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Student-Singer Seunggi on his school president days and his ideal type of girl [2006 Come to Play, ENG]

These 2 videos were posted previously on LSGfan with English translation text, but a dear and precious Seunggi fan subbed these clips and emailed them to me.  Totally took me by surprise.  Thanks Rapport!  Seunggi definitely has committed fans who find ways to keep up with all his stuff even despite not having regular internet access!

Seunggi talks about his school president days
[10.13.2006, Come to Play]

Promoting his 3rd album.  Wow this was 5 years ago!  So stylish!  Perfect hair, v-neck white shirt, black jacket!  How come we RARELY get to see THIS Seunggi anymore!  Cody, please bring this breezy stylish concept back please!  Or at least for the album please!  Something about Seunggi and MC Yoo Jae Suk always makes me smile…

And promoting his 2nd album, seven months prior on Come to Play.  Woah~ his look and style is SO different!  Omg, he looks SO young!~~

College student Seunggi on his 2nd album and ideal type
[2.24.2006, Come to Play]

Hm, makes me wonder what the concept, style, and look will be for Seunggi’s new upcoming album this fall.  (I’m still completely fascinated and baffled by the way Hook chooses not to promote Seunggi’s albums, or even officially announce that it’s coming out soon!).  Dear Cody and Hook, please don’t let me down with the photos!…

The 2nd album concept and photos is one of my faves…

2nd album – Remake: When a Man Loves a Woman Vol. 1
Released September 11, 2006

Videos: Rapport2010, English: LSGfan
Images: Blog.naver.com/penda85, Previously posted/credited

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  1. the 6th and last pic was an EPIC^^..love it

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