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Singles Magazine photoshoot + interview [Sept 2009]

Per LSGfan’s New Year’s wish, 2011 has been a pretty good fashion/style Seunggi year thus far!  Love that Seunggi’s Elle New York City fashion short film was finally broadcast!  Can’t help but to get excited about Seunggi’s magazine photoshoots because I convince myself (falsely) that Cody will actually style Seunggi like this for some of his broadcasts and public events!  Cody~ remember the 2010 Christmas CeCi Thailand shoot or the 2009 High Cut issue. Yeah I know… wishful thinking!  Anyway, all this (and current events) led me to scope out the 2009 Singles Japan photoshoot (another LSGfan fashion fave).  Check out the interview and photos…

Interview with Seunggi, Singles Magazine, September 2009

We have left for Japan with Lee Seung Gi. The goal being a Lee Seung Gi that isn’t very much like Lee Seung Gi.  Therefore, not Brilliant Legacy’s easily agitated Hwan, nor 1 Night 2 Days’ hudang, or cute younger guy that would listen to noona, but to capture Young Adult Lee Seung Gi.

Your first leading role drama was daebak. The popularity of 1 Night 2 Days has continued on and your digital single “Will you Marry Me” is receiving a lot of love. You are a triple crown. But, even within this, I bet there are things you enjoy more and other things less so.  Lee Seung Gi is most happy when he is doing what?
LSG: Honestly speaking, I’m most happy when the results are good.  Even though I didn’t have big expectations for this drama, it had 40% ratings.  Although numbers in general are not important, I feel doubly happy when the results far exceed what I had expected. Honestly there are a lot of things that bother me because I am lacking. That nagging feeling is even greater when I receive a lot of love.

You must have felt a lot more since this was your first leading role drama.
LSG: Although acting is something I have always really wanted to do, I felt very burdened about it.  I wondered whether I could show something different and unique when acting, considering there are so many people in our country that act so well. However, through this drama, I gained confidence in my acting. It became an opportunity for me to become confident that I could steadily and diligently work to be an actor from hereon.

The popularity of your digital single [Will you Marry Me?] was impressive. You have no idea how many women got so excited because of that song!
LSG: People were saying that there’s only asking and that there’s no answer! Ha ha. Saying that since there wasn’t an answer from the person, I was just asking the question. Ha ha.

Perhaps due to the song, there’s been a lot of interest about marriage.
LSG: Really?  I simply think that it would be good not to get married too late. Maybe it’s because of my current age, but I haven’t really thought deeply about marriage yet. First, dating has to happen! For now, I think it’s time for me to think more seriously about dating.

If that’s the case (many people are curious), your ideal type of woman is?
LSG: I had a more definite ideal type when I was younger, however, now I think one’s first impression/feeling is important. And even more important than that first feeling is whether the person matches well with me.  Since my occupation is an entertainer, a person that is very considerate and understanding of my work.

It seems that your sincere and nice image is permanently set in. Isn’t that burdensome?
LSG: I would be lying if I said no. However, there aren’t many instances in which something I really want to do is different from the image that people see. Fortunately, I believe my public image is similar to my tendencies. Like, I never feel that I want to smoke or go hang out a club but can’t because of my image, since personally, I’m not really into those things and so I’m fine not doing that. However, I do slightly like to drink. I don’t not drink, but I’m not the type to be all about drinking and seek that out. I think it would be more of a dilemma if I was constantly worried about my image when it is basically what a person chooses to take on.

I was completely surprised when you gave your order in Japanese at the restaurant. Did you study Japanese?
LSG: Watching Japanese dramas was so fun, and because I wanted to better understand them, Japanese is something I studied on my own. Also, honestly, when you can speak other languages well, it seems like you are more sophisticated, no? Ha ha. I first studied on my own and then later on I learned a bit more from a teacher. I’m not completely fluent yet, but I can get by with basic conversation.

At times like, even I think I’m cool! Do you have moments like that?
LSG: When I am working extremely diligently in all that I do?  Even though everyone is feeling tired and exhausted, I can say in a cool manner that I’m not tired, that things are fine. I’m tired too, but when I can come off as not being tired. People typically like it when you are straightforward about things. I’m the same way too. However, when I’m not being that way, for some reason, inside I think it’s admirable and cool. Isn’t that very manly? Ha ha.

Ha ha, that’s cute. How about the opposite, are there things you wish you could be more cool and better at but it doesn’t work out no matter how hard you try?
LSG: When I’m sleeping! Ah, I really want to sleep in a very cool way but it just doesn’t seem to work.  When I sleep, my mouth automatically opens because I tend to get a stuffy nose regularly. Because I have to breathe through my mouth… Sleeping with your mouth wide open is not cool. And my face is always swollen when I wake up… I have romantic notions of looking cool despite just waking up and my hair looking great. Seeing myself immediately after waking up looks weird to me too.

Who sees you when you’re sleeping!
LSG: I want to be an entertainer even when I’m sleeping. I want to be able to sleep in a cool manner even when I’m tired! Ha ha.

Even after 10 years, 20 years, wanting to hear that he is a cool person both as a person and in his work~ Lee Seung Gi.  Check out his interview and photoshoot in the September 2009 issue of Singles.

Source: LSGfan via Singles

Haha, some of Seunggi’s answers are funny.  Or, he at least things it’s funny and was cracking himself up!  Hahaha.  Well, and the interviewer too.  He really is (was?) a people pleaser!  But what Korean celeb isn’t!  He definitely sounds way more confident in his interviews these days.  Even though this was from a year and a half ago – he was just coming off his hit drama “Brilliant Legacy” – he doesn’t sound that different from now.  Lee Seung Gi the person seems to definitely be the real deal…

The photoshoot… Love it!  Where has this Lee Seung Gi been?  I miss him!

Source: Naver, Singles Lee Seung Gi photoshoot

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