled…

Hook Entertainment spoke briefly with Sports Chosun and said “There are no plans to leave and this is groundless” adding “We have no idea what sparked such news and we are in the process of checking this out.”

“1 Night 2 Days” indicated the same.  PD Lee Dong Hee of Happy Sunday said “Lee Seung Gi leaving is groundless.”  Regarding the reported news that his departure was decided in January, PD Lee also said “There has never been any official, formal exchange between Lee Seung Gi’s management company and the production team about him leaving.”

Regarding departure from “Strong Heart,” SBS variety director Jang Kwang Ho stated, “It is true that we did exchange some words back and forth about this, but I never heard about a March departure date.”

Source: LSGfan via SportsChosun

Fortunately, Seunggi was still in NYC hanging out with sunbae Lee Seo Jin and taking some much needed vacay time.  But he returned back to Seoul soon after.  And you think okay Hook, any good agency knows that when rumors are being tossed around like crazy and a beloved uhm-chin-ah entertainer is getting what could be considered probably bad press for like the first time in his public life, you need to address this ASAP, right?!  So what does Captain Hook do?

She basically lets the press run amok and have things reach fever-pitch for over a week, and only puts out an official press release a week later on Feb. 15.  Hook’s official statement sent out to the press is LONG and often times when you have a lot of explaining to do, that doesn’t bode too well for you.

Also, the rumors were about Seunggi’s departure from both 1 Night 2 Days and Strong Heart.  So what does Hook do?  They only address the status of 1 Night 2 Days and ignore Strong Heart.  So how is that supposed to make Strong Heart people feel?  Are they chopped liver?!  Now, this leaves the press persistently following the Strong Heart status in addition to the continuing 1N2D saga!

Captain Hook, your job above all things is to protect your entertainer client Seunggi!  As Seunggi has said in all his interviews,  Captain Hook, you are the one who made the final decisions on all his variety, drama, singing, and CF projects.  And he is forever indebted to you for that and so are fans (despite really despising you at times!)  And much of your guidance has helped Seunggi to be successful.  But most important is what you do when things really count!  This is probably the worst public relations fiasco Seunggi has had to face and for once Captain Hook should take full responsibility for this, instead of pushing Seunggi forward to apologize and make amends on behalf of the idiotic public relations inabilities of his agency!

But here we are again. Hook’s official statement of course had to include quoted statements from Seunggi (who if we know anything about Hook) had nothing to do with any of this, since like a typical younger Korean entertainer, he barely gets to make any of his own decisions.  So I’d like to see the Korean press write about the idiotic Hook Entertainment agency rather than question the motives of Seunggi who basically has to do whatever crazy Captain Hook tells him to do!

Allkpop’s translation of Hook’s statement didn’t include the FULL press release, particularly the quoted statements from Seunggi himself.  And while the beginning part was accurate, the latter part of their translated statement relied on some hodgepodge of sources and was partially inaccurate.  Not sure why they didn’t just go with the official statement alone.

And today, Soompi’s summary has some of Seunggi’s quoted parts but not all of it.  The entire context is important!  Unless I’m missing something, I don’t get why people don’t just directly translate from the original source statement.  Anyway here it is.  The first part is from Allkpop, and the latter part from LSGfan.

Official Press Release Statement, February 15, 2011

This is Lee Seung Gi’s agency, Hook Entertainment.

Our agency would like to make an official statement regarding the rumors surrounding Lee Seung Gi dropping out of KBS’s weekend variety show, ‘1 Night 2 Days’.

Lee Seung Gi first joined the cast on November of 2007, and for three years and four months, has done his absolute best for the program he loves. Even at the height of his fame (where he earned the nickname ‘70% viewer ratings’ through his drama, “Shining Inheritance“), Lee Seung Gi continued making impressive improvements as the maknae of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and is now being much loved as one of the best entertainers thanks to his talents in a variety of areas.

