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Stalking concert going fans online as they stalk Seunggi

*** More tweets and blog posts from fans in Seoul, Korea ***

(credit: Interpark)

Some of LSGfan’s favorite people and regulars are traveling to Seoul next month to see Seunggi in concert!  Can’t wait to read all your real-time tweets, blog posts, photos, and fancams of the concert and your adventures in Seunggi stalking!  We will be stalking you guys online as you stalk Seunggi in real life!  ^___^

Can’t wait to totally live vicariously through you guys during your trip…

  • tryp96
  • leeseunggiworld
  • rapport2010
  • yon
  • purple1n2d
  • kr4ever
  • m3iko
  • lemoniesnickers
  • bingxuan
  • haart

twitter.com/haart_is_here ~ Nov 9, Tuesday

hi people, this is haart from Seoul ^^ The weather is not so cold. but damn windy >”< i wonder why only Chicago is called “Wind City” LOL

I saw LSGeun and Kolon Sport CF on the bus to Seoul yesterday, and also the ad from SBS for their 10 favorite dramas! First sight of our boy^^

twitter.com/tryp96 ~ Nov 17, Wednesday

안녕하세요! Greetings from Seoul! ^^

I fell asleep while waiting to see SeungGi’s CFs on TV. What an experience. Haha ^^ Now I’m wide awake at 3 o’clock in the morning.

Read tryp’s Seunggi-adventure blog posts straight from Seoul:

twitter.com/mini_mhom (leeseunggiworld) ~ Nov 17, Wednesday


twitter.com/summersnow27 (yon) ~ Nov 19, Friday

2nd day went to Busan and shopped at ”The Saem”… The staff gave quite alot of samples to us…. ^_^

twitter.com/rapport2010 ~ Nov 19, Friday

Just got in the hotel in Incheon Korea safely, is 11 pm now. Time to sleep but can I?

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14 Responses

  1. no problem…i will use my mobile phone to tweet… do you have my twitter account?

  2. yon- let me have your twitter too?? So that i can STALK you… hahaha!!! – heleo21 aka adelene

  3. Hahaha, Yon, Lina (kr4ever – Brunei) and me are traveling together. Lisa (m3iko – Malaysia) will be there too with Natt’s group. Seung Gi brought us together!
    We soompier are gonna to meet at last! In Korea!

  4. Wow, i am also expecting that big day too! Traveling from Australia ( not many LSG fans here:( ), i believe it’ll be a great trip to Korea!

  5. This is great! Updated list! It’s so awesome to see the international fans flying out to Seoul for the concert! Yay for Australia!

  6. heleo21 & ann, my twitter account name is summersnow27

    but don’t expect to see much posting by me for the time being..i signed up the other time because of Cha Daewoong… HAHAHA….

  7. great post!

    Wow, lots of people going!
    agree! we’ll stalk you all as you stalk Seunggi!!
    cant wait for Nov!!!!!

    have fun planning everyone!
    and may this be the greatest memory ever to you all

  8. I’m so happy because all bunch of people LSGfan really likes are going to Seunggi’s concert!

    And photoshop extraordinaire and incredibly sweet Haart (started Vietnam Airen) just got permission to stay a few days longer in Seoul following her work trip!!!!

    now she can go to his concert!!!! All she needs is a ticket! Anyone can help her out?!

    please tweet her @haart_is_here

  9. Thank for spreading the words, Ann!

    I really really need a ticket, so people, plz contact right away if you can help me!

    Tweet me at haart_is_here or email at haartism@gmail.com. I’ll check every hour ^^

    Thank you so much!

  10. Hi Everyone!

    Happy to hear that u all can go to LSG’s concert! U all have a safe trip! Take care! And Thank u so much for sharing the news.

  11. so damn envy with you guys….i wish that i could be there too..have a nice and safe journey you guys!!! have fun!!!

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