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Actor-Singers dominate Wednesday-Thursday TV

Source:  Osen
English translation: LSGfan.wordpress.com

Actors who began as singers dominate Wednesday-Thursday TV

Wednesday-Thursday nights is a haven filled with actors who began as singers that can dance, are good looking, and have strong acting potential.

In addition to Lee Seung Gi who is already acknowledged for his singing and solidifying his place as an actor and Kim Hyun Joong who started with flowerboy group SS501, Rain who has been very busy with many activities will also be appearing as the main lead in a Wednesday-Thursday drama.

Currently in the SBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” Lee Seung Gi is in a passionate relationship with a lovable nine-tailed fox girlfriend. Following his 2004 debut with the song “Because you’re my woman,” Lee Seung Gi has naturally been active in both singing and acting activities up to this point. Through the success of Brilliant Legacy, he has also been honorably nicknamed the ratings guy. Even now, Lee Seung Gi continues to be successful in both acting the part of a naive and also manly DaeWoong in “My Girlfriend is a Gumiho,” as well as participating in the drama’s OST.

Following KBS 2009’s “Boys over Flowers,” Kim Hyun Joong is appearing in his second drama, MBC “Playful Kiss.” Although he carries the humiliating 2% tv viewership ratings and faces comments about disputable acting ability, it is likely that he intends to continue as an actor.

On the 29th, Rain will appear as the main actor on the premiere episode of KBS Wednesday-Thursday drama “Runaway Plan B.”  Returning to tv drama after a long hiatus, Rain will carry the burden of showing that he is still in good form.  Since he is returning to tv drama following his singing activities, there is a lot of buzz as to whether Rain can live up to the accolades he received when he appeared in his first drama “Let’s go to School, Sang Doo.”

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By the way, I know My Girlfriend is a Gumiho fans are relieved that Baker King had its last episode last week, and that we’ll be treated to a MGIG Chuseok special on Wednesday and two MGIG back-to-back episodes on Thursday, but just as an FYI…

While we thought we would have Thursday all to ourselves, looks like KBS is going to broadcast a Baker King special at the same time with interviews with cast members. So this means that on Thursday, MGIG will be up against KBS for the first part with the Baker King special, and for the second part against variety show Happy Together.

Is it possible that Seunggi will guest on the Happy Together Chuseok special?! SBS would probably not allow that, but who knows… Happy Together has been known to bring in Seunggi for their specials as posted about HERE and HERE.

As I already mentioned before, we’re in the last 4 eps of MGIG now so it will be difficult to bring in a lot of new viewers at this point.  However, last week’s single digit ratings for the first time was probably an anomaly due to the airing of Baker King’s final episode. MGIG should be back in the double digits next week.

3 Responses

  1. thanks for the article ann

    special normally doesnt carry that great rating like the drama does. but still a competition there i agree. one thing though, some viewers may not know about this schedule changes. so i wont be suprised if the 1st part has low rating even if other channels’ rating wont be that high either as some usual viewers may just not watch tv at all thinking MGIG only will be air at the usual airtime. oh i dont know. lets just hope for the best for MGIG. anyway, it seems like mbc will still air PK on wednesday. so that gives them a chance to grab attention.

    MGIG, fighting!!

    btw, looks like media just have good words for our seunggi. he deserves it though! his DW is praiseworthy and his osts are great!

    daebak Seunggi!!

    • but honestly, Seunggi & Rain are in a different league already in singer-turn-actor debate. Rain is great in Sangdoo & A Love To Kill.

  2. yep, agree with you… i think everyone knows that Rain is in a league of his own so they don’t even have to mention that. Seunggi really looks up to Rain sunbae, as you can tell if you watch the Strong Heart cuts. I like Rain too.

    as for ratings, it’s very likely that MGIG will remain between 10%-15%. low ratings for seunggi standards but remember even if ratings are low, if critically praised, actors and PD are happy about that.

    plus, ad sales have been off the charts. DClsg posted that in today’s rerun, there were 18-20 CFs for Part 1 and 21 CFs for part 2. and we all know about how rights are already being sold abroad. so this is all very good news!

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