Despite having to stay up all night for his two drama filmings, he made sure that his performance did not get in the way for both ‘1 Night 2 Days’ and ‘Strong Heart.’ As he is a singer, a drama actor, and a variety star, there were times when schedules inevitably overlapped, and (we admit) when his stamina and condition wasn’t up for the task.

Others may say that it was out of his own greed that such a situation occurred, but since all three were areas that he worked especially hard in ever since his debut, he did not want to treat any one less important than the other. He knew that it was his work ethic which allowed him to earn the public’s love, and that is what made him work that much harder.

Our agency no longer wanted Lee Seung Gi to handle such a strict and excessive schedule and so we went into discussions with the producers of ‘1 Night 2 Days’ over his future activities, as well as his schedule. All of us came together for his growth and future, and with the understanding that it was now time for him to embark on a new challenge.

During these discussions, Kim C and MC Mong left the program, which led to another difficult time for the castmates and the producers. The five members came together to overcome the hardships and ensure that the program maintained its position as the #1 variety show.

Once the program regained its footing and another member was added, we intended to pick up plans for Lee Seung Gi’s departure. Unfortunately, reports were made that Lee Seung Gi would be leaving the program immediately; that is not the truth.

Source: Allkpop via Star News #1, #2, #3 via Nate, E Daily via Daum

Through this incident, our agency and the 1N2D producers had the opportunity to talk more in depth with Lee Seung Gi, and we were able to learn Lee Seung Gi’s deep feelings for the 1N2D program.

Lee Seung Gi’s personal thoughts on 1 Night 2 Days were~

“After participation on the program 1 Night 2 Days was first finalized, I went to the first filming after being  unable to sleep the night before due to excitement and nervousness about getting to travel overnight, something I had been unable to do after becoming an entertainer.

You probably won’t believe this, but when this was all novel and even now, I still have the same feelings when the filming day for 1 Night 2 Days arrives.  Although inevitable schedule adjustments will be necessary and my personal stamina will be challenged once a new drama is finalized and singing and Japan activities begin; for me, 1N2D is not simply just a popular program with high tv ratings nor a program that has allowed me to be who I am today, but through 1N2D, I was able to meet six precious hyungs (older brothers), and I believe the warm words and love shown to me by the many individuals I met while traveling have been a source of strength in withstanding entertainer Lee Seung Gi up to this point.

Therefore, until the time comes when I can no longer participate in broadcasts due to military service, I would like to share good travels and have happy broadcasts with the 1 Night 2 Days hyungs, the hard-working staff, and the viewers.”

For 2011, our agency was making preparations in selecting Lee Seung Gi’s next drama project, activities as a singer that had been pushed back, and plans for activities in Japan; however, following various distorted rumors reported in the press regarding departure for a Japan debut, departure notice, departure confirmation, and many other things, we were unable to immediately share our agency’s stance because we were worried about incorrectly relaying Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts, in light of the public concern and pressure over the rumors and potential articles questioning whether Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts were truly unknown during discussions with producers.  Again, as an agency, we would like to deeply apologize for this.

However, we felt it would be more appropriate to relay Lee Seung Gi’s thoughts on the matter rather than overly worry about how things will turn out, in following Lee Seung Gi’s motto of “I will share my true feelings rather than using my head.”

Thus, our agency respects the wishes of entertainer and formerly young adult Lee Seung Gi and fully agree with Lee Seung Gi’s stance and thoughts regarding 1 Night 2 Days.

We learned once again that it is not a smart agency nor awesome activity plans that make for a top entertainer, but it is when the entertainer himself is able to do to the work that he truly wants to do.

As an agency, we sincerely bow our heads and apologize in advance for not properly taking into account our entertainer’s personal thoughts on the matter and bringing about anxiety and worry among many people.

From now on, our agency will be even more careful and work harder in considering the growth, development, and future of entertainer Lee Seung Gi.  Lee Seung Gi will continue to give his unwavering best and sincerely work hard as the youngest member of 1 Night 2 Days and repay the love shown by all you viewers.

