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Seunggi’s 1st CF for KB Good Day Card + MinAh’s CF

Already the main endorsement model for KB Bank Financial Group, looks like KB brought Seunggi on to do ads for KB Card as well…

Seunggi’s KB Good Day Card CF, 15 sec

(cr: leeseunggi01)

Seunggi tells us to dance everyday. Cute. But omg, who is the choreographer?! Gave me uncomfortable flashbacks to his Xman dancing days! But this is Seunggi, which means everything is cute no matter what, right?!  And he looks so great in this CF: hair, outfit, and makeup all look great! Lately, Cody has been working hard to win me back!  Interestingly, Shin MinAh recently signed on for KB Card endorsement…

(credit: DClsg)

Like a lot of the other banking companies, KB Card has a gazillion types of themed cards.  KB Card signed on MinAh a few months ago as their main model and I guess they’re bringing in Seunggi to do some other ones as well.  Will we see a future KB Card CF with everyone’s fave Hoi Hoi couple?! That would be so incredibly daebak!

KB Good Shopping Card CF, Shin Min Ah

(cr: mesEngouements)

Ok, after seeing MinAh’s CF, choreography for Seunggi’s CF is pretty amazing. LOL.  Anyway, pretty big deal for Seunggi to endorse both KB Financial Group as main model and do ads for KB Card, as finance CFs are the gold standard.

Excerpt from earlier post, 3 must qualities for finance/banking CF models on why KB chose Seunggi as main endorsement model and plans for contract renewal…

After promoting  23-year old singer Lee Seung Gi as its advertising model starting in November 2009, KB Financial Group reaped strong results in return.  Rather than a top star per se, the image of a younger person still developing was seen as most suitable.  The high probability of progressing into a hallyustar was also taken into consideration.  A KB Financial Group representative said, “After looking for a “rising star” that was on the road to great success, we started the contact process with Mr. Lee in May of last year” adding “we are very pleased with the advertising outcome, thus we are planning to renew the contract sometime next week.” Lee Seung Gi’s parents are also both former employees of KB Bank.

Prior to MinAh and Seunggi, Rain and Lee Hyori endorsed KB Card…

(cr: MsMerra)

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8 Responses

  1. Haha! Ann, I thought I was the only one that feel that the dancing remind me of xman time.

  2. the rep keeps saying LSG’s parent was an employees of KB bank..we got it already…

  3. …I guess it’s the dance , maybe it’s one of the reason why he is attracting alots of attention and interests. [.. of course, he has many good qualities] Infact, I like his dance…very unique… dont you agree….!!!.

  4. @chhesy03: Haha..I notice that one too, former right? so what are they now? OOT

    Undoubtedly, he is cute!!

  5. The first time that i notice him is the way he dance during his x-man days.it is cute,unique and different from others. Love it !!

  6. it really reminded us of his Xman dancing days! LOL.. Usher’s “yeah” playing on the background.. haha! really really love Seung gi! and i agree with yeah, LSG’s chereography is way better than that of Min Ah’s.. ahahaha!

  7. omg, the marketing team behind these CFs are geniuses! i keep humming this KB Card song jingle! ok, this is not normal!

    Come on KB Card, give us a Seunggi-Minah hoi hoi couple CF! want to see them each dancing their part to the song!

    • Right! Im sure everyone would love to see them doing the CF as the Hoi Hoi couple.. id love to see them as MiHo and DaeWoong rather than doing the same dance routines as what we saw in their own CFs.. hehe.. ;)

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