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SeungGi loves SBS > KBS+MBC, Strong Heart cuts

*** UPDATED with Eng subbed/encoded videos ***

LSG video cuts from Tuesday’s (6/1) Strong Heart episode:
English translation: LSGfan; video credits: rapport2010; tryp96

Video clip: Per Hodong, LSG loves SBS more than KBS and MBC?

LSG: [In your drama] you play a doctor that loves Song Chang Hee…
YM: Yes. [crowd oohs aahs b/c SeungGi seems to be up on his SBS drama news]
KHD: Acting…
LSG: See, I really love SBS!
[Caption: Anticipate SeungGi’s drama My Girlfriend is a Gumiho in August!] [laughter]
KHD: The fact that you love SBS is not an issue… that you don’t like MBC and KBS is really the issue! [laughter].
KHD: Ah, I feel really good now!
[Caption: Proper revenge for feeding me water like that before!]

Video clip: LSG tries to revive a story-fascinated HoDong
[One of the actress guests had been sharing a story about how she felt so awkward about doing a bed scene for her recent movie… and of course HoDong was totally fascinated with and seemed a bit too into the topic! So LSG reaches over and pats KHD’s cheeks to try to revive and loosen him up!]

There wasn’t as many SeungGi moments this week… but as always, his expressions and reactions were priceless! But seriously, what is up with the hat hair and poorly pieced together ensemble of red clothed anklets at the bottom of his jeans and the overall loose, ill-fitted jeans. I seriously want to know if his Cody has vision problems… aghhh…

To be fair even 2pm’s Nick Khun had a funky coordinated outfit going on!  But at least his cody put in him in a slim-lined, fitted ensemble!  I seriously want to know why SeungGi’s cody continues to put him in over-sized, non-fitted outfits??!!!!

But per usual, the outfit doesn’t seem to be too bad without that hideous patriotic world cup scarf clashing with his plaid designed shirt!  And the hair doesn’t seem as bad too.  Fans always write that LSG’s outfits look way better when you see him in person! :)

And really loved how they had the 2006 World Cup soccer star disguise himself as the Strong Heart mascot!  One of the things I really like about Strong Heart is that they bring together stars from various fields (acting, singing, sports, musicians, comedians) all in one studio and let them go at it.  It’s so interesting b/c the stars are so starstruck by the other stars! ha ha ha ha.

And the best MC-combo on the Korean variety circuit working diligently!

Hodong and Seunggi never cease to amaze me with all their prep and knowledge about all the guests and their activities.  Like for example, I love MC Yoo and Happy Together, but I feel like the other MCs with him on that show show up with no prep and when guests talk about what they’ve been up to, the other MCs seem totally clueless.  Maybe it’s supposed to be funny, but it doesn’t look good on their part.  Even though KHD and LSG are so different in so many ways, their sense of hard work ethic is totally matched!

And that Strong Heart mascot-tipped pencil that Hodong is using might look familiar.  Per previous post, some of SeungGi’s fans delivered gifts and lunch to the set to on that day to commemorate his upcoming 6-year debut anniversary.  Awwww.  All the people around SeungGi (if they are good to him), they will definitely get the love from his fans as well! :)

(photo credits: SBS; tryp96 @soompi)

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5 Responses

  1. thanks for the translation. I really enjoy coming to your blog.

  2. Dear LSGfan, Thanks for all the hardwork!! I love visiting your blog. *;

  3. lsgfan.wordpress.com thank you translation.

    Too me LSG look so tried and maybe he didn’t feel well that day, i guess that why in this ep his air time is less, they seemed to focus more on KHD……
    just my 2 cent

    • Now remember according to a fan account he actually looked very tired and was not very active during that recording.

  4. thank you for the clips…
    i love to see how seung gi laugh because kang hodong teasing him… but i agree with rapport2010… he was indeed looked unwell… hope he gets all the rest he need…
    seung gi fighting!!!!

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