Also, as Lee Seung Gi’s agency, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the producers and viewers who supported and believed in the 1 Night 2 Days members and maknae Lee Seung Gi until the end.

Source: LSGfan via SPN/Edaily

There’s been speculation among fans (and press reports) that there was some sort of conflict between the 1N2D side and Seunggi’s side regarding his departure.  And depending on what you believe, that there may have been some unexpected last minute change in plans.  In addition to the below article, PD Na is quoted in other articles saying that there is no problem between 1N2D and Seunggi’s side, that the rumors snowballed into something much bigger, that it appears that there was somewhat of a misunderstanding but that it was easily resolved (Newsen/Nate).

Reaction from PD Na (from 1 Night 2 Days)…

PD Na Young Suk spoke to KukiNews by phone and said “Doing 1 Night 2 Days while filming Brilliant Legacy and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho was not easy.  Seeing him exhausted in mind and body was hard to take.  I thought letting this friend make a splash into the larger world if he wanted was the right thing to do” adding afterward, “nevertheless, I am really thankful and also sorry to Lee Seung Gi who made this difficult decision.”

He continued, “He likes filming 1 Night 2 Days.  He must have wanted to focus on drama filming and Japan advancement, but he said he wanted to remain loyal.  I’m always thankful because he is such a mature friend.”

Regarding public opinion about Lee Seung Gi’s departure, he explained “The producers felt really bad upon seeing the outcry over the rumors.  Neither Lee Seung Gi nor our side ever intended for this to happen.”

He added, “Just like how Kim C left 1 Night 2 Days to pursue his music, I believe it’s possible that Lee Seung Gi and the others including Kang Ho Dong, Eun Ji Won, and other 1N2D members could follow their own paths.  Following this aftermath, I was upset to see things publicized as a conflict between Lee Seung Gi and the producers.  In particular, I was most hurt at reading ‘Lee Seung Gi betrayed 1 Night 2 Days.”

Source: LSGfan via Kukinews

Um, am I the the only one a little miffed by some of PD Na’s statements?

While most Seunggi fans appeared to be elated after reading Hook’s official statement, I felt really super sad.  Mainly because of what Seunggi stated.

Really, was it necessary for him to commit to doing 1N2D until he enlists in the army? Like, what would make him commit to such a BIG thing?  Like couldn’t he have just said that he would continue to work hard and do his best?  Like, what made him bring up military enlistment (a sort of taboo topic among entertainers) under these recent crazy circumstances?  I was thinking, did Seunggi feel that bad towards the fans and the public about all of this that he felt he had to commit himself to the show for all his remaining free and vital years before 2-year military service?

Like, deep inside, doesn’t Seunggi want to hone/sharpen his acting craft, something he plans to continue for the rest of his life and mature in over time?  And didn’t he say that he wanted to be more actively practicing and promoting as a singer, something he felt the least skilled in, despite debuting as a singer?  Like, does Seunggi really want to physically drain his healthy body on a regular basis every other weekend for grueling overnight trips for another year or two?

Again, obviously Seunggi himself loves 1N2D and has great affection for the show, members, and viewers, as do many fans.  So I don’t doubt anything Seunggi said in his statements.  But again, sometimes we have to leave things we love so that we can grow and be challenged.  If it comes out that Seunggi was in any way “forced” to commit long-term to 1N2D, LSGfan is going to be incredibly mad!  I mean, obviously there was some public pressure (mainly out of love) for him to remain, but if there’s more to this and there are people standing in the way of Seunggi trying to make the most of his life before military service, I’m going to be super mad!

Okay people, although 1N2D is somewhat settled.  There’s still Strong Heart status left, which was looking from the start like the first thing that would go if something had to be let go.  And as to the crazy press report about Seunggi working with the Hong Sisters again for an upcoming June-July drama on MBC, helmed by the PD of hit drama Queen Seonduk~ I’m with the majority of the DClsg fans on this…

Hook better not let this happen!  I’ll save my comments for now, but simply, I don’t want to see Seunggi acting in another Hong Sisters drama whose scripts feature female leads as the heroine/star while the male lead plays second fiddle.  As a girl, I love that kind of empowerment.  As a Seunggi fan, not interested.  Nope.  As much as I loved My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, Seunggi doesn’t need to do that kind of thing again.

