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2010 Seoul Drama Awards Best Star~ Vote for SeungGi

** UPDATE 3: Use Firefox instead of IE to deal with cookies **

** UPDATE 2: Only vote in male actor category!  **

** UPDATE 1: Return of Brilliant Legacy’s HwanSung couple? **

2010 Seoul Drama Awards Yahoo vote event is open now!  And it’s open to fans outside of Korea!  And better yet, the site is in Korean, English, and Japanese!  You choose one male and female actor from each of the 5 countries; you can choose not to cast a vote for the other countries.  Directions are very clear.  You have to provide a name, email address, and phone number… You can vote more than once per day if you have multiple email addys or clear your cookies (see Comments section for tips!)…

This is a really impressive list and not all actors who were in dramas this past year are included on the list!  SeungGi is one of 22 Korean actors, and also looks to be the youngest on the list!  He is nominated for Brilliant Legacy.  Real-time live results are displayed.  SeungGi is already in first place!  Make sure to check out the site and start voting.  I’ll post the link to the Yahoo voting webite on the blog during the entire month of voting (July 27-August 26). 

Vote here: 2010 Seoul Drama Awards Best of the Best Star, Yahoo!

See earlier post: 2010 Seoul Drama Awards announcement.

** UPDATE 1: Return of Brilliant Legacy’s HwanSung couple? **

HwanSung fans got an extra treat when LSG and HHJ were seen together at the Baeksang Awards back in March, and we may get to see the beloved Brilliant Legacy couple at the 2010 SDA….

Han Hyo Joo and Moon Chae Won fans are battling it out for the #1 spot for Female Actress!  I like MCW too but am totally excited about seeing SeungGi and HyoJoo get the award together come September! 

(fanart credit: haart @soompiLSG)

** UPDATE 2: Only vote in male actor category!  **

It looks definite that 5 stars will get the award, but it’s unclear whether it will be a mix based on gender, country, etc…  since the details aren’t clear on that, let’s just vote in the male actor category for SeungGi.  This way, there’s no confusion. 

We may still see the retun of HwanSung if they do indeed separate out male and female stars which seems like they are doing in the screen shot above where they have SeungGi and HyoJoo each listed as 1st place.  But so as not to confuse, let’s just vote for SeungGi!

(thanks lee for the clarification)

** UPDATE 3: Use Firefox instead of IE to deal with cookies **

More voting tips ~~

Use Firefox instead of Internet Explorer. Every time you close and open the site, the cookies should get taken care and you should be able to vote multiple times. 

Only 5 stars total from male and female candidates will be chosen, so ONLY VOTE FOR SEUNGGI.

Let’s build a lead early on. A month is a long time away so let’s get a head start before other actor fans get more involved!

Airens fighting!

24 Responses

  1. Thanks Ann! Just to let you know that I actually cast 3 votes today using different email address, your name and telephone number can be the same. :)

    • ooooooh really?!!! thanks for the tip! so it’s just the email address that has to be different? yay!

      now this voting award makes that other online most anticipated drama thing that i was promoting earlier on seem silly, eh?! ke ke ke. :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’ve just voted for Lee Seung Gi. :-). I’d love to see this young man receiving the award.

  3. I just voted too! Seung Gi Fighting!!!

  4. I want to vote for LSG but it notify that my phone number is invalid. Anyone know why?

    • I think it’s the way you key in your number.

      You need to key in the country and area code. If your local number begin with ‘0‘, at the area code do not key in ”0″ just key in the 2nd number. Then key the rest of the number in the last 2 boxes. Do not leave any box empty.

      • I just try it again but now it notify that Invalid access. I don’t know why haizz. I should try it later

  5. Oh, very smart Lee Seung Gi fans for voting multiple times a day . Thank you so much for the tip. LSG’s vote is just like a taxi meter on the go. Wow!

  6. I just cannot past the handphone invalid number problem…hmmm..

  7. AAhhhh..
    why the phone no is keep invalid?
    i have try many times..
    I’m so stress..
    I’m really want to vote for him=(

    • You just have to make sure that the country code and area code is key in correctly. The rest can be any number(not necessarily your real number ;) . But make sure that the last 2 boxes are filled.

  8. they’re not accepting my codes either! :(

    I found this site with country codes…

    I entered 1 for USA… didn’t work. will try again.

