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International Fan Gift Project for Lee Seung Gi

Please post this info on other LSG fan sites/groups and spread the word! :)

Get Inspired! See sample stuff that fans have emailed in HERE! :)

What do you get the guy who has everything?! 

A lot of groups are probably doing other gift projects so this is a smaller scale collective international project to let SeungGi hear from ALL his international fans and get to know his international fan sites/groups (He’s been rumored to surf his Korean fan sites)!

The goal was to keep this project simple and sentimental and to allow as many fans as possible to participate.  As SeungGi celebrates his 6-yr debut anniversary and preps for his drama comeback, there’s a ton of pressure on him… and more than expensive gifts, the fan-appreciating SeungGi could probably use a lot of love, support, and encouragement from his adoring international fans during this time!

We are sending the gift package to SBS Strong Heart studios since SeungGi’s Strong Heart and My Girlfiriend is a Gumiho are/will be both on SBS.  Also, 1n2d knows it has international fans via KBS World and previous gift packages, but this may be the first time Strong Heart hears from international SeungGi fans!!!  :)

The announcement photo has the basic info, but we know the devil is in the details!  So for a successful project for our SeungGi and something that’s not burdensome to fans, the project is designed for fans to contribute to ALL the different parts in an easy way…

1) SeungGi the Person – Scrapbook of fan letters/photos

** DEADLINE – JUNE 21, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email stuff to Ann at: 

a) For ALL indivdiual fans, please submit a message and any LSG-related photo you want included next to your message (don’t forget to include country and IDname).  Feel free to keep it short and simple or be creative and design your own page with letter and images.  Please just save as Word of PDF file for the final version if doing the longer version.

b) For all international fan groups (ie, websites, twitters, facebooks, etc), please submit a 1-2 pager about your group/site and don’t forget to include the url.  Feel free to be creative and do whatever you’d like.  Please just save as Word or PDF file for the final version. 

2) SeungGi the Singer – CD compilation of songs (and socks!)

** DEADLINE – JUNE 9, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email stuff to Bee at: 

See 1n2dfansubs.wordpress.com for more details… From Bee:
Please submit one song of your choice by uploading the file onto Mediafire and post the link in the comment section.  To make it easy on the receiver of the gift,  could I please have songs in English or Korean language only please?  However, instrumental  or classical music are accepted also. 

Please include the following in the  Mediafire file name:  artist name, song name, your city and country.   I will randomly pick one person to receive the CD when it is released.   At the closing of this giveaway, all the songs  that were submitted will be compiled into a CD for Seung Gi to be sent with the socks.  Basically, it’s a Best Of album by 1N2D international fans for LSGi. Seriously, wouldn’t it be cool if he shares this CD with his 1N2D buddies and we get to hear some of our songs on air?

3) SeungGi the 1n2der – Album of 1n2d moments/captions

** DEADLINE – JUNE 21, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email stuff to Yumei at: 

Please submit at LEAST ONE 1n2d-related photo and include a caption with the photo, or why you chose this photo for SeungGi.  If you can submit more, even better! 

4) SeungGi the Prince – CD video montage of fanphotos/videos

** DEADLINE – JUNE 21, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Any volunteers to coordinate? Email lsgfanblog@gmail.com

Please submit at LEAST ONE photo, video clip, or fanmade multimedia of SeungGi moments over the past 6 years (from his singing, dramas, variety mcing, CFs) that will make SeungGi smile when he sees them.  If you can submit more, even better! 

5) Collection of Hudang jokes –  To use in Hudang gag corner

** DEADLINE – JUNE 21, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email stuff to Tryp at: 

Please submit at LEAST ONE joke (in English, Japanese or Korean) that SeungGi could try out during his Strong Heart hudang gag corner.  Or maybe a joke you can make just for him, about how much his fans love him!  If you can submit more, even better! 

6) SH Photo Album – Collection of SH moments/captions

** DEADLINE – JUNE 21, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email stuff to Haart at: 

Please submit at LEAST ONE Strong Heart-related photo and include a caption with the photo, or why you chose this photo for SeungGi.  If you can submit more, even better! 

7) SH t-shirts for SeungGi, Hodong and PD Park

** DEADLINE – JUNE 9, 12:00am US Pacific Time
** Email ideas to Ann at: 

Current plan is to have SH insignia and mascot on front side and each person’s name on the backside.  If you have any other ideas for the t-shirt, send them in.

Ok, seems like a long list, but look back at announcement photo, and you’ll see that all us fans will be able to submit at least one item for each part pretty easily!  So, hope A LOT of us SeungGi international fans can participate!!!! :) :)

If you have questions, email the pointperson.  For general questions about the project, you can email me at lsgfanblog@gmail.com.

And a fanmade mv for LSG’s debut anniversary to get you excited about this International Fan Gift Project…. 

(cr: AirenVideo; As labeled)

9 Responses

  1. im a new fan but will def participate. didnt kno u guys were doing this. happy anniv seunggiya!

  2. Great! All fans welcome including new fans!

    Just added in video that a fan made to celebrate Seunggi’s 6 year anniversary… hope this gets you guys excited about our fan project for Seunggi! :)

  3. OK I’m in .
    International Fan Fighting!!! :)

  4. i’ve sent you an email… ^^

  5. hi, i wanna ask… i would like to joint … for no. 4 … i already make a fanvideo and upload it YT, can i use it??? thanks

  6. Hi..
    We want to join no 1 for an international fans group but we already make 7 pages of scrapbooks. Can we send it all? Thanks.

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