Anyway, I’m for sure things will all work out in the end.  This is Seunggi we’re talking about, right?!  Also, if people (reporters, netizens, and even fans) really think about it, they know that Seunggi can’t be blamed for any of this craziness.  Now Hook, that’s another thing.  Come on Captain Hook, let’s do better okay?! :)

(Images: DClsg)

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20 Responses

  1. Ann, thank you for the long and thorough summary. I think this will definitely help shed some light on the crazy situation for many fans.

  2. Hook really need professional help. I cannot understand that they let their treasure hang out there without a shield.

  3. The only thing that I am glad to see in Hook’s statement is their apology for mishandling the situation. I give them some credit for doing that.

    I am 100% in agreement with you regarding the Hong sisters drama.

  4. I was so sad when all this started to happen. I just want to support Seunggi. Whatever he wants to do is okay with me! Me too. I think everythings going to be okay. Fighting Seunggi!

  5. I know PD Na loves Seunggi but I think fans have right to be mad at him. If he was so hurt by seeing lying article saying SG betrayed 1n2d, why didn’t he say something? he couldve supported SG without sayin anything else. And if some of the rumors I heard are true, it makes me question the loyalty of 1N2D producers. I hope they’re not true.

  6. I have been following this with utterly amazement it all boils down to LSG marketing people not have a blueprint for his career advancement. In any business /career venture it is an essential criteria.
    LSG being who he really is as someone who wants to give his best shot in anything he does,It can work to his disadvantage at times. more so in this particular case. He is so popular and good that he has become the icon for the 2 shows. The downside is he has made himself indispensable.This drama thus begin as soon as he needs to consider his departure which is is inevitable one day. Only it came now. The PR dept is needs to take the blunt of the cause for failing to stop and soften it when needed instead of waiting for the rumour to ride it out which in this case, this option did not work.

    My thought on this: Since it is now in the open, LSG should embrace it with courage and more determination and, follow through with his departures as scheduled for the sake of his future advancement.To turn this negatives into positive for him instead.It may just turn out well in the end.

    • Just like to share a wise quote: “when there is hello there is always goodbyes”. How true because nothing is static . Be it good or bad…They are always revolving…. Same with LSG as well.This is just a crossroad in his future encounter and career plans.

  7. i don’t like your reasoning at all.

    if Seunggi doesn’t want to leave 1N2D, then there’s no reason to be upset over anything. the guy himself doesn’t want to leave the show for pete’s sake.

    i think the prejudice that 1N2D is ‘just a variety show’ is something that’s really off. just because it is a variety show, does that mean Seunggi can just leave whenever he wants? if it’s a drama, or a movie, i’m sure it’ll be different. not only did 1N2D shoot Seunggi to stardom, but it is a variety show that is being held in high regard. if i were to say, ‘can’t he just give up dramas and continue 1N2D?’, does that make LSGfan happier?

    but again in the Yashimanman special on Shining Inheritance, Seunggi said he won’t leave 1n2d even if he was offered a drama with the condition that he will quit 1N2d. his co-star said that just because you gain popularity through a one-shot project, doesn’t mean you have to forget loyalty.

    do not overthink and make conspiracies. if Seunggi wants to leave 1N2D, the guy will do so. just as Kim C did. just as Seunggi turned down a drama from MBC (because MBC wanted him to quit 1n2d). he is not held by anyone, he’s an adult and he can make decisions for himself.

    also, ‘maturing’ does not mean leaving variety shows to act and do dramas. variety shows (especially 1N2D) are of the same level as any other entertainment medium. if anything, more people watch 1N2D than Secret Garden, and even Gumiho. so to say that he should just leave 1N2D so he can do ‘better’ things isn’t something that’s always true.

    if anything, Seunggi should focus on being a singer rather than an actor. if i were to choose between him being an actor and an MC on Strong Heart, i’d rather have him continue as an MC. not only has he been nominated already for a Daesang, but articles have been saying he’s the next Yoo Jaesuk.

