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Profits from Lee SeungGi – Kim Yuna’s World Cup song support rising star athletes [article]

Public Service Seunggi out and about again~ after recently delivering coal to those less fortunate, two days later, Seunggi personally presented sponsorships, funded by profits from his and Kim Yuna’s KB World Cup campaign song “Smile Boy.”  And just guess who’s idea it was to donate the profits from the song in the first place?

On December 2, KB Financial Group held a ceremony to present financial sponsorships to rising sports stars.

Profits from the KB World Cup Campaign song “Smile Boy” were used to present 40 million KRW ($35,000 USD) to rising sports stars Ji So Yun (womens soccer) and Kim Hae Jin (figure skating), each receiving 20 million KRW ($17,500 USD).

This sponsorship was accomplished when during the planning process of the KB Financial World Cup Campaign, Lee Seung Gi proposed that the profits from the song be used towards supporting rising sports stars and Kim Yuna gladly accepted.

Participating in today’s ceremony, Lee Seung Gi said “Even though the level of soccer skills world-wide is impressive, I was particularly touched by the tears she shed as she worried about the state of women’s soccer during the press conference, and so I recommended athlete Ji So Yun for this sponsorship.”

Kim Yuna, who is currently recovering from an injury, recommended figure skater Kim Hae Jin.

(credit:  LSGfan via MTnews; images: Korean press)

I really can’t take anymore of Public Service Seunggi~ We already like him as is so this just makes it worse!  How priceless is his reason for choosing his athlete?!

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9 Responses

  1. OMG! Our prince is really worthy of every Airen’s adoration!

    My son said, Lee Seung Gi is “abnormally” GREAT! I asked him why the word “abnormal”. He said that LSG’s the only one like that, hence, not normal! And followed up with “Where can you ever find someone like him?” I think my son is a Seung Gi fanboy. LOL :)

    Ann, thanks for sharing. :)

  2. Ann, I totally agreed with you when I read one more news(this one) I just have to say that tears just filled my eyes. When I watched Dong Heng on thursday hoping to see Seunggi, I’m so glad that he is so involved physically in all the charity works he is in. What he is doing right now just set him apart from the rest if the top stars. And I believe that even if the day come when he is no more in the entertainment world, he will still be involved in charity in his own way

    This boy is just so full of compassion,sincerity and humanity.
    Btw, did you see his facial expression when Pd Na was at the cashier paying for the meal after losing the game? It was all written on Seunggi’s face, it’s like ‘oh Pd Na, if I can I’ll pat on your behalf’ you can see that he felt so sorry for PD Na.

    Ok enough of my raving! :)

  3. Thanks so much, Ann. Love that first picture, totally a prince, or a very deserving heir.

    Compassion, sincerity, class…we can heap on the praises and they are all true. I feel lucky and privileged to be a witness of SG’s being.

    A side note: someone get the name of that KB guy’s tailor. Look how beautiful his suit fits.

  4. what a compassionate heart he has! ahh, i could cry out loud for my overwhelming feelings for this guy..
    LSG gives us more than enough reasons to love him.. :)

  5. he is just too amazing. different from my other idols, he might be my the only one idol who will remain in my memory until the time when my fangirling life comes to end he..
    just keep to be like that seunggi. don’t ever change or make your admirer disappointed.

  6. seunggi, he’s just so admireable!
    love him inside and out!

  7. I’m so sorry.i know it is out of topic but i really need your help.how can i find any reliable address of seung ki?like his agency or fanclub addresses.but it should be reliable cuz i already sent him a present to 2dn1n ‘s pd address but the address was wrong.could you please help me?thank you

  8. he’s such a very kind hearted person. loving him so much…

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