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Actor-Singers dominate Wednesday-Thursday TV

Source:  Osen
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Actors who began as singers dominate Wednesday-Thursday TV

Wednesday-Thursday nights is a haven filled with actors who began as singers that can dance, are good looking, and have strong acting potential.

In addition to Lee Seung Gi who is already acknowledged for his singing and solidifying his place as an actor and Kim Hyun Joong who started with flowerboy group SS501, Rain who has been very busy with many activities will also be appearing as the main lead in a Wednesday-Thursday drama.


Seunggi’s 1st CF for KB Good Day Card + MinAh’s CF

Already the main endorsement model for KB Bank Financial Group, looks like KB brought Seunggi on to do ads for KB Card as well…

Seunggi’s KB Good Day Card CF, 15 sec

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Seunggi tells us to dance everyday. Cute. But omg, who is the choreographer?! Gave me uncomfortable flashbacks to his Xman dancing days! But this is Seunggi, which means everything is cute no matter what, right?!  And he looks so great in this CF: hair, outfit, and makeup all look great! Lately, Cody has been working hard to win me back!  Interestingly, Shin MinAh recently signed on for KB Card endorsement…

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ Amazing fanmade MVs

*** UPDATED with more awesome videos! ***

Hoi Couple’s cutest scenes

(video: LillopopChannel)

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