  8. woooowwww calm down everyone….
    first, lets think who we are to seunggi….
    we are his fans and no matter what, we love him
    whether he quit 1n2d or strong heart or drama or everything that he did and still do, it is not our decisions. it is seunggi decisions and maybe influenced by HOOK (not maybe but absolutely i think..). so as a loving fan, lets encourage seunggi to do his best and support all the work he did, do and will do, ok!
    second, can we just think positive everyone. just believe that seunggi is loving 1n2d and maybe all that chaotic situation is because seunggi do not want to lose 1n2d but captain HOOK want to let it go. and in the end seunggi wins!! and HOOK learn the lesson that they should hear what Seunggi want.. is that scenario too impossible?
    just want to write what i think….

  9. thanks for translating the press statement Ann.. Im just sad that Hook’s pushing Seung Gi into doing so many things at the same time.. Just because he brings in the breads. Now I am starting to believe that SLAVE contracts do exist.. :(

    • Hi joannalissa,

      First I have to be careful here, because I don’t want to put more fuel into the fire.

      Here are some precious ‘facts.’ This whole thing started when rumors said SG will not be in SH and 1N2D for too long. Whether it’s Hook’s idea or SG’s, the end result would be LESS programs, not MORE (until new ones come along). So in a sense, that’s workload management and prioritization.

      SG himself has said publicly that he will continue on all fronts, including variety shows, in 2011 (at the Hanyu star awards), and then he promoted 1N2D as recently as the NYC concert (when all hell broke loose at home).

      I know you did not say SG is in a slave contract. But merely IMPLYING that paints him in a very bad light. I don’t think SG was a helpless, voiceless victim. I think he is a very opinionated (even stubborn, according to himself) person. I believe he is capable of making his own decisions and will strive for what he wants to do.

      • thanks AnnMichelle for shedding light into the matter. :D must have chosen the word there, apologies. :) there were articles (if not fan account) saying that Hook has been putting in more workload on Seung Gi prior to this Japan advancement issue, but just the same just like you, it is Seung Gi’s personal decision to stay with 1N2D until he enlists in the army and I support him all the way, let’s hope he does not exhaust himself too much.. :) that is my only concern. :)

  10. ok throwing in my two cents in here if that’s okay… sorry it’s long. i know my posts are way too long sometimes too! :)

    Joannalissa~ i totally get what you meant about worrying that seunggi is overworked and pushed. I totally think that all the time! then i’m like oh yeah, that’s the korean way to succeed! :) and i’ve always said even though Hook drives me crazy, i’m so glad he’s not like the other kpopers who are with one of those other agencies, because sadly it’s true like you alluded… those girl groups work their asses off and the money they see is so little in comparison, esp when distributed among all the members (one of the reasons i’m so glad SG is not in a group!)

    AnnMichelle~ SG is def stubborn (in the way that he is super duper persistent), and yes he’s def not in a crazy contract with Hook and they are good to him and guide him like parental figures/family (one of the reasons fans put up with Capt Hook), and yes SG has his opinions and is capable of making his own decisions, but I’m going to say that he has typically had very little say in what’s actually decided (which is not rare in entertainment particularly with younger stars)…

    and SG seems to have been fine with that for the most part since he trusts Hook. even SG himself has said on various occasions that Capt Hook and his agency makes all the decisions. he has really no say in it. I def think that’s changing more as Hook sees that SG is growing up and so they may be better about listening to his input, but in the end Hook makes the call.

    And also, SG has said that he’s the type to totally trust ppl that he believes in and admires, esp older ppl (i’m like that too sort of, that is with older ppl i admire). and he obviously defers and listens to Capt Hook, so I think he totally trusts her judgment since she’s made some good calls for him up to this point.

