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Pizza Hut’s first CF contract renewal, Lee Seunggi [article]

Guess who’s signing another CF endorsement contract renewal. Are we surprised?!

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Source:  Asiae
English translation:  LSGfan.wordpress.com

On November 18, Pizza Hut Korea revealed that it plans to renew their endorsement contract with Lee Seung Gi for the 2011 year.  It was said that Seung Gi’s CFs and related promotions had a great response and helped in branding Pizza Hut with a bright and happy image.

Having maintained his number one ranking as the model most desired by advertisers for the second straight year, Seung Gi’s sincerity and ability to bring about laughter with his playful charms through his commercials have had a strong effect on endorsement sales.  After signing Seunggi as its endorsement model, Pizza Hut Korea saw an increase from 5% to 12% in commercial awareness and preference among consumers.

As the main endorsement model for Pizza Hut for the past year, in addition to his CFs, Seung Gi was also actively involved in Pizza Hut related events such as a fan meeting, world cup cheering events, and world hunger campaigns; all of these things contributing to what was referred to as the “Lee Seung Gi effect.”  Pizza Hut Korea revealed that its contract renewal with Lee Seung Gi for a second year was a first for its company.

According to a Pizza Hut Korea representative, “Lee Seung Gi’s bright and sense of closeness charms were a good fit for the brand’s image, and thus had a great response from consumers, and also resulted in increased sales for the company.”  He added, “We hope to be a brand that brings even more fun and happiness to patrons in 2011 with Lee Seung Gi as our model.”

A new Pizza Hut CF is scheduled to start airing on November 26 and will mark the start of Seung Gi’s 2011 activities as Pizza Hut model.

Congrats to Seung Gi!  Contract renewals in Korean CF world is not an easy thing as companies are always looking for the next new trend!

So you can add Pizza Hut Korea to the other big CF companies that have renewed their contracts with Seunggi for the next year, including KB Bank’s contract renewal and Samsung Zipel’s contract renewal.  I think Haitai Beverage also re-signed him earlier this year as well.

Long-time contracts for Dongji noodles CFs, Edwin fashion CFs and Haneul Bori CFs were not continued earlier this year.  Hook and Seunggi instead signed new contracts for Chung Jung Won, FUBU fashion, and Haitai Beverage.

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8 Responses

  1. Ann, thanks for sharing. :)
    I’m so happy for our adorable boy.:) The Lee Seung Gi Effect is indeed as hot s ever.

  2. Ann, of course I’m surprised since pizza hut said they never use the same model for the following year. But then I’m not since it’s Seung gi we are talking about. Keke!

    Thks for the

  3. Good job, both to SG and Ann!

    My very first slice of pizza in the States was Pizza Hut’s. First time realizing that cheese can be tasty too!!!

  4. Wow, this is great news for Seung Gi and I am really, really happy for him too !

  5. thanks a lot Ann,
    for keeping Airen updated by translating good articles mentioning Lee Seung Gi.

    Uri Seung Gi’s effect is really awesome, yeah? ><
    I'm soooo proud of becoming his fan.

  6. Great news! Thanks Ann for the article!

  7. wow! congrats to seunggi and pizza hut! i’m sure 2011 will be a blast for pizza hut with them renewing their contract with seunggi. ^^

  8. Aaaah awesome, but a little worried now since I have read that SongJongKi will soon beat seung gi regarding the CF contracts ^0^

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