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Preparing gift packages for under-fed children [2010]

*** UPDATED with fancams ***

(Original post, July 21, 2010)

On July 21st, 9:30am SeungGi took part in a charity event to help pack summer gift packages for underfed children at the KB Bank headquarters in Seoul. Co-sponsored by the World Food for the Hungry International and KB Bank, 150 employees from both organizations volunteered and prepared a total of 1,910 “happy meal” gift kits.  In addition to SeungGi who is currently an endorsement model for KB Financial Group, the other main participants included the KB Bank president, the vice president for KB strategies group, the president of Food for the Hungry, and actress Kim Jung Hwa (Food for the Hungry ambassador)…

The gift packages included rice and food ingredients that the children could easily prepare and eat, as well as sunblock/suncream and an assortment of 19 daily essentials.  KB Bank and the World Food for the Hungry International started this annual summer event back in 2008 and the 1,022,050 number in the photo is to commemorate the number of supported meals the two organizations have provided to underfed children over the years through various related events.

(via Naver news)

Despite his crazy busy schedule, it’s always great to see SeungGi taking part in public service projects.  We know these types of things aren’t new to him as he’s taken part in quite a few public service events already this year.

And I had to do a double take here — SeungGi looks like he’s at some fashion shoot rather than at a volunteer event!  Looking good!!!!

Interesting choice of tattered jeans for the event from his cody…

Aw, look at SeungGi hard at work… taking it seriously and with a smile!

Couldn’t  help but to notice the way Kim Jung Hwa was looking at our SeungGi… a common look from girls (and guys!) everywhere!  yeah, we understand, we feel that way all the time when we see prince Seunggi!

Ok, so all-around awesome guy next door guy SeungGi participates in this volunteer activity in the morning and then transforms into a chic, dapper cosemetics endorsement model a few hours later for The Saem launching event
wahhhhh! He makes it all look so easy!

Read more about SeungGi’s volunteer projects under Public Service.

*** UPDATED with Fancams from the event ***

(Videos: leeseunggi01; Images: As labeled)

6 Responses

  1. Hey Ann, you wrote June 21st. You must’ve been excited about Seunggi today. Everything seems to work great, even his outfits.
    I, too, love it whenever Seunggi does volunteer works. He’s such a good hearted guy…

  2. omg, that’s like the 2nd time i’ve done that! thx for picking it up both times! i’ve been so freakin busy with everything that I am def not in the right state of mind these days! i keep putting june for july… no wonder i think august is so far away! ha ha ha

    and btw, i just love to see seunggi doing this kind of stuff… and b/c it all seems so genuine coming from him!

  3. why didnt they interview LSG…*sigh*

  4. I heard from somewhere that his parents work in KB Bank, is that true? He looks really good in his comfy clothes. I like him better when he’s dressed down.

  5. Yep it’s true. the KB rep in charge of advertising and Seunggi were both interviewed separately and they talked about it. SG said his parents worked for KB.

    the interview video has been deleted, but you can read the English translation of that clip at the bottom of this older post… “Battle of the Stars” among the Bank CFs

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