    Do I think SG had the final say about 1n2d? Most definitely. Do I think that he felt total public and external pressure to commit to 1n2d after the whole botched process of his stay/departure talks with 1n2d? Totally yes. Am I going to support him 100% now the dust has settled? Of course. We all support SG! I love how all the fans care so much about Seunggi and protect him! :)

    also rumba lumba~ sorry if my post came off in the wrong way. I’m in no way a conspiracy theorist, but was just pointing to the reality that there are politics in entertainment and things are not always as they appear. And also it’s not that I necessarily WANT seunggi to leave 1n2d; I highly doubt any fans do. But as discussed above, it’s reality and truth that Seunggi (and many of the other kpop stars) often have very little say in what gets decided. Also to be frank, we’ve gotten SO used to Seunggi happily tackling a crazy busy schedule, I’d like to see if any of us could really do that over so many years with a smiling face and do it well. I think a lot of us forget how freakin hard, exhausting, and tiring that may be, and the public pressure involved.

  11. Hi Ann,

    In my imagination, I see Hook suddenly wakes up, takes a fresh look at Seung Gi, and realizes he is all grown up. I dream that they decide to give him more say now. And they also agree to get rid of the PR person and hire you as the new guru (since the cody is listening to you, I think he can stay, for the time being).

  12. so, as a Seung Gi fan I’m kind of unimpressed by Hook entertainment’s handling of the situation, it could have been handled much better, I feel bad for Seung Gi having to apologize to everyone when it’s not his fault…
    however I don’t agree with the comment about not wanting him to do another Hong Sister’s drama, I’m sorry I don’t get it, because for me Seung Gi acted the heck out of Woong-ah in MGIAG and he was so cute, and yes he was the beta-male, and yes he wasn’t your typical knight in shining armour because woong was majorly flawed. However, he was the key character, the drama wasn’t really about MiHo it was about how Woong grew up because of Mi Ho. I felt the story’s center was around him and how he needed to stop being so wishy-washy, Mi Ho was just the medium that brought that change around. So if anything i’m uber excited to see him acting in another Hong Sister’s drama and with Gong Hyo-Jin no less… bring it on!
    on the SH and 1N2D front, things change and sometimes that change is for the better and sometimes not, but somehow I wish he’d stay on SH even if he dropped 1N2D because who’ll replace him in SH? I can’t see it, SH is jjang because of the unstoppable KHD+LSG combo, 1N2D has more than just him and KHD so i can see it faring well even if he were to drop it whereas I see SH failing after he leaves it. And personally I love him even more in SH because he gets so much more screen time… seriously.

    • i agree with you on LSG takin on a new Hong Sisters drama.. to be honest, MGIAG was what made me an LSG fan..i saw episodes of LSG’s Brilliant Legacy before but it didn’t affect me like how MGIAG was.. it is true that Hong Sisters drama tend to veer a little more on the heroine’s side but i do believe that their male leads also take so much credit in the succes of the show..take woogah for instance, if he was played by another actor that less as charming and funny as LSG i probably would have stopped watching it during the 1st episode but ALAS it was played BRILLIANTLY by LSG and so many of us new LSG fans were now addicted to him…I think that Hong Sisters drama such as MGIAG will launch LSG’s career and will make him a household name in countries like the Philippines which has a higher percentage of younger audience who prefers the romantic comedy genre than the makjang dramas of korea..and believe me when i say that Filipinos love Korean romantic comedy dramas. and when We love 1, we get obsessed with the leads in the drama..So I believe LSG starring in a new RomCom would be good for him..Bring it ON!!

  13. If I may , my preference is for lSG to expand his acting experience with another style of writing and screenplay. There will be a fresher and newer approach and will only be an added advantage to him.

    I may be the minority but I am not a fan of the Hong sisters. Have follow all their dramas since My girl and their story punt is always the same.They may have to come up with something new in their story telling style .

  14. no matter what happen, as a fan who really love and care about seunggi oppa.. i will always support him no matter what he choose for his career.. =)

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