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2010 Seoul Drama Awards announcement

Expect to see SeungGi at another awards show soon!  The annual 2010 Seoul International Drama Awards is scheduled for September 10.  In addition to Korean entries, the awards show will include entries from various countries outside of Korea.  Also, get ready for some more online voting guys!  Yahoo! Korea will again sponsor an online voting poll starting July 27 through August 26…

For the online voting, it looks like there will be actors listed from 32 varous dramas and 5 will be chosen; but the Seoul Drama Awards website is still being updated so expect to see more detailed info soon.  Hopefully the voting will be open to fans outside of Korea?! 

The press release (via Segye News) specifically listed some of the Korean actors who will be attending the event, and our SeungGi was listed with the older A-list actors! See excerpt below:

Currently, in addition to Korean actors Lee Byung Hyun, Jang Hyuk, Lee Seung Gi, Go Hyun Jung, Kim Tae Hee, there will be several popular actors from other Asian countries in attendance.   The event will be held at KBS Hall and broadcast on MBC. 

So excited about seeing SeungGi at another awards show so soon in the year!  I don’t remember SeungGi attending last year’s event… I think it was because Brilliant Legacy aired during the latter part of the year and so it’s probably being included in the 2010 awards?  It seems that way since the actors from kdramas Iris, Chuno, and others are attending this event.

Would love to see SeungGi nominated along with the other more established actors!  And of course would love to see him take home the popularity award again like he did at the Baeksang Awards! 

And please Captain Hook and Cody, I beg of you, please dress SeungGi in a fitted fashionable suit with good hair for this one!!!  I’m not sure what you guys were thinking for the Baeksang Awards (which SeungGi still pulled off!), but please please please approach this event and prep SeungGi like he deserves to be, ok?!!!  

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4 Responses

  1. Haha! Ann I love the way you plead with Captain Hook and his cody. Maybe you can write in Korean and get everyone to tweet to her again? Coz’ it look like the korean fan also tweet to her to stop putting pressure on LSG on the rating and it seem to work. She hasn’t tweet for almost a week now. :) And I so glad that LSG is now in NZ. At least he can be far away from her for at a week.

  2. Eveyrone here knows that I don’t totally despise Captain Hook, right?! :) I’m sure she means well and it’s obvious that Hook is small and like family. And compared other K-pop management companies, it’s great that SeungGi is like their main client and that they’re really putting all their energies into him.

    Just would love to see her act in a way or do things in a way that shows me that she understands that we’re living in 2010 instead of 1910! And that SeungGi deserves to be promoted like a 2010 star! :)

  3. hmmmmm…I want to ask something…who is captain hook anyway? is it rep kwon? I read somewhere that Lee Sun Hee, LSG’s founder and mentor is the company presidents…so that means, shes captain hook right? I read it in the news about LSG and LSH attending mbc golden fishery somewhere…if thats the case, Im totally respecting LSH here on out…shes also an amazing vocal talent, and I notice her singing style is a lot like LSG’s…no wonder there, since shes the one taught LSG’s in his trainee period, hehe…so, anyone know???

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