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Video segments during 2010 concert + fan account

*** UPDATED with ENG-subbed videos ***

Special treat from Rapport2010, master extraordinaire video encoder of LSGfan’s English translations and one of many cyber angels to Airen fans worldwide~!
One of many international fans who traveled to Seoul for Seunggi’s 2010 Hope Concert, Rapport captured some amazing footage of the video segments…

(video credits: rapport2010; English translation: LSGfan)

Awesome BTS footage, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho filming [ENG]

Seunggi filming, thinking, reflecting, smiling! These cuts better show up in the MGIG DVD! Omg, at the scene where Daewoong grabs the Vet instead of Miho! Love the Daewoong-Miho selca photo sessions! They chose some really great footage and definitely know that fans always love a smiling and laughing Seunggi the most!

Intro from Hodong and 1n2d hyungs ~ Seunggi-yah!!! [ENG]

Final greetings to fans from a teary and thankful Seunggi [ENG]


LSGfan specifically asked two people to share their fan accounts~ Enjoy!

  • Rapport2010, who in typical angel fashion is generously sharing some great video footage in addition to her fan account below!
  • Yon (aka Lyn), whom we figured out was the oldest (not by age!) Seunggi fan still active and around on Soompi-LSG. She also scored Strong Heart tickets and got Seunggi’s autograph at the filming. Anticipate her fan account sometime later?!

Fan Account by Rapport2010

Here we go, my trip to LSG’s concert: 101121 Lee Seung Gi Live Concert in Seoul.  I will start on the day of concert, I promise I will make it short as I can.

I got there around 4.30 pm, got my ticket at Interpark booth but unfortunately if you bought from Interpark there were no LSG poster for you.

Then I saw a lot of people line up for something and I asked the staff. She can’t speak English but she was so nice and she ran to find her friend who can speak English. They were trying to get me a poster but her leader said there were no extra posters (They just had for people who brought the ticket from them. If I understand correctly, there were 2 companies who sold the tickets and I don’t remember the name but this one gave out LSG’s poster).

So I walked to other table to buy the 3 green Star light and my sister asked the ajumma who sold the light if she can give us the poster and one of the ajummas went and asked for us (all the table were at the same tent) but they told the same answer. But somehow one of the ajummas came out of nowhere and gave 2 posters to my sister under the table. We said thank you, and she smiled and told us to go (get out of there before they caught us)! Haha. Thank you again ajumma! ^^

Around 5pm we started to line up in the front of the gate. The door opened around 5:30, everyone went in but not into the hall yet. First, not many people in the hall, but at 6pm a lot of people walked in with the bag (snack+water)? It was a long time since I had been to a concert but I felt like they were here for the movie not for the concert (you can enjoy eating snack while you listened to Rock Concert?)!

Anyway, then they showed Samsung Zipel + The Saem + Fubu CF on the screen. First time everyone was screaming but they were like 4-5 times showing it on repeat so no more screaming.  While we were waiting, the women voice said Lee Seung Gi or something. Everyone was screaming again.

The light went off and the big screen showed Actor LSG (Brilliant Legacy scene) with X mark, MGIG scene with X mark then LSG in 1N2D when he was singing with O mark. 1N2D members appeared on the screen, introduced Lee Seung Gi’s Concert and the music started. LSG appeared in front of the stage and sang Love Taught Me To Drink. Wow you can feel the power of his voice……..love it!!

Then he talked a bit, with my Korea 101 Beginner Level , I guess he said “A lot of people are here today and thank you his fan for coming here to support him……”

3 hours went by so quickly (and sorry girls I have short memory), I can’t give you all the detail but the part I like the most was when he sang all the Rock songs.  Even though I never heard those song before, you can tell Seung Gi gave out 200% which I really enjoyed. People all jumped up and down from Because Love through the end (Song numbers 22 to 28).^^

Since Hook said they will release a concert DVD,  I decided to post just the Ments.

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Ok, not surprisingly, Hook believes fancams will in some way deter fans from buying a copy of the 2010 Hope Concert DVD, which supposedly is going to be released. Um, fans are still upset that there was no dvd for the 2009 concert in which Seunggi was looking amazing. And for the 2010 concert, fans majorly shelled out to travel to Seoul and spent way more than necessary at Seunggi CF-endorsed shops like The Saem. So why wouldn’t fans in general spend a much smaller amount for the concert DVD?! Last time I checked, fancams/teasers make people want to buy the DVD!

Everyone knows that as a ballad singer, Seunggi can sing. But for the Losing My Mind performance fancam, I noticed he was relying more on the song playback than his live voice, like it was really noticeable. So maybe Hook wants to do some some good camera angling for the DVD and not have fancams out of that~ I get that. But really, lots of other Kpop singers often lip-sync majority of their songs and just focus on acing their dance performance!

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3 Responses

  1. Me too!! i noticed that LSG was lip synching most parts in his Losing my Mind performance..at first i thought that it was only because of the poor video but alas when i replayed it after a dozen times, he was indeed doing lip sync..anyways, for me its absolutely fine, its already been proven that LSG CAN sing..im thinking, maybe he was just way too tired already by that part of the concert..he’s probably catching his breath just to do the dance parts..

  2. Pleasee.. Let us know if Hook releases the Concert DVD and how to get it for overseas fans like me.
    I really wanna have that dvd.

  3. Thanks for sharing such amazing fan accounts. apparently, Hook is retarded

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