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Competition for Gumiho?

So is it really that interesting that Suh Joon Young, the actor cast for upcoming KBS Gumiho’s Revenge, shares a 1987 birth year with SeungGi? Just makes KBS and the Gumiho’s Revenge crew and the actors involved seem lame to me.  This is not to say that they are not good actors or the KBS drama is not good, but when you latch yourself on to the other more talked about drama and actors as a way to promote your own drama, you sort of come off looking lame and desperate.  It’s actually sort of insulting to the Gumiho’s Revenge actors and drama production…

I’ve never even heard of this Suh Joon Young, and yet it just happens to be that a bunch of articles about this dude are out with SeungGi’s name and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho mentioned in it… and on a Wednesday morning when tons of press articles are usually out on Strong Heart?

The same thing also happened when KBS finalized its female lead for its drama.  All the articles made sure to mention SeungGi’s name and his SBS Gumiho drama.  Now compare that to the press releases for LSG’s casting for the drama and later SMA’s casting.  Did we hear any mention of a KBS Gumiho’s Revenge drama or their actors?!

Also, there’s been a lot of buzz about another trendy kdrama in the works to possibly air around the same time as SeungGi’s Gumiho called It Started with a Kiss. See DramaBeans article.  I’ve never heard of it but seems it was super popular in other Asian countries, has a great script, and is planned to be re-made for its first Korean production.  Maybe we’ll see another same-time-slot competition this fall similar to that of the recent Cinderella’sSister-Personal Taste-Prosecutor’s Princess type thing.

Either way, I don’t think LSG fans should worry… that is, as long as the Hong Sisters deliver on a good, strong, fresh script and of course a good PD (has s/he been finalized yet?)  And good chemistry between LSG and SMA.  I really think the addition of SMA lends itself to a more melodrama feel for some reason.  Maybe because I only know SMA from Beautiful Days.  Anyway, seems most fans are relieved to hear that the Hong Sisters are fashioning this more as a romantic-melodrama without hopefully over-the-top-slapstick!

4 Responses

  1. LSGfan,
    i read somewhere,the director for MGIAG is Bu Sung Chul.A PD from star’s Lover.Yes,star’s lover got a low rating but he won the best new director in 2008 baeksang award .I love the way he direct star’s lover.

  2. I don’t like KBS promoting their drama with Seunggi’s Gumiho… it’s so obvious their using Seunggi’s drama to get attention to their drama.. I just don’t like it…. anyways..
    I hope Hong Sisters write good scripts!! and good PD as well!!

  3. I agree. It’s pretty annoying to see them using SeungGi and My Girlfriend is a Gumiho so freely in their promotion.

  4. hi! at the news now that LSG will sing the OST OF GUMIHO.

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