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2010 Seoul Drama Awards, Seunggi press photos

*** UPDATED with more photos and photos deleted ***

First set of press photos are out.  Not really digging liking the helmet hair, but suit is good and I still don’t get why it’s so hard for Cody to get Seunggi a suit that tailored from top to bottom.  Overall, definitely way better than Baeksang look…

Decided to delete some of the other photos I posted because they were just not flattering at all. Hair and suit are everything for guys, especially since they can’t wear tons of make up or accessories.

So I just don’t get why it is so freaking hard for Cody to get two things (hair and suit) together, especially when she’s working with Seunggi’s talk slim physique!  Maybe she and I just have different fashion tastes (she seeming to love an ajusshi look!), but I was so looking forward to seeing Seunggi in one of those suit and hairstyle looks posted in previous entry post.

These may be my favorite press photos…

(cr: As labeled)

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5 Responses

  1. thanks for the photos.. but i think we shouldn’t blame the cody…

    1st of all, SGi is busy filming the drama… not forgetting that he has to juggle 4 things nowsaday… filming drama, filming 1N2D, filming Strong Heart and also studying..

    usually the agency cody has the measurements of his body… SGi may have lost weight during these 1-2months due to hectic schedule… we have been complaining about the agency and hope that SGi has enough rest, but here we are asking the cody to get something fitting to his body.. To do that, he will need to take some time off the filming schedule to try on it and the cody to do the alteration.. and they have to bring it to him to try again.. if given the opportunity, i would rather that time be given to SGi to take a nap instead…

    as for his hairstyle, don’t forget that he rushed over to the award ceremony, there is no time for him to style his hair.. if they do that, he will have to leave MGIAG filming site earlier than what he did today.. i’m sure the agency has already asked for a few hours off to attend this.. so i think we shouldn’t be so demanding… (sorry, hope i didn’t offend you in my posting.. if i do, i’m sorry..)

  2. no offense ever yon! :) gosh, you are so understanding of Cody… she is very lucky to have you! :)

    But to be fair, this is nothing against seunggi. it’s all about his Cody. sure i want seunggi to get sleep more than anything too but simple tailoring does not take THAT much time. I’ve had a lot of clothes tailored too… But Seunggi is a superstar; Cody can easily have an expert tailor come to seunggi at his convenience. and good tailors can do the job quickly and efficiently.

    as for the hair – even if he just came over from filming; it doesn’t take much time to put some gel in a guy’s hair and spruce it up. it takes a few minutes. and again with a celeb like seunggi, Cody should have those hairstyling skills herself or have someone who can do that when needed.

    Fashion is sort of sacred to me personally… so I’ll try to ease up a bit on cody :)

  3. completely agree with you ann. My first thought when seeing the photos was, “they are again putting him into a suit that doesn’t fit.’ Seunggi is tall and slim and looks great in a suit but they are not bringing out his strength. Luckily, he looks charming despite the suit.

  4. It there something wrong with the suits? He looked gorgeous, neat and handsome. Usually, men would wear tuxedo and a bow-tie to this function [correct me, if I am wrong.]

    Maybe he needs some improvement on his hairstyle but then he still looks good and charming. This is LSG…..”fashionista” ha! ha..!ha!.

  5. I think he looks awesome with the suit on and his new hairstyle..
    He looks much-much better with short hair..
    So handsome and neat=)))

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