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Screaming fans at Seunggi’s FUBU fansign [March 2011]

Photos and screaming(!) fancams from Seunggi’s first FUBU fan signing event in DaeGu. Press reported that about 1,500 people gathered in the area on March 16…

Fans wait for Seunggi. Like everyone says, he really has fans of ALL ages, both girls and guys (some who are probably boyfriends of the fangirls, as well as fanboys!)…

Lucky fans get inside to buy required FUBU minimum purchase to meet Seunggi.
More of his wide age-range fans~ Fangirls and Fanjummas! Fankids and Fanboys!

This girl is so obviously daydreaming about what to say to Seunggi! Ha.


Ok, so Seunggi finally arrives.
Not digging the outfit. Really, this is it? Sigh. At least, it’s not 2 times x-large!
Yes, it’s a FUBU event, but why not one of the other Spring/Summer looks?


Seunggi walking into FUBU store.
Omg, I love screaming fancams, even though they’re kind of annoying!

The usual adorable little kid fan sighting.  Mom’s probably a huge Seunggi fan and wanted to present the flowers herself!  And she’ll probably remind the kid everyday(!) how s/he should be more like Seunggi!  Hopefully the kid will grow up admiring (and not despising) Seunggi for that! Such a fashionable kid…

Love that Seunggi’s junior high school wrestler friend (and Seunggi’s 1N2D Friends Special guest) is maintaining order! Omg, a cool hairstyle can do wonders for a guy!  Being associated with Seunggi probably doesn’t hurt his cool appeal either…


Fan sign moments.


Seunggi finishes up and leaves the store.
More awesome/annoying screaming fancams…

Omg, can Seunggi’s handlers please not man-handle him!
Also omg, Seunggi almost walked right into his oncoming van.
So I guess I’m glad they man-handled him to stop him beforehand!


Ok, FUBU Hoodie Seunggi = So Cute! But FUBU SkaterBoy streetwear Seunggi = Not!  I hope this FUBU 2011 Spring/Summer YT video is NOT indicative of all the styles and concepts they’re planning for Seunggi’s upcoming CFs and shoots…

I’m not feeling a cool vibe at all from the video!  Plus, Seunggi looks bulky and forgive me, but sort of not-so-very-slender(!) in the clip!  FUBU~ please, don’t do this to him!  And Hook, can we get Seunggi signed up for a men’s casual/suit line pretty please??

Would’ve loved to see this Spring/Summer slim-line look instead, but oh well…

But, whatever, no big deal… Since Seunggi seems happy. That’s most important.

(Images: Fubu blog, DClsg; Videos: leeseunggi01)

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