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My Girlfriend is a Gumiho~ Amazing fanmade MVs

*** UPDATED with more awesome videos! ***

Hoi Couple’s cutest scenes

(video: LillopopChannel)

Daewoong and Miho

(video: ps3hlproductions)

Miho wants to “mate” with Daewoong

(video: Gryzek5mv)

Daewoong meets Miho

(video: ACVfrTeam; Dramatomy)

Daewoong loves Miho

(video: ps3hlproductions)

More DaeWoong-MiHo falling in love

(video: Gryzek5mv)

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Original Soundtrack songs (ENG):

Some of Seunggi’s live performances from earlier this year:
(too bad big bad K-broadcasters deleted a lot of the other performances!)

4 Responses

  1. hi.. i just want to ask what exactly airens means?
    does it has any special meaning or is it only a name for seunggi fanclub?

    • omg, good question. i have no idea! I’m thinking it means something positive :)

      i don’t think it’s an english or even a korean word. hopefully someone knows the answer. i’d like to know too!

      • Airen in Chinese is someone I love. If I’m not he said that all his fans are his lovers. His fans will always be the one he love and treasure. I think that is why his fans love him ever more. :)

  2. Airen is someone I love and lover as both Eunice and Seung gi had interpreted… both of them are correct.. Airen in Chinese means lover.

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