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Seunggi meets Waffe’s grandmother, 9/5 1n2d cuts Pt1

LSG video cuts from 9/5 1n2d episode:
(video credits: tryp96; leeseunggiworld; English translation: LSGfan)
** If you can’t see videos, refresh window a few times. Or click DM link above.

Video~ Seunggi meets “Waffe’s” grandmother on his lovely travels

LSG: Putting aside being an entertainer, and for today, simply a traveler.
(Trip title: Lovely travels with Lovely young adult Lee Seunggi)
LSG: [talking to the cow!] My name is Lee Seung Gi. What’s your name?
KimC: Sweating profusely, Prince Seunggi walks along Jiri Mountain course 2.
LSG: There’s really no shade. Ah, did you see the real-time online search list yesterday? “Lee Seung Gi soccer” rose to the top. Remember that episode we did with the Korean women’s olympic soccer team 2 years ago? Because the show edited the clip so well, people think I’m really good at soccer now. One news article said: Is “Hudang” a set up? [laughter].
[Sangeun the dog: But it’s true that you’re not good at foot volleyball!]

LSG: There’s a gazebo. What is it? [starts running but tired] How about we just walk?!

LSG: Hello Grandma, I’m a traveler passing by… I’ll just sit  for a bit. Do you want me to help you with that?
G: No way. You’ll get dirt on your hands.
LSG: That’s okay. Have you seen this program? You don’t know who I am right?
G: Yes [she doesn’t know who you are! LOL] Where do you live?
LSG: In Seoul.
G: I just came from Seoul yesterday. All my kids live in Seoul, so I visit every 2 months. My second lives in ChungDamDong…
LSG: Huh? I live in ChungDamDong too!
G: Where in ChungDamDong?
LSG: Right next to ChungDamDong, in SamsungDong. That means you’re a neighbor… then, let me help you.

[LSG helps Grandma prep the veggies]
LSG: I’ve had experience doing this. You remove this part like this.
G: Your hands will get dirty. You should stop.
LSG: I’ve done this a lot before.
G: Where would you have done a lot of this before??!! [HAHA]
LSG: Through this program… The hyungs that travel with are very famous. There’s one hyung that’s short, has stomach problems and farts a lot…
G: On tv? [LSG says yes] You’re a person that comes out on tv!
LSG: Me? Yes, sometimes. [laughter since LSG’s on tv all the time!]
G: Is it the one with Kang Ho Dong?
LSG: You know Kang Ho Dong?
G: Kang Ho Dong comes out on this show? My grandson worked on a show that he was doing. And one time, my grandson was on tv.
LSG: On 1n2d? Can I ask what his occupation is?
G: He worked part time. His hair is super curly…
LSG: Is his face on the darker side? Oh! Waffe! He’s your grandson? Waffe… His name is Park Sung Chul. Are you his paternal grandmother? Wow! Really? Wow. It’s Park Sung Chul, right? This is amazing. I worked with your grandson too.
G: You did? Then, I’ve seen your face too on tv!

LSG: Grandmother, this is quite amazing isn’t it? Wow, and I was just passing by. Meeting a work colleague’s grandmother. Grandmother, why don’t you say something to your grandson? Next week at 6:30, your face will appear on KBS.
G: To have an unattractive face like mine on tv… An attractive person should come out.
LSG: Grandmother, my face is not that great to look at either. [laughter] Look at the camera and send him a message.
G: Sung Chul… is he watching?
LSG: Of course! He’s watching right?!
G: Sung Chul ah… I’ve been missing you these days. When you have time, come visit again. Bye Bye!
LSG: People would usually get really shocked and go “Huk!” but you’re very much laid back and natural…

PD: This friend [referring to LSG] comes out on tv, on dramas, and also sings.
G: He’s one of those people where people get excited and go “kyaaak!”
[LSG and Grandma talk a bit more… very cute!]
LSG: I have to get going now. Thank you so much.
G: I forgot his name again. Lee something. Seung Gi?
LSG: I’m leaving now. Be healthy. Thank you.
G: It’s so hot. You’re going through a lot in this heat.
LSG: It’s okay. Thank you.

LSG: This is a BokBulBok program! After traveling to so many places, meeting people by chance like this… While still being very vast, it’s quite a small world. Passing by and even meeting Waffe’s grandma.
KimC: That’s right Seunggi. The happiness in meeting unexpected people in new and unfamiliar places.
LSG: Everyone, this is Lovely travels with Lovely young adult Lee Seunggi.

LSG: Those woods are kind of particular… Hello. You’ve come to hike? Her reaction. “Oh. such a thing.”
[Caption: This type of reaction is a first!]
Women: We didn’t recognize you!
LSG: Get back safely.

Men: Why are you here?
LSG: I’m traveling the Jiri Mountain path. Is this a popular place?
Men: Yes, it’s popular.
LSG: Do you come here often?
Man1: Yes, I come here often.
Man2: This is your first time here!
Men: This is the shortest course.
LSG: How did you know that? Which one is the most difficult? Ah, the third course? 19 some kilometers? It’s that bad? Well, there’s a burly person that’s doing that course… [laughter b/c the men figure it’s Hodong]. Eun Ji Won went together with him.

Video~ Seunggi films his part of the 1n2d documentary

LSG: [to little kid] Hi. I put myself in your care.
Elderly People: What are they doing here? Are they filming something? What are they filming? They’re filming a movie. What movie?
[LSG and Camera Guy discuss how to film the scene]
[Caption: Today, Actor turned Director]
Elderly People: Lee Sung Gi? Seung Gi! Seung Gi, Seung! [Hilarious!] Who is Lee Seung Gi? He’s an entertainer, you don’t know that! He comes out on 1n2d and also that other program with Kang Ho Dong… Ah. He comes out with Kang Ho Dong.

[They start filming LSG’s documentary part~ Caption: Underneath the pouring sunlight… a lovely young adult resembling the sunshine. Taking in the sun and walking the Jiri Mountain course.]
KimC: Even though there was scorching sun all day, a lovely young adult Lee Seung Gi. Finally, under a set of cool shaded trees, he enters the BiJun village.

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4 Responses

  1. no matter how long the clip, or recap, you translate with no complaints…how can we ever repay you? You’re just amazing!

  2. thank u soo much ann for all the translations!!

  3. thanks for the clip & translation… ^_^
    nowsaday daily motion is taking a longer time to load on my laptop.. :(

    everytime i see his face on my screen, i feel so happy too…haha

  4. Hi ann

    Now MGIG is over, we are back to our normal routine: 1N2D and SH.

    I just watch 1N2D ep.168 from KBSW
    and again KBSW cut some part out, of course it always LSG part

    Here 2 vids KBSW cut out

    1N2D 100905 Ep 168 – #1 Soccer LSG (w/o Eng sub)

    1N2D 100905 Ep 168 – #2 (w/ Eng sub)

    Enjoy :)

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