  9. For those having problem with telephone try keying in 4 numbers each for the last 2 boxes. Mine happen to be 8 numbers so I put 4 each and it work for me. Someone at soompi also has the same problem as you guys. She just add a number make 4 for each for the last 2 boxes and it works. Which mean that you can actually use a dummy. Hope to this helpful :)

  10. Someone said that we should vote just for Seunggi not anybody else including female actreess. eventually, they will choose most popular five people from the #1 popular person of each county. it means that just one person can be chosen from korea regardless of male or female. if a female actress gets more votes than seunggi, seunggi can not be the five final most popular.

    • Ann, my information might be wrong though…
      however, you are definitly right about that we should play safe for now until things are clear.

  11. Ann, the multiple email addresses don’t work anymore(this is funny I was able to do it yesterday). Anyway, I did what Heleo21 at soompi did and it works. Just clear the cookies and cache after voting closed the website and enter again. I voted a few times today.

  12. ok here’s the latest on the tips for voting —

    If you can use Firefox instead of internet explorer to vote; this way every time you close and open the voting site again, the cookies are taken care of and you should be able to vote multiple times. w/ internet exploer, it’s a bit more complicated.

    they are choosing 5 stars total from male and female candidates, so ONLY VOTE FOR SEUNGGI.

    let’s build a lead early on. A month is a long time away so let’s get a head start before other actor fans get more involved!

    Airens fighting! :)

  13. i use both mozilla and internet explorer for voting and use 3 languange…
    so, i’ve voted 6 times a day! ^^

  14. Ann, your tips on the firefox works. I’ve already voted more than 50 times using the same email address.

  15. This voting event is exciting. LOL. the firefox tip really works. I’ve voted for LSG for the nth time. I lost count already. Thank you so much for the tip :-)

  16. its funny when i went to the site to vote ,it did not ask for email…phone no or anything…i voted for him n msg appears that i have exceeded daily limit…m i doing something wrong!!

    • @ samunggi, if it’s ur 2nd time to vote without exiting firefox, then it has something to do with the cookies. Before u exit Firefox, go to “Tools” –> “Option” –> “Privacy” –> click “Accept cookies from site” ( “Accept third-party cookies” should have a check mark by then) –> change “Keep until” to “I close firefox”. After doing the above, you’ll be able to vote multiple times as long as you exit firefox before you proceed to your next vote.

      Hope this helps. Keep on voting :-) Have a great day everyone.

  17. Eunice and Dimples~

    I keep getting a “can’t access this page” error message when I try to vote in internet explorer and in firefox. and it’s also been more than on day since my last vote. i think other fans are getting this prob too…

    can you tell us what we can do to get started voting again? Seunggi’s English site votes are much lower so we want to help bring that up! thanks!

  18. @LSGfan.wordpress.com

    if you still get the same error message, you may want to reset your ip address and try again. you can easily reset your ip address by switching off your router/DSL modem.

    I’d faced the same issue when i tried to delete my cache and cookies. but eversince i stop clearing them, i will only get this message whenever i attempt to cast a second vote (which is prohibited by the system now).

    FYI, we can only vote once (on each language site) a day now. so you will usually get the error message if you try to trick the system. (:

    Anyway! I’ve yet to introduce myself here! I’m one of the HwanSung couple/LSG&HHJ supporters! I’ve read about the post which encourages all LSG’s fans to only vote for LSG in this event. I understand that SDA is not very clear about how the candidates will be awarded.

    However, based on the past practices, SDA will issue awards to leading candidates from each category as highlighted on the site – Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Actor AND Actress by Nations.

    In other words, they will choose the leading actor (with highest votes) out of all the candidates from the five countries for the Best Actor award! The Best Actor award by Nations will be awarded to both the leading actor and actress from each country! So LSG will definitely win both the Best Actor and Best Actor by Nations awards if we can keep up with the votes.

    However!!!! HHJ’s votes are lagging far behind MCW’s votes. I believe all HwunSung supporters would love to see both LSG and HHJ back on stage again!

    therefore, i would like to propose the idea of collaboration between LSG and HHJ fans to boost each other’s votes! This will definitely be a win-win situation for both LSG and HHJ as the awards are given based on genders but not mixture of both.

    Please do not waste your precious votes when you can actually help to improve HHJ’s ranking, and at the same time, maintain LSG’s leading position in those respective categories. ^-^

    Besides, i will also make announcements on HHJ’s soompi thread, as well as her chinese baidu forum to notify them about this collaboration!

    Therefore, i sincerely hope we could collaborate to help vote for both LSG and HHJ and see them appear on stage once again!

    Hope to hear from you soon! :D

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