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Seunggi sings and talks on Chocolate [ENG]

Seunggi FINALLY made a music program appearance after what seems like forever!  As part of SBS’s ongoing 20th Anniversary celebration, the Nov 14th broadcast of Kim Jung Eun’s Chocolate (originally recorded on Nov 3rd) included 2pm, Lee Sun Hee and Seunggi.  Check out interview and performance clips…

Seunggi and Teacher Lee Sun Hee interview [ENG]
Seunggi and Teacher talk about first impressions of one another, their shortcomings, and what they mean to one another. It’s very sweet and super sincere, and their mutual admiration and sense of pride as student and teacher probably made all the viewers watching dually brim with pride and sigh out of jealousy!

(credit: rapport2010)

A few excerpts from Seunggi and Teacher SunHee…

[On their honest first impressions of one another]
T: He’s good looking. Really, Lee Seunggi’s high school demeanor… he was performing with his friends in a band, and there was a sparkle about him. He was performing, and I thought this young friend looks cool and good looking. At first sight, I thought this friend is going to become something.
SG: For me. Charisma. Overflowing charisma… Like the demeanor Kim Myung Min sunbaenim showed in drama Beethoven’s Virus. When I first went in, she was wearing a hat. So I didn’t know who she was. She explained  she was Lee Sunhee sunbaenim. I was very nervous. She didn’t say much and spoke very quietly. She was very overflowing in charisma.

[On what Lee Seunggi means to Lee SunHee]
T: The name of this show is Chocolate, but really he is like chocolate. Chocolate provides many things. It gives sweetness but also energy. He gives off both those things at the same time. It feels like I’m seeing again those happy moments and times from my past. So he provides happiness too. Seeing Seunggi working actively, it makes me think I need to put forth that energy and endeavor… a good contest type of vibe.

[On what Lee Sunhee means to Seunggi]
SG: The hope to have such a proud and respected teacher remain by my side. For hoobae (junior) singers like me, it’s important to have people overseeing you. It’s actually really hard to have a teaching system in place for music these days. Seeing only younger people appearing on music programs. In doing programs with sunbaenims, I understand why even having sunbaes by your side is a source of strength and learning. There’s something called [inaudible], and so to remain working side by side with the best, great sunbaenims like Teacher, is my hope.

English translation: LSGfan

According to DClsg fan accounts from that recording day, Seunggi came out and sang Love Taught me to Drink as an encore which of course was not shown on the broadcast.  Which is too bad since I read that he just killed it on that song which we’ve seen him do so in other live performances!

Love Taught me to Drink, encore (Fancam)

(credit: tryp96)

On the other hand, his first live performance of I Love you From Now On was noticeably a bit shaky, as was even his regular Will you Marry Me singing.  I think he was nervous at having Teacher around!  Ha.  (But I’m sure things will be perfect in time for the concert. Love this song so much!)

I Love you from Now On + Will You Marry Me

(credit: leeseunggiworld)

I wish there was more Seunggi performances, but I think they probably did not want him to outshine Lee Sun Hee, his teacher sunbaenim.  I hope he’ll do another music show after his concert and go solo so we get to see more of his performance and interview, although it was really heartwarming to see him and Teacher together.

2pm opened the show and was on for the first 20 minutes.  Then, the next 30 minutes was focused on Lee Sun Hee and Seunggi~ Lee Sun Hee sang 2 songs from My Girlfriend is a Gumiho OST (Fox Rain; The Person I will Love).  Next, she sang one of her older songs MC Kim Jung Eun recently remade.  Then for 4th song, she started singing Smile Boy and Seunggi appeared from the back stairs to sing the duet!

Smile Boy duet, Seunggi and Teacher

(credit: leeseunggiworld)

Afterwards, Kim Jung Eun interviewed the two, then Seunggi sang his 2 songs.

A few thoughts on Teacher Lee Sun Hee

I can totally see why people say she she’s intimidating, especially for such a tiny lady!  Like Seunggi said, she doesn’t say much and speaks quietly.  I feel like her stare is sort of off-setting, like she’s evaluating you!  But when she looks at Seunggi her student and talks about him, she could easily pass as a fangirl or a momfan! ha ha ha. But really, you can tell she’s so sincere and how proud she is of Seunggi.

I sometimes forget Lee Sun Hee the super respected and renown Korean singer, and usually just think of her as one in the same with Hook’s President Kwon, you know ~ Captain Hook and there’s Teacher!  And often forget it was that same Lee Sun Hee who handpicked Seunggi out of nowhere and trained him.  And to see her still supporting him so much is pretty awesome.

She’s so respected in the music industry, and I bet she’s the one who made the BooHwal collaboration happen.  She definitely has a noble sort of elegant air about her, which definitely seems to fit Seunggi well too!

As for Seunggi

Ok I think the 2pm guys are amazing performers, and they’re definitely my fave male idol group. JYP has done an amazing job of picking and training the guys!  And they’re cute and funny.  So not to take anything away from 2pm, but seeing their stage and interview in comparison to Seunggi and later alongside Teacher Sunhee afterward, I couldn’t help but to love and admire Seunggi more!  I would take Seunggi over all the 2pm guys as a whole in a “heartbeat!”

(credit: Newsen)

Hoping to see Seunggi make a KBS Sketchbook appearance following his concert; I mean the guy has been mentioned by MC Yoo Hee Yeol and his audience members a bunch of times already!  Although neither YHY or Kim Jung Eun measure up to former MC Yoon Do Hyun (from KBS Love Letter)!  Seeing Seunggi and Yoon Do Hyun together and singing “I Will Forget” ranks at the top of my list!

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9 Responses

  1. I love seeing seunggi singing on the stage like this~~
    I think he sang very well~

  2. Seunggi is definitely back as a singer! Love him as an actor, amazed by him as a singer, adore him in 1n2d…Seunggi really makes me look forward to all his activities…you make life more fun and colorful!

  3. Dear Ann,

    Agree that in the show SG’s singing of ‘From Now On’ was a little off…That song is a test of the singer’s emotional expressions. Hope he will get inspired in his concert and let it all out.

  4. Ann, once again thks for the translation

    As a matter of fact, I read from fan account that he actually couldn’t hear what he was singing. After the song, lsg felt a bit let down and wished that he could sing the song all over again. Yesterday’s performance was not as bad as what I thought it would be.

  5. Thanks for the upload. LSH is definitely someone who commands a very serious aura around. She means business 100%. Having said that it is this very quality needed to be at the top of this trade for a long time. LSG is fortunate to have her as his mentor.

    She is clearly one of korea’s best singer. She comes across as someone who looks deeper within to someone real personality before making her move whether she wants to be your friend.There is good and bad points in this as such people incline to be too judgemental but very sincere when a trust is made.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the duet between the teacher and the student. A glimpse into his upcoming concert. …should be good fun :)

    • I read somewhere that on average there are two debuts EVERYDAY in Korean show business. What a crowded playing field. LSH deserves a lot of credit for 1) discovering SG, and 2) developing him (along with Hook). Maybe that’s why SG is always very grateful to her and the managing company.

  6. thanks for the translation… enjoyed the clip more because of that… hope someone will share the vid wtih subs, soon!!!
    yeah, i also want to see seunggi in sketchbook, i think that’s a must-show for any singer…
    gotta leave a message at kbs/sketchbook board now, hehe

  7. the MC, kim jung eun was acting chic with seunggi..lol,
    but she was busted the moment she said LSG was stubborness about fishing…she clearly watches 1n2d episodes…she should’ve just been honest with herself…she likes him…keke

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